Bearstown Ski Resort South Korea

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Walk with Cham at Bearstown Ski Resort.

Because it was our first time to experience winter, it was a must to try winter sports activities. Luckily, my family and I were able to try a few popular sports activities in South Korea, 1 hour 30 minutes away from Seoul. 

Bearstown Ski Resort is one of the many ski resorts in South Korea. Because this is the closest ski resort from Seoul, this was our preferred destination. Here you can do several winter activities like skiing, snowboarding and sledding, they also offer ski lessons for those of you who want to learn the sport further. The ski resort comprises of different levels of slope depending on your skill. 

How to go to Bearstown Ski Resort from Seoul
The easiest way to go here is through a ski shuttle which is exclusive for foreign guests. The shuttle will stop at designated areas in Seoul at a given time (note that they arrive on time so better to be punctual)

From Seoul the time and places of pick up:
Kensington Hotel | 6:55 am
Sogang University Station exit 2 | 7:05 am
City Hall exit 4 | 7:10 am
Alive Museum Insadong | 8:30 am

The fastest from our loft is at City Hall which has a direct line. We almost didn't make it as I couldn't find my subway card but fortunately we were just right on time, the shuttle was already there waiting for us, it was around 7:09! Close call indeed!

The departure time has two schedules:
5:30 pm from Bearstown | drop off at Insadong
7:00 pm from Bearstown | drop off at Sogang University and Kensington Hotel

Ski Shuttle Fee
Round trip | 4,000 won (P160)
One way | 3,000 won (P120)
Of course we availed the roundtrip shuttle 

**You have to book in advance to be able to secure a slot 
Kindly check Bearstown Ski Shuttle for further information on how to book and pay.

Bearstown Ski Shuttle

At 8:30 am we finally arrived, I could not believe my eyes - I was actually seeing a real snow! Huraaay! Our winter wonderland dream finally came true and it was just the beginning. 

We're here!

Papa, Kuya, Mama and Me

Rental Fees: 
I wanted to try skiing while my brother wanted to try snowboarding. Fees depend on the time you want to do it. My parents figured they're too old for these so they skipped all these activities and instead just took photos and waited for us.

All Day   |   9:00 am - 4:30 pm
AM   |   9:00 am- 1:00 pm
PM   |   12:30 pm - 4:30 pm
(they also offer night and midnight rentals with different price range)

Ski/Board Rental  
All day   |   11,000 won for Adults  (P430)   |   8,500 won for children (P335)
AM   |   9,500 won for Adults (P373)   |   7,000 won for children (P275)
PM   |   9,500 won for Adults (P373)   |   7,000 won for children (P275)

Skiwear Rental Fee
All day   |   10,000 won for Adults  (P395)   
AM   |   7,500 won for Adults (P295)  
PM   |   7,500 won for Adults (P295) 

Lift Fee (unlimited number of rides)
All day   |   34,500 won for Adults  (P1,350)   |   24,500 won for children (P1,000)
AM   |   26,500 won for Adults (P1,035)   |   19,000 won for children (P745)
PM   |   26,500 won for Adults (P1,035)   |   19,000 won for children (P745)

The lift is totally optional especially if you are a beginner like me but if you want to take on the challenge and want a great view of the snowy hill then do it at your own risk. hehehe. 

Ski School is also available and from what I read the fee is about 52,000-55,000 won (P2,030-2,150) and because we were feeling like an expert and didn't want to spend too much, we didn't avail of it. Good luck to us!

Ticket queue

We only availed the morning rental because we really just wanted to experience it. I rented skiing equipment, outfit and lift for a total of 43,500 won (P1,700). Kuya and I walked our way towards the rental area, we first claimed our outfits, changed, got our equipment then stored our stuff in the locker. Locker costs 1,000 won (P40).

1. surrender ticket 2. claim outfit 3. change clothes 4. check the size of your feet 5. claim equipment

Store your stuff in this locker

Gearing up

Lift ID, you have to attach this to your ski outfit

As soon as we were done, I hurriedly tried my gear and practiced a little before going to the actual slope. Boy, it was hard! 

All geared up!
At first it was nice standing up
And in just 5 seconds I fell. ouch!
'What defines us is how well we rise after falling' nekeneng

There are a total of 11 slopes that vary depending on the level of difficulty and skill. We tried the Family Slope which is for beginners (this was a bit hard to accept because I had a hard time going down so this is definitely not for beginners, or maybe this is for beginners. I'm not just a beginner, I'm a natural klutz). There are 8 lifts and lift riding can be done countlessly within the rented time. 

I was scared

Lift going up the Family Slope

Brave souls

Atop the slope we were mesmerize with the surroundings, everything was white accented by the withered trees on the side. It was such a pretty sight! If there was one thing I never regret going up the lift was this view. it. was. awesome.

Look at this view!!!

It's so pretty! I'm in love!!!

And what's more amazing? It began to snow! As in falling snowflakes from the sky! I've never been this happy :))) (this happiness will not run long though)

The cold never bothered me anyway
Selfie before the blunders
Kuya's ready to snowboard, or is he?

So yes, I felt so overwhelmed and giddy with all the snow around as if I was just dreaming and nothing could ruin my thunder. I breathed deeply, prayed and worked my mojo on the snowy hill. 1.. 2.. 3.. Weeeeeeeh!!!

Appreciated the falling snow while I'm helpless on the ground

Okay so my mojo didn't entirely worked at the moment because after my first fall it was followed by another fall, and another fall and another and another… This went on and on as if I was in a sitcom. If only there were cameras around, you'd see all my falling exhibitions - you'd probably laugh your hearts out. 

Snowflakes are everywhere, it's so pretty <3
My nth fall but I'm not complaining! Loving the snowy backdrop <3
Long way to GOOOO! #mejopagodna

There were really bad falls that I feared I'd get seriously injured. I saw numerous patrols in their snow mobile rescuing injured people, luckily I was not one of them. I told myself that I should finish this safely without harming myself (it was just our second day!) and unbelievably after falling for 100x I crashed at the finish area lying down without any injury. THANK. GOD.

You have no idea how tired, scared and overwhelmed I was

That was a relief! My kuya and I still had few more hours to spare but we figured our first try was more than enough. Although I was thinking now that we should have gone up the other slopes just for the sake of taking photos of the winter landscape. I bet the other views were all enchanting. 

So when we were walking towards the cafeteria we saw this. An escalator for kids and beginners me where the the slope is not far and high and you don't need a lift. Nyaks! It's okay, Cham at least we had a good view.

Why didn't I see you before??? Why???

We weren't able to check the sledding slope as it was way far. Sayang! I want to experience that too! Hahaha, ayaw paawat!

Sledding <3

After all the skiing fiasco it was time to reward myself with a hefty Korean lunch. They have numerous cafeterias scattered around, we chose the one near the parking area. I ordered Beef Bulgogi for 9,000 won (P355) and a hot chocolate for 2,900 won (P115).

Bearstown Cafeteria

And because it was just 2pm, we strolled around the resort and took as many photos as possible.

Mama <3

Papa <3

Me 100% in good condition, as if nothing happened

Bearstown Accommodation
For those of you who want to stay overnight or longer at this resort they offer different accommodations that ranges from 192,000 won - 354,000 won (P7,500- 14,000). If I were to come back I will definitely book an overnight stay here plus enroll in a ski school. We checked the cozy lobby to kill time (it has complimentary WiFi).

Bearstown Lobby

Cozy lobby

Obligatory shot

Before 5pm we walked towards the shuttle and bid goodbye to the snow :( Kindly take note that the location of the departing shuttle is different from the drop off. You have to walk farther so it's better to ask the traffic patrols like we did.

Ski Shuttle meeting point

*** The bus passes at Sinseoldong area where our loft was located, we asked the driver if he could drop us off at the bus stop and good thing he did. So if you were to stay at the same area as ours you can also alight at the Sinseoldong bus stop to save money and time.

Bearstown Ski Resort is a dream come true although not the perfect dream (because of the falling episodes) but an experience I will forever cherish. As the saying goes 'A person who falls and gets back up is much stronger than a person who never fell' So yes I believe this experience not only made my winter dreams come true but it made me stronger #hugot

Address | 295, Sohak-ri, Naechon-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Operating Time | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Contact Numbers | Ski +82-031-540-5000 | Reservation +82-031-540-5151

Check out our Winter Wonderland adventure on youtube

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  1. Hi! We're planning to visit Bearstown this December, but I'm not sure if there would be real snow. When did you go there?

    1. I think there is. We went there December 26. :)

  2. Hello! Is there like an admission fee that you have to pay? How much did you spend for the day?

  3. Based from what you've heard, which ski resort would you recommend? Bearstown or Jisan? I heard jisan has an admission ticket of 47,500 won for 9am-4pm. Did you have to pay for admission ticket in Bearstown?

    1. Not sure with Jisan but I chose Bearstown for its close proximity to Seoul. No admission fee needed

  4. The rental fees are cheap compared to other ski resorts. Did you get a discount or something?

  5. So you had no skiing experience but still survived? ^^ Going this December and I have no skiing experience at all. Not sure if it's okay.

    1. I had ZERO experience! I suggest you enroll there or you can try skiing on the lower part. don't take the lift! :)

  6. hello! i just wanted to know.. do we have to do a booking in advance to ski there?

    1. No booking, you have to fall in line. :)

    2. Hi! May I ask how long did you fall in line? Was there many people? Is it advisable to go early than their opening time? :)

      Thanks in advance and your blog helps a lot! :D

    3. There were many people around and the queue were a little long but the transaction per counter were quite fast so I don't think you should worry about lining up for so long :) (this is based on my experience)

  7. Hi, I am just wondering for the ski lift price stated at ur blog. Is that really that cheap?!

    1. Yup! The lift was expensive though

    2. But how did you get lift fees for 26,000 won. As I in the photo was 50,000 won for lift tix. Is there any coupon voucher u use? or is there any foreigner passport discount that they provide at the counter? Cause I am going this xmas and hope to find a good place to try and ski but den if spending over 80,000.. it's a lil hole in my pocket. hahaha

    3. Hi! Yes, I was wondering the same thing. I am looking at the Bears Town site and it says the lift price for 4 hrs is 59,000 won. Ski rental is 21,000 won, and Ski Wear Rental is 15,000 won. Was there a discount coupon you used? Or maybe the prices really just have gone up for this ski season? Anyway, thanks for providing lots of useful info on your blog.

    4. No discount. I think the rates that you saw are for the whole day. Listed above was the rate when we went there last year. Not so sure if they increased their rates though

  8. Hello! Nice blog btw sobrang organized and detailed.

    Can I ask a few questions about sa Ski in Bearstown.
    - Yung Sled po ba may additional pa na bayad or included na din siya sa entrance?
    - Yung place po ba niya may nearby na taxi? We are planning kasi to have a half day ski then a short side trip siguro.
    - Yung pagbook niyo po ng shuttle bus mga anong estimated month and/or day po, kasi nung nagcheck ako kanina sabi lang "We are preparing the 16/17 winter season."

    (Sorry daming tanong, sobrang natuwa lang ako :) At first kasi balak namin mag patour guide which is roughly 7-8k, sobrang sulit talaga nung nakita ko to haha)

    1. Hi Allen

      No entrance, the sled has an additional rate
      Not sure if there's an available cab nearby. we never get to check
      Just wait for the shuttle bus schedule, it will be up in no time :)

    2. the winter shuttle bus is out, do check it out

  9. Hi. i am planning to rent ski gear ng AM time. after ng ski rental (1pm) pwede pa bang magstay sa resort? i want to try the sled sana after mag ski.

    1. Yup! you can stay there all day, depends on your shuttle schedule :)

  10. Hi Cham.

    Your write up, itinerary and tips are very helpful as we are travelling to korea on jan 12 - 17 and currently creating our own schedule and activities.

    Just doing some research and trying to find other ski resorts near Pyeongchang. We want to to try the Trout Festival and do skiing hopefully at the same day. Would you know any other ski resorts near the area? Any recommendations? Hope to hear your thoughts on this!! Thank you so much!��

    1. I am not sure about the ski resorts in Pyeongchang. But if you plan to do skiing and trout fishing in one day, I am afraid that would not be feasible. You should do it on a separate day so you could maximize both experience. :)

  11. Hi! For the lift, its only for advanced lng? :)

    1. There are different lifts, depends on your skill but the lift for beginners is not for first timers. So I don't recommend skiing on a slope if it's your first time. you can ski at the bottom part. no need for lifts

  12. Hi! When you book the bus tickets in advance? Gaano kaaga dapat? 1 week before or kaya ba na the day before?

    Thank you!

    1. We booked it weeks before. They get fully booked agad so better plan you visit and book in advance

  13. We are planning to visit this place this coming january 11, 2017. Do we need to prepay everything online in advance or do we just pay in cash on site. how much was the total cost per person for a basic ski experience, without the ski lessons and excluding food. Just the shuttle fare, ski gear rentals, clothes and ski lift..

    1. The shuttle should be in advance, the rentals etc can be booked there. Please read my post for the amount. Thanks


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