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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Walk with ChaMike at LEGOLAND Malaysia.

After our stressful and hot experience at Universal Studios Singapore, Mike and I thought of canceling our LEGOLAND trip the next day, we were quite afraid that because it was a Sunday, it will also be as jam-packed as it was in USS. But because we didn't have any plans of going back to Singapore or even Malaysia anytime soon we figured we'd give Legoland a try.

LEGOLAND Malaysia is the only Legoland in Asia and the sixth in the world, it is divided into three parts- Theme Park, Water Park and Hotel. Located in Johor Bahru a few kilometers away from Singapore, they say that if there were no checkpoints going to Legoland from Singapore would only take up to less than an hour travel.

How to go to Legoland Malaysia from Singapore
If you want a carefree travel do not and I mean DO NOT follow what we did. I don't even know where to start and I can't believe we actually went through that whole dreadful process. But because I want you to learn from my mistakes I'll give you a quick rundown of what actually happened.

There are several ways of going to Legoland Malaysia from Singapore but the fastest and most convenient is through WTS Travel. Pick up point is at Singapore Flyer and drop off would be at Legoland Malaysia, it is that easy. I read and knew about it prior to our visit but what I didn't know was the pre-reservation requirement. Because I failed to reserve prior even if we came early at the pick up point all bus tickets were already sold out! The only available tickets where for the next day (which was our departure day).

Click these links:

I was about to give up our Legoland trip but Mike was quite positive that we can look for an alternative. After asking the ticket lady for other ways she advised us on going to Bugis Bus Station and ride an Express Bus going to Johor Bahru which was exactly what we did. When we came to the Singapore Immigration checkpoint we thought we'd have to ride another bus going straight to Legoland but we were so wrong, what we should've done was to ride the same bus and ride another bus AFTER we passed through the Malaysia Immigration (Why did I forget that there are always 2 immigration checkpoints?!) We asked help from the police because we started to panic.  We got on another bus going to Malaysia Immigration then walked a few meters to look for a public bus going to Legoland. 

Public bus at the bus station beside the Malaysian Immigration 

Reminder: Do not forget to change your SG dollars to Malaysian Ringgit, there is a money changer at the immigration.

After 2 1/2 hours of travel we finally did it! YAAAAAY!!! Thank GOD! After all the mishaps Legoland SHOULD be worth the hassle. Was it? Read on


Legoland has two parks- Theme Park and Water Park, and because we didn't plan on swimming we only availed the Theme Park pass.

Opening Hours
Open Daily from 10:00 am-6:00 pm
except for Theme Parks on particular days
Friday & Saturday | 10:00 am-8:30 pm
Sundays | 10:00 am- 7:00 pm

Entrance Fees
Theme Park & Water Park Combo  | Adult RM 207 (P2,300) | Child/Senior RM 165 (P1,850)
Theme Park only | Adult RM 165 (P1,850) | Child/Senior RM 133 (P 1,500)
Water Park only | Adult RM 122 (P1360) | Child/Senior RM 101 (P1,250)

Wow! No crowd?

Mike and I were a bit shocked that we barely saw anyone around, it was so peaceful. The weather was even better than yesterday (or is it cooler in Malaysia? I don't know) and because of the few people and fine weather Mike and I knew we'd have a blast! Crossed fingers that the attractions were awesome too.


The Big Shop has all your LEGO needs

Work of art

Legolan Malaysia Outfit

Legoland Malaysia Outfit
Wore sleeveless top, shorts and sneakers because I know we'd be walking around the theme park. Cap and sunnies for the hot weather and a sweater for air-conditioned areas.

Top | Forever21
Shorts | Butternut Fashion Boutique (@butternutfashionboutique)
Silver sneakers | Forever21
Black and White long cardigan | H&M
Sunnies | Georgina Sasha (@georginasasha)

Behind me is the Lego Hotel

At the center we saw Miniland where Asian landmarks have been recreated using more than 30 million Lego bricks. It is also an interactive world where people, trains, boats and other automobiles come to life with just a press of a button.

One of our favorite areas! Checking out Asia's famous landmarks with just the use of Lego bricks was just amazing. 

ChaMike enjoying Miniland

Singapore Miniland
Perdana Putra Building
Hoi An, Vietnam

Taj Mahal India

Angkor Wat Cambodia

Karaweik Hall Yangon Myanmar

Forbidden City and Great Wall of China

Wat Arun Bangkok Thailand

World Peace Gong Laos

Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei

Tanah Lot Bali Indonesia
Of course there has a mini Philippines. Though it was quite hard recognizing it at first, if I didn't read the information I wouldn't have known it was Bolinao. I've been there already but I don't know why of all the beautiful places, they chose this place. I don't have any issues with this place but there are a lot of recognizable places in the Philippines like Luneta in Manila or Chocolate Hills in Bohol or Mt Mayon in Legazpi or Taal Lake in Tagaytay.

Bolinao Philippines

Colorful fishing boat and Jeepney
At least the Philippines is included, I wonder why there are no Japan, Korea and other middle eastern countries like Dubai or Abu Dhabi. By the way Kuala Lumpur Miniland was under renovation at the time we went there.

LEGO Star Wars
After the Miniland we checked out Lego Star Wars. Mike being a fan was all the more excited here. It is an air-conditioned interactive display of different worlds and scenes from the famous movie series.

LEGO Star Wars

Darth Vader
CP30 & R2D2

In Lego City you can be a fireman, you can drive a Lego inspired car, you can be a captain of your own boat and you can ride a train.

Express Train

Driving School

Boating School

Rescue Academy

City Stage featuring The Realm of Shadows
We skipped all the rides but watched a show at the City Stage. The Realm of Shadows is a first in all Legoland so we were excited to see this.

City Stage featuring The Realm of Shadows Live

The fully air-conditioned room presents a new live performance of a uniquely interactive style of puppetry (Bunraku). We were taken by the high-tech special effects, the stunning video mapping and the fascinating puppetry. This is A MUST SEE.

Amazing puppetry
3D Mapping
Lego characters come to life

LEGO Technic
It features Lego Academy and Lego Mindstorms where one can create their own Lego toy. Mindstorms encourages you to create your own Lego robot. Neat!

LEGO Einstein 

But for us, I encouraged Mike to try the Project X, I guess this is more tolerable than those with loops though it has a steep switchback track that gave us a wild scream!

Project X

We survived!

LEGO Kingdom
Mike and I were transported back to the age of myths and legend.

Prisoner of my <3

That moment when we couldn't care less #ChaMikiss
Hail to the King
The Dragon ride- nope we weren't able to conquer it.
Land of Adventure
Mike and I journeyed to the unforgotten worlds of Pharaohs and Dinos. Here we tried two rides:

Dino Island
Mike and I went on a wet and wild ride. I was dripping soaked after this ride. 

Dino Island

Good thing they have body dryers but I have to warn you, they do not offer change for whatever amount even if your bill is as high as RM50! How did I know? It happened to me (how stupid?!) Because I wanted to dry myself up badly I forgot to read the instructions written on the money slot. bum.


Good thing I have an extra white top with me

Lost Kingdom Adventure
Mike's most favorite attraction among all the others. It's a point-system laser-blasting game where you have to shoot all possible targets. Mike won of course.

Mike's favorite attraction

Mike's happy face :)

A test of creativity for all ages.


Observation Tower
From all the attractions of Imagination we tried this. A tower with a covered observation deck where guests can view the whole of Legoland and its surrounding areas.

Inside the observation deck

LEGOLAND from up above

Dino Island- the reason why I lost 50RM hehe

Lunch at Pizza Mania
Decided to eat Italian at one of Legoland's restaurant offerings. I believe they have five different restaurants around the vicinity.

Pizza Mania

Our Legoland Lunch

Meet & Greet!
Another good thing about Legoland is that they have official photographers scattered around the area, they courteously offer to take photos of you so you won't have to ask other people to take your photos.

ChaMike loves LEGOLAND

Till we meet again!

Our trip to LEGOLAND maybe stressful at first (because of my stupidity) but gladly LEGOLAND itself did not disappoint. Mike and I had a wonderful/ happy/ adventurous/ fulfilling time here. Good thing Mike and I still pushed through with our plan and to tell you honestly, I enjoyed it here more than Universal Studios. And yes, if ever we have kids I'll visit this place once again plus try the Water Park and an overnight stay too. Thank you LEGOLAND for bringing out the kids in us!

Address: Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia 
Telephone Number: +607 597 8888

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  2. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog because I'm planning to go to Singapore and Malaysia in 6 months, I was wondering if LEGOLAND is worth the hassle? Because you said it's a 2 hour bus ride (oh no), and btw why didn't you go to Kuala Lumpur and visit Petronas Towers? Is it tooooo far? HELP ME! Thanks!

    1. We enjoyed Legoland! But I suggest you book the transfers in advance to go there faster :) Petronas is in KL and is 5 hours away from SG :)

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