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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Walk with Cham inside KTX from Seoul to Busan.

After our freezing episodes in Seoul for 6 days it was time to move to a different and warmer city (new year, new city!) Busan is located in the southern part of South Korea so during winter season the weather is more tolerable in Busan. Busan was also our exit point going back to Manila so if you have the same itinerary as ours (Manila- Incheon -Busan -Manila) and want to try the same thing that we did, here is the detailed course we took from Seoul to Busan. 

How to go to Busan from Seoul
There are several ways in going to Busan from Seoul
Via Bus - cheapest and longest travel time. This option is advisable if you are not in a hurry, want to save money and if the bus will stop in the area near the place you are staying.
Via Plane - the most expensive but has the same amount of time you will take via train (considering the travel from airport & waiting time of departure)
Via Train - this is the second most expensive option but the most convenient for us so this was our preferred transportation for a number of reasons:
1. Faster than Bus. Its travel time from Seoul to Busan is 2 1/2 hours as compared to the 5 hour travel time via bus.
2. Our Seoul Airbnb is a quick walk to Subway Line 1 which is directly connected to Seoul station 
3. KTX station is a walking distance from our Busan Airbnb

How to purchase KTX ticket
Securing your ticket before the actual departure date is really important especially if your destination is a tourist spot. Booking in advance can guarantee you a sure seat unlike if you book on the same day, chances are you won't get your preferred  schedule or you'll be forced to stand during the whole course of the travel (not a good idea). So for the benefit of everyone I made a step-by-step procedure on how to book your KTX ticket online from Seoul to Busan.

1. Visit the Korail Online Booking 
You can check train schedule and purchase ticket one month in advance

2. Fill in the following details 
- Travel Category  | choose Normal Type
- Travel Type | choose Direct
- Departure time | indicate date of your preferred departure
- Departure/Arrival | Seoul & Busan
- Train | choose KTX
- Passengers | indicate number of passengers (Adult/child)

3. Select the Train Number of your choice
You will be directed to the list of Train Numbers and its available schedule for the chosen date
- Click the Select button to choose the train schedule, first class or economy 
- We chose KTX Train Number 135 / departure time is 12:30 pm / Economy Class
- You can click on the train number to check the number of train stop stations and the arrival time for each station. For KTX 135 it has 4 stops.

4. Fill in the following fields
- Name, gender, passport number, nationality and email
Take note that they require no space in between when typing each field
Kindly double check the information. Providing the incorrect information will cause your ticket to be denied.

5. Pay via Credit Card
Accepted credit cards are Visa, Master, Amex, JCB and Diners
- Fill in your credit card number and expiry date
- Click next and it will be paid instantly
- Our fare was 59,800 won (P2,400) each one way

6. Print your reservation details
It's important to print your reservation details to exchange it for the actual ticket at any Korail Station before departure time.

Reservation detail

Getting your ticket
Present the printed reservation details at any Korail Station. We got ours at Seoul Station 30 minutes before our departure time. Show the printed reservation together with your passport.

Ticket Booth at Seoul Station
Seoul Station
The main station that connects Seoul to other key South Korean provinces or cities, it is also connected to Incheon International Airport. The most popular destination it caters is from Seoul to Busan and vice versa. Seoul Station is not as chaotic and strict as the railway stations in Beijing - read Sleeper Train from Beijing to Xi'an ChinaSeoul Station is clean, less crowded and smaller than in Beijing plus they are very lenient that no one even inspected our luggages upon entering.

Alight Seoul Station (Subway Lines 1, 4, AREX and Gyeongui Lines), Exits 1 and 14.

Seoul Station
Reading your ticket
Kindly see the picture below

My Seoul-Busan Ticket

The track number is not indicated in the ticket. The lady from the ticket booth just told us the track number and the directions so we didn't have a hard time looking for our train. 

Our train - KTX 135 12:30pm departure track number 7
KTX 135
Looking for our train was a breeze and because we were there 30 minutes before the departure we immediately checked in and stored our luggages at the luggage compartment. Good thing we came in first as the luggage compartment was not that big, it was just right for all our 4 big luggages (too bad I forgot to take a photo). So if you have many luggages it's better to be there early so you won't be having a hard time looking for a place to store your luggage.

KTX Train

Look for the sign above as to not get lost

Car or carriage number and seat number are indicated outside the train near each door.
After securing our luggage we looked for our seat number and sat comfortably. The train departs on time so better to be on time. 

Economy class

Me and Mama


The toilet close resembles an airplane toilet, compact, has water and toilet paper. Each carriage is equipped with a toilet.


KTX Magazines are available for your reading needs and food trolley for light snacks are available too. I bought a piece of bread for 3,000 won (P120).

KTX Magazine

Food Trolley

The 2 1/2 hours passed by quickly, good thing we were able to rest during the trip. The scenery was nice as well. Oh I love train rides <3

My view <3

At 3pm we were already at Busan KTX Station. John, our Airbnb host was already waiting for us at Busan Station (which is just a quick walk from KTX station). So we weren't able to roam around the station anymore instead followed their detailed direction going to Busan Station.

Busan KTX Station

KTX Station

My traveling family

After walking for a few minutes, we saw our Airbnb host waiting for us at Busan Station Exit 3 - blog about Busan Airbnb here - Green Dark Airbnb at KTX Station Busan South Korea

Check out our Winter Wonderland adventure on youtube


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  2. Hi Estrera,

    I am planning to travel to busan this year june. May i ask if the ticket that you purchase is a one way trip? Means if i will like to travel (eg from 11 jun and come back on 12 jun) i will have to submit 2 transaction? Could i check with you if you have purchase ktx ticket travelling back to busan to seoul?

    Hope to hear from you.

    Thank you!

    1. I think it is best to make 2 transactions. We didn't go back to Seoul :)

  3. Hi! reading your blog, i realised that there is an option for the train timing. it is however, when i booked my ticket online, they did not ask for our preferred timing. did you choose your timing at the counter or online? and do you know the train schedule ?

    1. Yes you can indicate the travel time you prefer :)

  4. hello. would you be able to advise where did you stay in Busan? many thanks.

    1. We stayed at an Airbnb. Check it out here - http://www.walkwithcham.com/2016/01/green-darak-at-ktx-station-busan.html

  5. Hello,

    Did it require you to enter all the information of the passengers? I'm stuck in a page where after I enter my information it is already requiring me to enter the credit card info. Do I need to enter the other passengers info?

    Please help! :D

    1. Not sure but if you included there the right number of passengers I think you're good to go :)

  6. Hey there.. I have booked the KTX normal pass and had indicated that 4 people are going.. when i print out the 4 tickets online.. all the names are the same.. is it normal?..


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