I Walk with a GoPro Hero4 Silver

Saturday, January 02, 2016

You know your boyfriend supports your wanderlusting when he gives you a travel buddy like a GoPro for a Christmas gift rather than designer bags or luxury jewelries. I've been dropping hints to Mike about wanting a GoPro for myself and for this Christmas season he became my Santa Claus and actually surprise me with this. hohoho.

GoPro Hero4 is a wearable HD video camera that is specifically designed for sports or other extreme action photography/videography. 

My Hero!

So why do you need a GoPro if you already have a digital camera or a smart phone? I haven't utilized its full potential yet but based on my minimal experience during a recent trip here are its benefits:

It's small and lightweight
It's smaller than my compact Sony camera and even smaller that an iPhone 6. So there's absolutely no hassle carrying it around. It's the only gadget I brought with me when I went up the slope for skiing.

Has different camera modes
Video | Video, Time Lapse Video, Video + Photo, Video Looping
Photo | Single, Night & Continuous
Multi-shot | Burst, Time Lapse and Night Lapse

It has a good video quality
It can record in HD (720p, 1080p or even 4k!) so you are assured that you will get a very good quality of photos/videos.

It's waterproof and shockproof
Ideal for extreme and water sports activities. Because of its protective casing (which is part of the package) it is very durable that can be used indoors and outdoors. It can also be attached to a helmet or a selfie stick for your desired coverage.

Can store upto 32GB of footages
Provided you buy an SD card since it is not included in the package. (Good thing Mike bought it na for me)

It has WiFi
So it can be connected to your smart phone as control or to transfer contents which can easily be shared thru social media.

Here are some of the shots I took during my recent winter trip to South Korea.

Falling snowflakes at Bearstown Ski Resort <3

Haeundae Beach Busan


I'm still really new to this and I still need to buy more accessories to maximize it fully like a strap for attaching to helmets or boards (these are sold separately) or a drone perhaps -hint hint. I also need to read the manual carefully so I won't miss out any of its features but for the meantime I am absolutely enjoying this new baby of ours. Happy New Year indeed!

Thanks, Mike for buying me this Hero but we all know you are the REAL HERO. hashtag heart heart

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