Misibis Bay's Garden View Room

Monday, July 13, 2015

#ChaMike4Ever at Garden View Room Misibis Bay

ChaMike's fourth year anniversary was celebrated in Albay for three days, half of it was spent in the luxurious resort that is Misibis Bay (the first half was spent in The Oriental Hotel Legazpi)
Deal Grocer, a lifestyle discount website made me decide to book here. With a price of P9,300++ for two days and one night we got to experience staying at the Garden View Room inclusive of airport transfers and free breakfast buffet for two

Garden View Room 
This is their cheapest room among their many room offerings. After check-in a four wheeled kart drove us to our room. Garden View Rooms are located in one cluster and ours I think was the nearest from the main area.

Garden View Rooms- ours was at the second floor at the very left

The orangey compact room gave a summer vibe. The view outside added zest on its tropical feel.


Queen sized bed, a closet, LCD cable TV, telephone, 2 complimentary bottled waters, coffee and tea making facility, mini ref, two complimentary slippers, flat iron, safe and bathrobe. They also have a complimentary bayong bag which became useful for our pasalubong.

Bottled waters, coffee and tea making facility, closet with safe, iron and bathrobe

Mini ref and complimentary slippers

The bathroom has all you need. Shower, toilet with bidet <yay>, toiletries- bar soap, shampoo, conditioner, bath gel, lotion, toothpaste and toothbrush, shower cap, shaving kit, cotton and cotton buds.

Shower, toilet & toiletries

Surprisingly we had a pool just outside our room.

a pool just outside our room

Other rooms types are: Junior Suite Deluxe, Premier Villa, One Bedroom Deluxe, Junior Suite Premier, One Bedroom Premier,  One Bedroom Luxury, Luxury Villa

Other room offerings

Breakfast at Spice Restaurant
The coupon also includes a breakfast buffet for two at the Spice Restaurant. And yes, you've been reading it on my blog that ChaMike is fond of breakfast buffets.

Breakfast time at the Spice Restaurant

The breakfast offerings are quite a lot: Pancake Station, Congee Station, Bread Station & Cheese station

Different stations: pancake, congee, bread, cheese

They have different breakfast food to choose from that will satisfy your tastebuds and tummy.

Sausages, longganisa, fish fillet, adobo, amapalaya, daing

Bacon, tapa, cold cuts and dried fish

Biko and Nilupak

Brekky time

The promo was absolutely sulit! ChaMike had a blast staying in their room, binging on their excellent dishes and appreciating the tropical resort to the fullest. The only downside is their customer service (read more on ChaMike's to-do list in Misibis Bay) but nonetheless the trip was indeed memorable.

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