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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Walk with Cham at Bag of Beans Tagaytay.

This instagram-worthy new Bag of Beans restaurant cannot be missed when going on a road trip to Tagaytay. Bag of Beans Athena branch is located along the road of Aguinaldo highway near the rotunda. So yes, this one is closer than their flagship branch.

During our Tagaytay weekend escape last month, my family and I visited this cozy place on a Sunday noon for a lovely lunch before going back to Manila. I read about Bag of Beans' new branch through a friend's blog and was instantly inthralled by the photos. 

True enough the place was cute and quaint.  It's a combination of white and wood rustic interiors giving that homey and country vibe. Actually, I thought that the Athena branch and Twin Lakes branch were the same. Obviously, I was wrong. I preferred visiting Twin Lakes sana but I learned that the location was really far from where we were (it's in Batangas!) Of course I scrapped the idea out since Athena branch didn't disappoint.  

The fresh breeze of Tagaytay filled this place. The lush greenery made this place more charming and peaceful. 

Because this was still part of my Mama's birthday celebration <ahem> I offered to treat the whole family (wow, as if we're one barangay!) The reason why they ordered a lot of desserts. bumabawi.

Bag of Beans serves breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes but is more known for their coffee and dessert offerings. We ordered variety of plated meals, coffee and dessertsss. (yes, emphasis on the sss) 

Barako | P240
House Blend Coffee | P105
Even if I don't drink coffee at all, I decided to order their House Blench Coffee. The result? Wasn't able to finish the whole cup. It was too strong for my tastebuds despite putting loads of milk. Hahaha. I'm really not a coffee person. 

House Salad
All their plated meals have an option of rice or salad. I chose salad and loved it! Of course you can never go wrong with fresh vegetables and Tagaytay is known for having fresh veggies around. The serving was ample too so it's super sulit compared to ordering a cup of rice.

Garlic Shrimps | P410
My plate. Nothing really fantastic but good.

Baby Back Ribs | P475
Papa's order. Papa liked it, the meat was tender and the sauce was tasteful.

Roast Beef | P475
Mama's choice. This one was really delicious, the meat was extremely tender and I love the flavor of the sauce. I have to say that this was the best dish out of all we ordered.

Grilled Salmon | P495
Kuya's meal. Didn't get to try this though.

Aligue & Shrimps Pasta | P380
Ate Angge's plate. Love the taste of this, it's creamy and yummy.

For the desserts, we tried ordering most of their offerings and settled for five different desserts. Yes, FIVE and the Blueberry Cheesecake was the bestseller - it was definitely the star of the show, the most delicious among all the desserts. You can skip other desserts but do not miss ordering their cheesecake. It's to die for. 

Panacotta | P120
The texture is not the usual panacotta I've tasted.

Strawberry Sundae | P80
Papa's order, he loves strawberries.

Blueberry Cheesecake | P160

Banana Walnut Pancake | P230
We weren't able to finish this, not even half of it! Hahaha! Takaw mata.

Apple Pie ala mode | P165
This lovely dessert was good but might be too much for one person. We never got to finish this either. hehehe.

We had a relaxing lunch at Bag of Beans Athena. The place was filled with cheerful ambiance, good food and love. <3

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  1. Twin Lakes is actually located in Alfonso, Cavite and not in Batangas. It's 15-20 mins drive from Tagaytay Rotonda. Somehow located after the border of Tagaytay City.

  2. Hello. is credit card acceptable as payment or cash only? Thank you!


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