Misibis Bay's Water Sports Activity

Friday, July 17, 2015

#ChaMike4Ever's Water Sports Activities.

ChaMike loves to try everything for the first time. The day before we already experienced riding an ATV to Mt Mayon. This time, in Misibis Bay we tried two new activities.

Non-Motorized Water Sports Activities in Misibis Bay includes Stand-up Paddle, Kayaking, Snorkeling & Windsurfing. For a one-time fee of P750 you can try all these non-motorized water sports activities.

You can also try their Motorized Water Sports Activities such as Jetski, Wake/Knee boarding, Diving & Banana Boat Ride each has its own fee depending on the activity.

For us, we settled for the non-motorized activities... 

Not really our first time to kayak but tried it nonetheless. A good couple activity.



Stand-up Paddle
Newest form of surfing and kayaking combined. Yes, our first time. It's easier than how it looks, keeping our balance was a challenge but we survived not falling off during the whole course of the paddle.

Stand-up Paddle, my turn

Mike's turn

Another first time for us. This was more challenging, even harder than surfing. An instructor will give you a quick briefing then he'll let you try it on your own, that's if you can do it on your own. In my case, I was able to balance at first but failed in the succeeding tries. And yes, the struggle was definitely real.

Windsurf briefing

Omigash! I did it!


ooops. ugh. the struggle is real.

After a few tries, I finally gave up. Kuya instructor to the rescue.

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