Yexel's Toy Museum Manila Ocean Park

Friday, August 28, 2015

Walk with ChaMike at Yexel's Museum.

It was one of those weekends when Mike and I decided to visit Yexel's Toy Museum in Manila Ocean Park and it was probably one of the most disappointing places we've been to. 

Amazing Stories of Yexel's Museum is the second toy museum owned by Yexel Sebastian, a Pinoy toy enthusiast who has been a toy collector since the age of 7. His first Toy Museum is located in Las Pinas and recently branched out in Manila Ocean Park.

I'm not a toy lover but I knew Mike will enjoy looking at the toy collections so when I saw a discount treat at a few months ago, I immediately bought two discount coupons for only P99 per person original price is at P250 per person, it was indeed a great deal but because it was so cheap we failed to anticipate the volume of people inside the museum. It was also a weekend so you can just imagine the chaos we went through.

People of different age groups were all over the place, what's worse was that most of them hang out in the museum just to sit, relax and even sleep! We even saw a couple sitting in a corner cuddling as if they were in Luneta! And because the place was packed there was this unlikely odor wherever we went. Yuck.

People everywhere!

Nonetheless, Mike and I agreed to go around the museum and tried to appreciate it as much as we could. Here are some photos.

Comic Book Super Heroes

Peter Parker's Room- a bit dark, lighting should be properly installed

Mike with Spidey

Batman, Spiderman & my Superman

Game of Thrones
We had to line up and wait for what seemed to be forever just to have our photo taken at the Game of Thrones area.



Had to finish fast as we don't want to keep the others waiting

Mike's turn

Like a boss

Star Wars
This area was the most challenging, we waited quite long just so we could have this area all to ourselves but there was this couple who never left the place. They were seated at the corner cuddling! WTH!? I even had to crop them so that they can't be seen in the photo.

The couple at the back is a complete eyesore 

How insensitive?!

Thank God, the couple vanished! Or is it photoshopped? hehe

Have to crop this shot because of the couple cuddling, argh! 

Storm Trooper


Lord of the Rings

See the guy on the side? If he's not sleeping, he's resting as if he's in Luneta

Area of Gollum was okay since falling in line was required and not much people were in line.

Mike's Precious


Sword exhibit

Fellowship of Tambays


I think there should have proper lighting here, don't you agree?

Hallelujah! No crowd.

Of course, Mike should have a shot

To be honest, Yexel's toy collections were quite neat but a proper organization should be implemented so people could appreciate it more. Here are a few of my tips on how to improve the museum:

1. Discount coupon should only be applicable during weekdays. Regular rate applies during weekends or holidays.

2. Like in other museums, there should be a maximum hours for each visitor when visiting the museum (I guess two hours is okay) so that the museum would not be a place for chilling or relaxation.

3. There should be staff from the museum who regularly roam around and check if people are there just to sit, sleep or relax. The staff should also facilitate the organization of each section of the museum. (we never saw a single museum personnel when we went there, except at the paid Ironman photo booth)

4. Proper lighting should be installed especially at the Minions area, Ironman area and the upside down room.

If those tips will be implemented Yexel's Museum would be a sure hit.  I would love to bring my nephews with me when that time comes.

Address: 2nd Floor Manila Ocean Park Complex behind Quirino Grandstand
Fee: P99 (discount) | P250 (regular

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  1. Hi! We have visited the Yexel Toy Museum in Las Pinas in 2014. I can say that it was a wonderful journey in Mr. Yexel's Museum.

    Now, I am curious about their branch in Manila Ocean park. I have been wanting to see the IronMan Laboratory. (Since I am really a marvel and DCU fanatic :3 )

    So, as a fellow traveler, I just want to ask if there will be lesser visitors at weekdays? And is there a time limit while inside? Also are food and drinks allowed inside? Because while we were in LP we were not allowed to eat, not go outside to buy refreshments. Thank you!


    1. I think there are lesser people on weekdays. About the food, not sure if it is allowed. I think it's not :)

  2. Hi! If we will visit the museum only, do we have to pay also for the entrance of ocean park? Or we can just pay for the museum only? TIA!

  3. Can I put cosplay costume on for taking pictures in the museum? Am I allowed to bring props?

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