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Sunday, June 28, 2015

#ChaMike4ever in Albay

Yes, it has been four great years with Mike and I can say that being with him for the past years has been the most thrilling and happiest <insert kilig reaction here>. Every anniversary we make it a point to go somewhere in the Philippines that we've never been to, good thing Mike is the ever supportive boyfriend who gives me the freedom to decide where to go and this year 'we' opted to visit AlbayAlbay is a province in the Bicol Region which is well known for the glorious beauty of Mount Mayon, an active volcano that is dubbed to be the perfect cone-shaped volcano. Despite my eagerness to visit this place for so long it was not until this month that I finally got the chance to do so when I stumbled upon a Misibis Bay discount offer at Of course I also wanted to drive an ATV going to the well-known volcano (just like what Zac Efron did when he visited our country) so that was definitely on top of our list. 

Below is ChaMike's complete list of the things we did in Albay for three days.

1. Adore the beauty of Mount Mayon
They say that when you visit Albay and you see Mount Mayon's clear form it means that you have good intensions of visiting the place. Although on our first meeting Mt Mayon was a bit shy, sea of clouds covered her majestic form. Quite saddened by our first meet up I was about to question my own motives but fortunately, little by little she peeked from the clouds and at long last was able to show her full beauty before day break. It was a spectacular sight! There were lots of 'oohs' and 'aahs' every time we stared at this natural landscape. 

Our first meet up
Mt Mayon in it's full beauty

Upon reading further you will notice that most of the attractions here have a connection with the volcano...

2. Visit the Cagsawa Ruins
No one leaves Legazpi without a visit to the iconic Cagsawa Ruins. This postcard attraction is a MUST for every Legazpi traveler.

Cagsawa Ruins

3. Stop at Daraga Church
Daraga Church is a four-century old Roman Catholic Church located in Daraga, Albay which is considered to be a National Historical Site. It is strategically located on a hill above the bustling town where you can have the view of Mt Mayon.  

Daraga Church

4. ATV to Mt Mayon
For the ultimate Mt Mayon experience, ChaMike drove an ATV going to the volcano. It was one exhilarating ride.

ATV to Mt Mayon

5. Embarcadero de Legazpi
An urban mall in Legazpi City harbor. You will see various shops & restaurants where many locals and tourists flock. As for me and Mike we just wanted to take a few shots with the Legazpi signage at the back of the lifestyle hub.

Embarcadero de Lagazpi

6. Stay at The Oriental Hotel
Been wanting to book here ever since I heard it opened. The Oriental Hotel is located atop of a hill and their main attraction? A view of Mt Mayon from your room. 

The Oriental Hotel

6. Eat Authentic Bicolano Cuisines
Spicy and delicious, Bicol's signature cuisine. Albay offers a good selection of Bicolano dishes that's interestingly unique and surprisingly good- anyone care for a chili ice cream? I wouldn't pass up on that. We dined at two restaurants- 1st Colonial Grill & Small Talk.

Ice cream at 1st Colonial Grill

7. Experience the prime resort that is Misibis Bay
We treated ourselves to a serene sanctuary that's been a well known beach escape from local and hollywood celebs alike.

Misibis Bay

8. Buy souvenirs and pasalubong at Albay Pili nut Factory and Terminal
The best pasalubong to buy are Pili nuts. Pili nuts are also popular in Albay and the best place to buy it is at the Albay Pili nut Factory. Choose from variety of delicacies with Pili nuts that ranges from P105-P150. I bought their best seller Mazapan de Pili, I also bought a pack of Baby Rose, Pastillas de Pili, Turroncitos de Pili, Pili Nut Choco, Pili Nut Brittle & Toffee Rose. I loved the Turroncitos de Pili most.

Albay Pilinut Factory
For souvenir items head over to The Terminal where you can see various goods such as keychain, mugs, t-shirts and bags.


Indeed, Albay was the perfect venue to celebrate our 4 years of love and happiness. Excited for the years to come!

How to go to Albay
ChaMike flew via Cebu Pacific Air from Manila to Legazpi.

Details of Van Rental 
Name: Nestor Calmada 
Cellphone: 09275686940 | 09284734679
Fee: P2,500 for 5 hours
Type of cars: Innova, Starex etc

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