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Sunday, October 04, 2015


In all honesty, I am not a fan of theme parks. I'd rather visit cultural, historical and natural sites that would fill my hunger for new discoveries rather than go to an amusement park that has basically the same atmosphere as all the other parks. But of course there is always an exception. If I remember correctly, this was just the third theme park I visited (HK Disneyland & HK Ocean Park would be the first two and fourth would be Legoland Malaysia) so yes I've never been to Universal Studios before and this was the first time Mike and I visited a theme park together, exciting? Not really, here's why…

Universal Studios needs no introduction whatsoever as it is one of the most famous theme parks all over the world. In Asia, there are two Universal Studios Theme Parks- one in Osaka Japan and the other one is in Sentosa Singapore. 

The obligatory USS shot

How to go to Universal Studio Sentosa
HarbourFront MRT (Purple or Orange Line)
Take Exit E to VivoCity and proceed to level 3 to board the Sentosa Express (monorail). Alight 1 stop at Waterfront Station

Sentosa Express | S$4 (P135)
USS Entrance Fee | S$74 (P2,500)



The last time I was in SG, USS didn't exist yet and because Singapore is such a small place to go around, Mike and I agreed we'd be kids again and check out USS on our second day which fell on a weekend. Visiting USS on a weekend was a big mistake! The place was jam-packed and it was scorching HOT! Mike and I were sweating big time, and the lines, gosh, the lines were horrible! It took us more than an hour to wait for our turn at the Jurrasic Park Rapids Adventure. The Sesame Street Live Show was terrible that I unconsciously slept of boredom Mike had to wake me up a couple of times then later on decided to leave the place without even finishing the whole show. The other attractions we got to try were only Shrek 4-D Adventure & Madagascar Crate Adventure. We didn't try other rides because if it's either too scary, it's too kiddie and of course the lines were just too long. Nonetheless we enjoyed each other's company (Thank God, I was with Mike) despite the agony we managed to take a few decents photos.


Well deserved!

USS Outfit
USS Outfit
I figured I want to be a Minion, the jumper was perfect for a hot weather in a theme park.

Headband | Platinum Mall Bangkok
Sunnies | Georgina Sasha (@georginasasha)
Jumper | Overrun Store (@theoverrunsstore)
White Rubber shoes | Cotton On

My minion inspired outfit

Another Minion

Minions pa more!
New York

Sesame Street

Before I dozed off

New York Public Library

That rare moment where there are no other people around.
Sci-Fi City


Mike with Optimus Prime from Transformers

Transformers the Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle - queue's too long :(

Battlestar Galactica

Ancient Egypt

Revenge of the Mummy


Lost World

Lost boy!

Reminds me of my ultimate fave childhood movie

The M Pose

T-Rex inside the Cafeteria

The waiting game
disposable raincoat for S$4 (P135)

We waited that long for this?
Lunch for two

Thirst quencher
Far Far Away
Land Far Far Away!
"And they lived happily ever after" That moment when we couldn't care less #ChaMikiss
4-D Adventure was actually fun!

Puss in Boots Giant Journey


Our last ride
Hello there! (I don't know anyone of them though)
Oh, to be kids again <3
We could have appreciated our trip to Universal Studios more if:
1. We went there on a weekday where not much people are around
2. We skipped USS and instead go to US Osaka during a fine weather.

But if you still want to visit USS just follow tip #1. :)

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