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Saturday, July 04, 2015

#ChaMike4ever in Cagsawa Ruins Albay.

No tourist leaves Albay without visiting Cagsawa Ruins. Cagsawa Ruins are the remains of Cagsawa Church built by Franciscan friars in the 1700's. It was destroyed by the eruption of Mt Mayon year 1814. The church tower was the only remnant of the baroque church which has become a popular tourist attraction in Albay.

After our ATV ride our second agenda was to go to Cagsawa Ruins. It started pouring hard so when our driver, Kuya Nestor drove to the ruins, it was only the church tower that appeared to us. 


The sky was filled with thick clouds. We really thought it was impossible to see the volcano on that day. Mike and I were thinking of postponing the day tour to tomorrow and instead visit the Daraga Church

Can you please tell me where to find Mt Mayon?

While we were in Daraga Church the sky became clearer and voila! In an instant Mt Mayon showed herself for the last time before dawn. Yes, we were indeed lucky. So we hurriedly went back to Cagsawa Ruins.

Daraga Church

Entrance fee was P10 per person, if you have a car or a rented van, parking has a P10 fee as well.

Finally, it showed up!

Kuya driver introduced us to one of the guides. These guides are very keen in taking photos of guests. So if you are worried that no one will take your photos, in Cagsawa Ruins it is not a problem. Just look for red shirt men roaming around the vicinity and they will gladly assist you (kindly note to give them a tip after. We handed kuya P50 after our photo session)

A photo op with Mt Mayon

Mike's turn

Our normal poses

Another normal pose

Barrio lass meets Conyo boy

They can do camera tricks as well.


Camera trick 1

Camera trick 2

Camera trick 3

Camera trick 4

We stayed until day break to appreciate Cagsawa Ruins and Mt Mayon fully.

Thank you for showing yourself up, Mt Mayon!

Dawn <3

It was a relief to see Mt Mayon in its glorious figure. Just looking at it made me appreciate life and nature more. So after the countless picture taking we then bought pasalubong at Albay Pilinut Factory and Terminal then had dinner at Small Talk Restaurant.

Details of Van Rental 
Name: Nestor Calmada 
Cellphone: 09275686940 | 09284734679
Fee: P2,500 for 5 hours
Type of cars: Innova, Starex etc

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