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Thursday, October 08, 2015

ChaMike at LeVel33 | Cham's birthday celebration.

What can be more romantic than dining on top of a restaurant with an overlooking view of the whole Singapore waterfront in front of your eyes. This was Mike's last but definitely not the least birthday surprise for me.

The surprise dinner was scheduled on our last night in Singapore after our restless trip to Legoland Malaysia where we almost got lost. Mike was quite anxious during our trip back from Malaysia, he thought we won't make it in time. According to Mike if we were late our reservation might be forfeited and will be left with no choice but to sit on a different table. Being clueless of the situation I told Mike that it would be okay if we don't get the seats we want but Mike insisted that it's a MUST to sit on that exact area where he made his reservation. It was scheduled at 7pm but at around 5:30 pm we were still inside the bus traveling from Malaysia. The thought of going back to our hotel to freshen up and change to a more decent clothes added to our worry. But fate was good to us we were just 15 minutes late. (Thank God for light traffic and convenient MRT, I love Singapore!)

Level 33

After paying for our overtly expensive cab (binabawi ko na yung I love Singapore statement ko) we hurriedly entered Marina Bay Financial Centre building, rushed to the elevator then Mike pressed the level 33 button.

Elevator ride
So what is LeVel33? LeVel33 is the world's highest urban craft brewery which presents an unparalleled dining experience complete with one of the best views of Singapore's Marina Bay and city skyline. It says that LeVel33 is the epitome of urban penthouse dining.

Craft brews of European heritage

unfiltered and unpasteurized

The scene indoors

When the waitstaff escorted us to our reserved seats I instantly knew why Mike was so eager of securing our table. We were seated right in front of the beautiful skyline. The view was just overwhelming! Wow!

The view from our seats

The other half of the view. lovely <3

The best place to appreciate the beautiful skyline and cityscape of SG's skyscrapers
Although reserving at the Terrace has a minimum spend, anyone who wants to experience the Terrace view should order a minimum amount of S$60 (P2,000) per person so that's S$120 (P4,000) for the both of us- ouch! Good thing this was Mike's treat. 

Dinner started with a fresh craft beer of course but that's just for Mike, I, one the other hand had a non-alcoholic drink.

Blond Lager | S$12.33 (P410)
Light bodied, slightly fruity

Blond Lager

Shirley Temple 
Not part of the menu but the server was kind enough to make a special treat for me.

Shirley Temple

Cheers <3

Enjoying the view and beer

On top

Light & Sound Show
While waiting for our main orders we were able to appreciate the light and sound show at Marina Bay area. It happens twice per night - 8:00 pm & 9:30 pm. Here, water fountains and series of different colored lasers light up Marina Bay Sands and Art Science Museum while the song of Louis Armstrong 'What a Wonderful World' serenaded us in the background. 

Light & Sound 

"What a...



Complimentary Bread 
with different types of dip

Bread and dippings

Ireland Beef | S$42 (P1,400)
250g, Rump, grass-fed served with shallots, spud and veal jus
My beef was a bit hard to chew and lacked flavor but it was definitely filling. I will have to say that I blame myself for this, the waitstaff recommended a different beef but because everything was too pricey I picked one of the cheapest from all the grass-fed beef selection. I should've ordered a different beef even if it isn't grass-fed.

Ireland Beef

Back and Belly | S$45.50 (P1,520)
Chargrilled Irish rump, House Porter braised short rib, confit onion hash and veal jus
Mike's order was more flavorful. It's juicy, the meat was tender and the taste was delicious. Mike got his order right.

Back and Belly

Dining with this kind of view was just romantic

Bitter chocolate fondant, beet root coffee curd and pistachio mascarpone.
While enjoying the food, drinks and each others company the waitstaff surprised me with our favorite dessert, a lighted candle and a happy birthday song. My heart melted. Mike sure knows how to surprise me. <3

Cocoa <3

Making a wish

We ended the night by another mesmerizing series of Lights and Sounds Show, this time our tummies were full and hearts were contented. It was truly a fantastic way to celebrate our last night in Singapore.

Night cap

Dear Mike, thank you for always surprising me with your unique and romantic ways. I am truly blessed to have you as my life partner. Cheers to the coming years ahead. I love you with all my heart, body and soul. ayiiiiiii!!!

My date always and forever

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