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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

#Wefie with ChaMike at #Selfie Coffee.

The word #selfie has been quite popular with almost everyone nowadays. The height of technology and social media made it a household name and is now even accepted as a legit word in the dictionary (yes, you'll see the word selfie in Merriam Webster's).

With its growing buzz, you can now take your selfie photos to a whole new level. A cafe especially made for selfie lovers opened in Singapore along the famous street of Haji Lane just this May 2015 where your selfie photos can be printed out on your choice of coffee. AMAZEBALLS!

How to go to Selfie Coffee
Bugis MRT walk going to the big sultan mosque and look for the small alley, Haji Lane

Opening Hours
11:30 am- 10:00 pm

Although this was not the first branch (they have few branches in Malaysia), it is the first in SG so t'was definitely my ultimate agenda when I visited Haji Lane. I liked to visit this place not because Mike and I are fond of taking selfies (we rarely do!) but because we were so curious on how they actually put a photo on the coffee. And because of my eagerness, we came here a bit early so the cafe was still closed. bum.

Yes, we're too early

We were at the area around 9:30 am, the store opens at around 11:00 am. We had to wait, stroll and visit other shops just so we could be able to try it. (Tip: visit Haji Lane from lunchtime till afternoon as most of the stores opens at 11:30 am)

When it finally opened Mike and I excitedly went inside. The cafe has two floors, the first floor is where the counter is located while the second floor is the dining area.

Atlast, it's open!

The first floor is a small area of kitchen and counter. The menu is creatively written on the black wall, you'll see a variety of cakes & drinks too. We skipped the desserts and proceeded with our selfie coffee orders. When we were about to order, the staff informed us that they've been undergoing a technical problem with their selfie printers that the print would not be as clear as it should be. Taken aback, we still pushed through with it (I've waited long enough so might as well do it)

first floor

dessert and drinks

A gently reminder

Steps in ordering your Selfie Coffee
1. Choose your drink of choice
They have Selfie Frappe and Selfie Hot/Cold. They say it's better to order the cold drinks because the photo lasts longer as compared to hot drinks. So we ordered a Chocolate Dark Frappe for Mike and a Matcha Frappe for me. Good thing they have non coffee drinks as Mike and I are non-coffee drinkers. We just really wanted to try the #Selfie Coffee!


2. It's time to SELFIE
You have two options: 
1. Choose selfie from your phone then give to the staff (this usually happens when there are few customers) 
2. Take a selfie from the cafe's smart phone. You can take as much but mind the people waiting in line.

Since we rarely take selfies from our phone we chose option 2. PS. They have different props you can use for your selfie too.

Props for Selfie

Doing a selfie

Mike's turn

3. Pay and wait for 10 minutes or more
Selfie Frappe S$8.90 (P300)
Selfie Hot S$ 7.50 (P245)
Selfie Cold S$8.50 (P280)

A bit pricey but this was just fine for us since it's just a one time thing. They handed us a buzzer to signal when it's ready.

Second floor

We waited at the second floor where we saw interesting pieces. 

Flamingo and bunnies

The second floor is mainly for dining customers, you'll see different artworks and quotations on the walls, the place is also filled with artificial plants and even artificial animals.

High tables and chairs

4. Get you Selfie Coffee at the counter
I excitedly got our selfie coffee from the counter. As for the print, as expected was not 100% perfect due to the technical glitch but this was totally fine. 

Our selfies!!!

The staff informed us that the ink used for printing was edible so it's absolutely safe to drink. I thought before that the photos were printed on the plastic cover of the drink but I was wrong. It was printed right on a thick foam similar to the icing on cakes, we were really amazed. 

My selfie in a cup, what can be more cool than that?
Of course we took some shots before we started drinking.

Wefie with our Selfies
Matcha and Chocolate Dark Frappes
A photo on fake grass before leaving the place
Last shot before sipping myself.
If you are curious about the taste, well it was just ordinary. Nothing really fantastic about it but of course its unique selling point is the selfie on the coffee. So if you'd ask me if I were to recommend it? Of course! It's too cool not to try it. Besides, I'm sure you would want to share your own selfie coffee on social media.

Address: 11 Haji Lane, Singapore
Telephone Number: +65 63417212

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