The Rebirth of L'Aubergine Restaurant Patisserie Fort Bonifacio

Monday, August 17, 2015

9-Course Degustation Meal for two at  L'Aubergine.

July 18, 2011 - I can still vividly remember myself gushing over the sight of Aubergine's facade while Mike held my hand and led me to this restaurant's doorstep. It was our first ever monthsary and one of Mike's first surprises. I honestly never thought Mike would ever bring me to this restaurant (well, I kinda hoped a little) but I mean not on our first monthsary! He got the idea during one of those 'getting-to-know-you talks' where he asked me what my dream restaurant was and without batting an eyelash I told him about my fascination over Aubergine, that I longed to dine there and to get to taste their famous foie gras. Well that wish of mine was granted not just once but twice. Yes, I am absolutely blessed.

Of course my first Aubergine experience was as fascinating as what I imagined it to be so I was in utter disbelief when I got an invitation for a complimentary 9-course degustation meal for two on the rebirth of Aubergine. wow. just. WOW.

This came in the mail!

L'Aubergine Restaurant Patisserie has been one of the best fine dining restaurants in Manila and is just quietly located in the second floor of 32nd and 5th Avenue Building along the busy streets of Fort Bonifacio. Aubergine has been around the upscale restaurant business for quite sometime and just recently decided to further improve their craft by undergoing renovations. After three months of meticulously perfecting the newly designed interior and developing their already flawless menu. Last August 3, L'Aubergine Restaurant Patisserie once again opened its doors to people who are in love with fine food, excellent service and high-end ambience. And unbelievably Mike and I were invited as one of their loyal patrons to experience the Rebirth of L'Aubergine.

Facade, with new restaurant logo

August 9, 2015 - After 4 years, we were back again in the same building. We excitedly walked our way towards the entrance and the lady staff graciously escorted us to our seats. The distinct high-end ambience was still very much evident but of course with an improvement.

The New Interior
World renowned designer, Mr Cesar Gaupo did an impressive but subtle revamping of the restaurant's interiors. The bar area, patisserie section and wine cellar were still where it was originally located but we noticed the change of all furniture and lighting.

Bar counter

Patisserie section

Wine Cellar

The old red cushioned seats were replaced by blue high back chairs which looked more regal and the clusters of teardrop bulbs gave a more elegant vibe.

New interiors

Blue and white

A new addition is the after dinner lounge area where customers can sit and relax comfortably after a satisfying meal.

Lounge area

Of course, the kitchen is still located in the same area and costumers can still see what is happening inside through a transparent glass window.

War room

9-Course Degustation Menu | P3,500 per person
Mike and I were both ecstatic to try the 9-course degustation meal. The meal was originally priced at P3,500 so you can just imagine our delight that we were one of the lucky customers who got to experience this for FREE.

Degustation Menu | P3,500

My handsome date <3

Juices and Smoothie
Dalandan Juice | P240
Strawberry Banana Smoothie | P240

Of course beverage was not included on the complimentary meal so we ordered a juice and smoothie then later on red wine to pair with our main course.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie and Dalandan Juice

Dinner Bread with butter and hummus
During our first visit, we really enjoyed their bread and so this time we tried tasting the different type of bread they offered.

Dinner Bread

Amuse Bouche | Tuna Tartar with Potato Chip
The bite sized hors d'oeuvre gave a good start. The crispy potato chip was nicely paired with fresh tuna tartar on top.

Tuna Tartar with Potato Chips

First Course | Tomato Jelly
Fresh goat cheese and basil
The first course was a bit uncommon. A dish that tasted new to me, at first bite it tasted odd but after a few more bites the flavor grew on me. The mixture of tomato jelly and the pungent goat cheese gave a new meaning to this dish.

Tomato Jelly

Second Course | Tomato-crab Mille Feuille
Arugula, Avocado-mango
The layer of tomato-crab & arugula was nicely plated. The portion might be small but the flavor was generous.

Tomato-Crab Mille Feuille

Third Course | Cured Salmon
Cucumber tea, pickled gherkins, horseradish granite
The salmon was cooked to perfection, the cucumber tea gave a fresh take to this meal.

Cured Salmon

Fourth Course | Foie Gras Symphony
Foie gras, veal aspic, chocolate, beetroot, brioche
This has been the most memorable meal among the dishes they served. Maybe because it's unusually good. The foie gras, the savory jelly of veal and the chocolate flakes made a surprisingly delicious combination.

Foie Gras Symphony

Fifth Course & First Appetizer | Chicken Raviolo
Chicken wing confit, mushroom nage, savoy cabbage
Absolutely fell in love with this dish. The different kinds of mushrooms were flavored well and complimented perfectly with the well cooked chicken wing. The froth made this dish more appealing too.

Chicken Raviolo

Sixth Course and Second Appetizer | Butter-Poached Giant Prawn
Black pepper corn sauce, coconut foam
The giant prawn sat perfectly on the garnishes and black peppercorn sauce. The prawn was indeed delectable especially when you pair it with the coconut foam on the side. The froth balanced the flavor of the sauce and the prawn.

Butter-Poached Giant Prawn

Entremet | Apple Sorbet
Cilantro coulis, apple caviar
A refreshing sorbet that cleansed our palate to prepare us for the main course. 

Apple Sorbet

Carafe of Bread and Butter Pinot Noir 2012 | P780
Before the main course, they served a carafe of red wine. According to the waitstaff this particular wine is paired good with our main course.

Red Wine of choice

Seventh Course & Main Entree | Iberian Pork
Cheek, Belly, Secreto, braised vegetables, pommes maxim, truffle jus
Saved our tummy for the main course. It's indeed quite amazing that we never felt full even after several courses. The cheek, belly and secreto were very much tender and oozing with flavor. The crispy pommes maxim & foam evened out the strong flavor of the meat.  Every bite was party in our mouths.

Iberian Pork

ChaMike enjoying the main course with the red wine

Eight Course | Pineapple Confit
Dehydrated banana milkshake, Orange soup
Before the actual dessert, they served a citrusy dish that added zest to our tastebuds.

Pineapple Confit

Ninth Course & Dessert | Chocolate Rebel
Chocolate trilogy, stracciatella ice cream, salted caramel, roasted almond flakes
This artwork dessert is to die for. The layers of chocolates are insanely delicious, the ice cream was so good. The almond flakes, white panna cotta and strawberry bits complimented really well with the chocolates. A perfect ending to our generous and satisfying degustation.

Chocolate Rebel

Coffee and Tea with macarons and pralines
After devouring all the 9- course meal, The waitstaff asked if we wanted coffee or tea, and since I am not a coffee drinker I asked for green tea while Mike ordered coffee. The coffee and tea were paired with macarons and pralines which we both enjoyed while drinking.

Tea with macarons and pralines

The experience of dining in Aubergine was magical. It's nice that once in your life you get to dine at Manila's best. Aubergine was, is still is and will ever be ChaMike's first love. Thank you, Aubergine for remembering us. It was truly a pleasure.

ChaMike absolutely loved L'Aubergine

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