Outdoor Skating at Seoul Plaza Seoul South Korea

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Skating with Cham in Seoul Plaza.

Mighty Ducks is one of the movies that made a big impact on my childhood life. I remember during summer we would roller skate at a park in Makati joining other cool skater cliques, feeling as if we were part of the famous hockey team chanting 'quack, quack, quack' #milestone. So after more than 20 years, I rekindled my love for skating in an outdoor ice skating rink in Seoul.

Outdoor Ice Skating is one of the winter activities you can do in Seoul. They say you can always skate indoors but you can only skate outdoors during winter which is why every winter season, outdoor ice skating rinks are filled with locals and tourists.

Seoul has a number of outdoor ice skating rinks but the cheapest is at Seoul Plaza City Hall. So yeah, this obviously was my no brainer choice.

Skating Rink Period
December 17, 2015 - February 9, 2016

Sunday to Thursday | 10:00 am - 9:30 pm
Friday to Saturday & National Holidays | 10:00 am - 11:00 pm
Skate time is one hour. Ice cleaning for 30 minutes in between

How to go to Seoul Plaza
Alight City Hall Station (Subway Line 1, 2), Exit 6
Alight Gwanghwamun Station (Subway Line 5), Exit 5
Alight Euljiro 1-ga Station (Subway Line 2), Exit 1 or 8

Admission fee & rental of skates | 1,000 won per 1 hour (P40)
Locker | 500 won (P20) optional

It is important to reserve in advance because of the number of people who visit the rink. This was supposedly my first activity in Seoul which was on the actual Christmas day, but when we got there to reserve a ticket, the place was packed and the next available slot was at 10pm (it was just 11am) so of course I skipped the idea and instead came back on another day. Btw you can reserve on line but it's in Korean, no english website available.

So after four days I came back hoping that the line wasn't that long.  When I bought my ticket, I was fortunate that there were still slots on the next schedule. (I arrive at 3:30 and my schedule is at 4:00 pm- 5:00 pm)  

Line up to pay at the ticket office
The ticket office will secure you 2 tickets where the time and date are indicated
Line up at the skate rental and give 1 copy of the ticket. 
State your feet size and they will hand you your ice skating shoes
Change at the locker area
You can store your stuff at the locker for a fee of 500 won (P20)
After changing you can borrow helmet for free
Upon entering at the rink show your ticket to the organizers 

Pay, get ticket, get skating shoes
Changing room
Changing my shoes
You need to insert a coin for it to be able to work
Putting my helmet on because Mama said so... I eventually removed it haha :)
Skating was such a nice feeling after doing it for so many years. I've done indoor ice skating before in malls for like 3 times only. hehehe. But this time it was different because I got to do it outdoors. I could say that my mojo totally worked here although I was a bit rusty I never fell. NOT EVEN ONCE. (Yes, I need emphasis on that so I could redeem myself. hehehe)


This activity is best enjoyed with friends and loved ones. Yes I was all alone because no one wanted to do this activity but me. So I skated all by myself. I missed Mike. Good thing Mama came with me to take photos. 

Thinking about you <3
Yay! I have partners na. hahaha.
One foot!

Skate with Cham
Wish you were here
So in less than an hour after making a few rounds at the rink, I returned my skates and went home. I didn't want Mama to wait that long.

Return area
Ice skating brought back a lot of good memories, good thing I still knew how to skate and balance. This activity can also be a romantic date with you and your partner, and they say that it's even more romantic to skate at night. 

Check out our Winter Wonderland adventure on youtube


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