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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Eat with ChaMike at Celebrity Chefs' Restaurants in Singapore.

Singapore being a cosmopolitan country has many known restaurants owned by renowned chefs. Restauranteurs from different parts of the world consider Singapore as a hotspot when it comes to high-end and meticulous dining. When I read that Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay have restaurants in SG I excitedly put these on our itinerary. I told Mike that it's a must to get to dine at their restaurants. I've known the two British chefs through cooking shows I watched on cable, they're so popular even Mike knows them too.

On our second day, before going to Universal Studios we started the morning right by visiting Jamie's Italian in Vivo City Mall. It's conveniently situated in the same mall where the monorail going to Universal Studios is located. 

Jamie Oliver is one of the most famous British celebrity chefs and restauranteur who is known for so many TV shows such as Naked Chef, Oliver's Twist, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and Jamie's 15-minute meals.

How to go to Jamie's Italian
HarbourFront MRT, located at the ground floor

Opening Hours
Mondays- Thursdays | 12 nn - 10 pm
Fridays | 12 nn - 11 pm
Saturdays | 9:30 am - 11 pm
Sundays | 9:30 am - 10 pm

Jamie's Italian serves well, Italian cuisine- pasta, antipasti, salads, steaks, lamb chops, burgers and the list goes on. They use fresh, carefully sourced and seasonal ingredients to make all the beautiful and rustic dishes. Singapore is the first Jamie's Italian in Asia which now has two branches- one is in Orchard Road and the first one in Vivo City Mall where Mike and I had our breakfast. 

Jamie's Italian

We were welcomed by Jamie's collection of cookbooks and different kitchen merchandise where customers can check and even purchase - I bet my mom and brother would be excited to see these, they're both fans of Jamie.

Jamie Oliver's merchandise for sale

And when I say fresh, it means making the pasta from scratch and are replenished daily (Mike became even more excited to try their pasta dishes). This fine looking man is a fellow Pinoy which made us so proud (btw he is not the only Pinoy staff here)

The making of pasta by a Pinoy

In the morning the restaurant has that cool and hip vibe. The ambiance was bright, lively and welcoming, great way to start the day. I'm not entirely sure if it turns into a high-end sophisticated restaurant at night.

bright, hip and welcoming

Usually during breakfast hours, few customers visit this place so there's no need to reserve. For lunch and especially dinner, reservation is required to have sure seats, they say it gets really full.

Rustic and cool

During weekdays they only start opening at 12nn and then for Saturday and Sunday they are open as early as 9:30 am (good thing we went here on a Saturday). Although having breakfast here has its downside. Remember what I said about Mike being very excited to try their pastas? Well if you like to try Jamie's pasta and all the other main course meals I have to tell you now that when you arrive here before 11am, they have a completely different menu for breakfast. Which means you have to scrap out all the pastas, lamb chops and other main entrees in mind. Oh well. For me, honestly it's not a big deal, I came here just so I could taste any and I mean ANY of Jamie's offerings. 

What's for breakfast?
And because we didn't have much of an option, we ordered their Breakfast Butties. All breakfast butties are served with a soft, seeded bun with mighty ketchup (meaning cherry tomatoes)

Bacon & Egg Buttie | S$9.50 (P317)
Outdoor-reared streaky bacon & a fried Freedom Range egg
My breakfast buttie.

My Bacon and Egg Buttie

Sausage & Egg Buttie | S$9.50 (P317)
Toulouse sausage & a fried Freedom Range egg
Mike's breakfast buttie.

Mike's Sausage and Egg Buttie

The obligatory flatlay

Our breakfast choices were indeed fresh, somewhat filling and even satisfying. There's not much to rave about this meal obviously because our dishes were just too simple. Nonetheless, we were extremely grateful for having the chance to dine here. 

ChaMike at Jamie's Italian

After our quick breakfast off we went to Universal Studios Singapore.

Address: Jamie's Italian Singapore, Vivo City 1 HarbourFront Walk
Telephone Number: +65 67335500 


On the same day, after our trip to Universal Studios we stopped by Merlion Park and started our walk to The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands via Helix Bridge to have our dinner at Gordon Ramsay's Bread Street Kitchen

Bread Street Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay like Jamie Oliver is one of the most well-known chefs in the world. I've known him through numerous successful cooking series like Hell's Kitchen, MasterChef and Kitchen Nightmares. I was really impressed with how he trains, judges and teaches budding chefs and restauranteurs thus the reason why I was overtly excited to try his restaurant in The Shoppes Marina Bay Sands.

How to go to Bread Street Kitchen
Bayfront MRT is located directly at The Shoppes Marina Bay Sands
or you can try what we did - walked from Merlion Park to MBS via Helix Bridge

Opening Hours
Sundays - Wednesdays | 11:30 am - 12 am
Thursdays - Saturdays | 11:30 am - 2 am


BSK serves traditionally British fare with an Asian twist in terms of spices and seasonings. Unlike Jamie's Italian the ambience here is more sophisticated, cozy and upscale. Of course reservation is a must and you should do it a few days prior especially if your planning to dine on a weekend. Servers here are mostly caucasian giving you that feel as if you're actually dining at Chef Gordon's UK restaurants.

Sophisticated, cozy & upscale

Classy and dimmed interiors

Like in Jamie's Italian, there was no specific dish that I wanted to order and given how expensive the dishes were (it was not a shock though) we settled for 2 main entrees, a non-alcoholic drink and a dessert.

Complimentary Bread
Enjoyed munching on their variety of bread slices


Risotto | S$32 (P1,065)
with girolle mushroom, peas, green asparagus aged parmesan.
I heard BSK's risotto gained so many rave reviews from foodies and I was so excited to try it myself. Indeed it was delectable! It was so tasty and creamy and has just the right amount of saltiness, every bite was just heaven!

My Risotto

Shephered's Pie | S$38 (P1,265)
with braised lamb, onions, carrots, potato, puree and a brioche garlic crumbs
This was Mike's choice, another great dish. The yummy taste of lamb was indeed powerful. I love how the other ingredients complimented very well with the lamb. Worcestershire sauce was also served in case you want to add more flavor to the pie, Mike loved it with the sauce.

Mike's Shepherd's Pie

Rhythm & Blues | S$11 (P267)
Mango and blueberries, basil combined with a touch of salt and pepper.
Tried a non-alchoholic cocktail just so we could taste one of their cocktail offerings. This one was recommended by our server and was indeed yummy. For a chill and relaxed flavor try this drink, it'll make your taste buds swing to the Rhythm and put your mind into the Blues.

Rhythm & Blues

Obligatory flatlay

ChaMike at Bread Street Kitchen

Mike's yummy Shepherd's Pie

a taste of heaven

Chocolate Fondant | S$20 (P665)
with salted caramel and mint chocolate chip ice cream
Oh how we love the oozing melted chocolate paired with the mint chocolate chip ice cream. The mint flavor gave a whole new meaning to this dessert, it balanced out the rich flavor of the chocolate. YUM!

Chocolate Fondant <3

Address: Marina Bay Sands Bay Level L1-81, 2 Bayfront Avenue, The Shoppes 
Telephone Number: +65 66885665

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