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Friday, September 11, 2015

Walk with ChaMike in Singapore.

It wasn't my first time to visit Singapore. I've been here once with my parents in 2009. That time Universal Studios and even Marina Bay Sands haven't existed yet. So for my birthday this year, in time for SG's 50th year I requested Mike to bring me to this Little Red Dot country and of course he gladly obliged.

March 2009

Almost all Filipino travelers probably have already visited Singapore at least once mainly for its close proximity to our country and the visa-free facility it offers for Filipinos so I guess most if not all of you already know what to expect in SG. Nonetheless I will still share my insights for the benefit of the people who haven't been here and wish to visit this cosmopolitan city.

1. Singapore is located at the lower region of Asia and shares a land border with Malaysia
Like the Philippines, it is located in Southeast Asia just below our country. It is one of the smallest countries in the world and the smallest in the region. It shares a land border in Malaysia so a lot of travelers consider going to Malaysia whenever they visit Singapore (like us) or vice versa.

Asia Map

2. No Visa required for Philippine Passport Holders
Filipinos are not required to apply for a visa and are permitted until 30 days of stay in the country from the date of entry.

All you need is your passport

3. There are a number of airlines that services flights from Manila- Singapore and vice versa
Since there are a good number of Filipino travelers who visit SG, there are a lot of airlines available too. For this visit we traveled via TigerAir.com. Airlines such as Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines and Jet Star also service flights to and from Manila and Singapore.

Changi Airport Terminal 2

4. There is no time difference between Manila and Singapore

5. Singapore is a tropical country so it's HOT, HUMID and RAINY
Like the Philippines, Singapore has a tropical climate with relatively uniform temperature all year round from a low of 24oC to a high of 31oC (sometimes even 32oC!) Rainy season occurs from November-January although sudden rainfall usually takes place quickly so be prepared by bringing an umbrella (Mike has it all the time). You have to apply sunblock too if you're walking around the streets or theme parks or suffer the perils of getting a sunburn - like what happened to me :(

Don't forget your hat, umbrella and sunscreen

6. The currency in Singapore is Singapore Dollars
The exchange rate when we went there is S$ 1 = P 33.9

7. Note down the Philippine Consulate in Singapore
Address: 20 Nassim Road, Singapore 258395
Business Hours: Mondays-Fridays, 9:00 AM- 12:00 NN; 1:00 PM- 5:00 PM
Phone: 6737 3977 / 90722777
E-mail: atn.sgpe@philembassysg.org
Website: http://www.philippine-embassy.org.sg


1. Singapore has high standard of living
Visiting Singapore is indeed expensive. Accommodations, entrance fees, food, shopping even transportation don't come in cheap. When visiting SG you have to have your SG Dollars ready although most of the establishments accept major credit cards.

2. You will encounter different races
Because of the country's geographic location and rich history, there are four major races in Singapore- Chinese (majority), Malay, Indian and Eurasian. Despite the diversity of inhabitants they live together in harmony and are united by the motto, "Many races, one Singapore"

3. Almost all locals can speak English (with a strong Chinese accent)
There are four official languages in Singapore- English, Singaporean Mandarin, Malay & Tamil. Although most of the locals speak Mandarin, English is the main language of instruction, and a mother tongue for each major ethnicity so most of the locals know how to speak English with a distinct Chinese accent or what they call Singapore English or Singlish.

It's easy to talk to locals here in SG

4. They have one of the most modern subways
Like in any first world countries I've been to such as South Korea, Hong Kong & Japan, Singapore offers a convenient and user-friendly MRTs.

Mike reviewing the map while waiting for our train

5. Singapore is known to have iconic windows
Going around the city, you'll enjoy looking at the colorful and iconic windows in most of Singapore's famous streets.

Colorful windows at Chinatown

6. Water is safe enough to drink from the tap
The hotel attendant confirmed to us that Singapore tap water is safe to drink. But we never tried it though.

7. Singapore has some wacky laws like no selling of chewing gums.
Yes, you read it right. Selling chewing gum is not allowed around Singapore so be careful of bringing it in their country as you may be accused of selling them. Other wacky laws include:
Do not spit anywhere
No littering
Pornography is not allowed
Don't walk around the house naked
No hugging in public without permission
Peeing in elevators is prohibited
You can get fined for not flushing public toilets
No smoking in major public areas

Wacky Law Pens for sale

8. Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world
According to Business Insider "Singapore ranks number one in overall personal safety, according to the Index, which noted that traditional crimes like burglary and theft are at a decades-long low."

Because of the notoriously tough penalties of all crimes Singapore experiences extremely low crime rate, Singapore had the second-lowest murder rate in the world according to BBC. So it's extremely safe traveling to Singapore, good job! <slow clap> Wishing that our country will be like Singapore soon.

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  1. I miss this place! It used to be my home...

    1. Elaine! I miss it too but it's too expensive living in SG. haha


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