Kimchi Making at Seoul Kimchi Academy Seoul South Korea

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Kimchi Making with Cham and Luvy at Seoul Kimchi Academy Seoul.

My mama loves to cook to the extent that she enrolls in so many short course cooking classes just to add more knowledge in her already ample cooking wisdom. Before we went to Korea I asked my family for the places they wanted to visit so I could include it in our itinerary and her only wish was to learn how to make an authentic kimchi. Wish granted, Mama.

In Seoul, there are many kimchi cooking classes to choose from, when we went to Myeongdong on our first day, I showed Mama the hotel where Mike and I stayed last spring - Hotel J Hill Myeongdong and while showing her the building I saw I sign right at the very building of our hotel- Seoul Kimchi Academy. So I got a brochure and reviewed its rates when I got back to our loft.

Seoul Kimchi Academy is a cooking class that specializes in kimchi making. For just 30 minutes you will learn how to make traditional kimchi by a professional kimchi instructor. Aside from Kimchi they also offer hanbok experience (traditional Korean costume) and tteokbokki making.

Seoul Kimchi Academy at Hotel JHill Myeongdong

10:00 am - 8:00 pm

1st class    |    10:00 am - 11:00 am
2nd class   |    12:00 nn - 1:00 pm
3rd class    |     2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
4th class    |     4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
5th class    |     6:00 pm - 7:00 pm    

How to go to Seoul Kimchi Academy
1. Alight Myeongdong Station, line 4 (Exit 6)
2. Walk straight until you reach Myeongdong main street
3. Turn right and look for Hotel JHill. It is at the 7th floor of the building

Hanbok Experience   |   15,000 won (P595)
Cabbage Kimchi    |    25,000 won (P990)
Tteokbokki Making   |  20,000 won (P790)

Set Course
Hanbok + Kimchi Making    |   30,000 won (P1,185)
Hanbok + Kimchi Making + Tteokbokki Making    |   45,000 won (1,780)

In our case we just availed the Kimchi making.

Email    |
You can email them in advance on your preferred schedule so they can allot you a slot for the class. I emailed them in advance and they quickly acknowledged my email, it turned out we had changes in our itinerary so we ended up going there a day in advance without even reserving. Good thing we were given a slot even if we just walked in. We arrived at 11:30 am just in time for the 12:00 nn class.

At the 7th floor of the building

We were greeted by a lady who was the actual instructor.

Our instructor, she is also the lady in the poster.

She asked us to sit and wait for awhile then handed us aprons to choose from, they also offered hot tea while waiting for the others who were taking photos in their hanbok costume.

Different aprons to choose from

Tea for two while waiting for others

After the picture taking it was time for us to start. The place was well-lit and all the ingredients were already at our assigned stations. 

Our workstation


In our class there were a group of friends from Hong Kong and a couple in China. Good thing the instructor knew how to speak Korean, Mandarin and English.

We're all ready

I decided that I should leave the explanation of the step by step procedure on how to make Kimchi to the instructor and not share it here as to give respect to her and the school. Our kimchi guru was very knowledgable on her craft, she, together with an assistant inspected all our works, gave pointers and shared some history about the dish. 

Our instructor explaining the uses of each ingredient

Mama cutting the radish

Mama mixing all the ingredients together

The whole process was really easy provided that you have all the ingredients that you need. My mom was the obvious student who really wanted to know how to make one as she kept on asking for additional information with regards to ingredients, process, storage etc.

Mama's Kimchi

My Kimchi 

After we finished doing our own kimchi, we were given individual storage containers where we put our names, it was then tightly sealed after putting our very own kimchi inside. And yes, we got to take home the kimchi we made. Instant souvenir.

Our individual bags with our names on it.

Tightly sealed

Our work of art :)

Mama is on TV

Being the persistent learner, my mom even asked for a written recipe so that she would have a clearer reference. Note that they don't give the recipe to everyone so it is important to ask for a recipe if you really want to know kimchi by heart.

Our recipe

Kimchi making is an excellent bonding which you and your friends or loved ones can enjoy especially if you're into cooking. You can also try on hanbok costumes for a fun photo souvenir.

Photo op with our instructor. We had fun!

Phone | +82-2-318-7051 (Japanese/English) +82-2-318-7052 (Chinese)
Email |
Website | (Korean)

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