Myeongdong Seoul South Korea

Friday, May 01, 2015

ChaMike walks along the streets of Myeongdong.

I love shopping and night markets- who doesn't? So when I went to Myeongdong for the first time last year it became my absolute favorite place! Therefore I made sure when I come back I'll book a hotel in Myeongdong so Mike and I can have the daily ritual of walking along the busy streets of this well-known shopping district.

Myeongdong is the mecca of shopping. A mixture of street stalls, retail outlets and restaurants flocked by locals and tourists alike. If you're in Seoul you cannot not visit Myeongdong.
Myeongdong at night
How to go to Myeongdong
Myeongdong Station (Subway Line 4)

Opening Hours
Majority of the shops open at 10 am and closes at 11 pm

Shopping in Myeongdong

Beauty Shops
Myeongdong is famous for housing the biggest names in Korean beauty and cosmetic brands. There was so many it became too overwhelming! Most if not all of the Korean beauty shops have more than one branch around Myeongdong -that's how important beauty is to Koreans. No wonder there are a lot of beautiful Korean locals.

Nature Republic
Sea Tree
All Mask Story
Mike buying masks for pasalubong
Mask is not just for the face but for all other problem areas

Retail Outlets
Aside from beauty shops you can also see a wide range of retail outlets that caters to the younger crowd.

My fave shopping spot in Myeongdong- they have many cheap and good items

Other stores

Adorable trenchies for sale

Souvenirs & Trinkets
In every corner there are street stalls that sell different items- souvenir trinkets and accessories, from the most common to the very peculiar.

Bags- for 10,000 won you can get a decent bag already (I bought two here)
anything UK
Dog costumes
Action figures
Lucky box- get any of these boxes for 10,000 won each and surprise yourself with what might be inside of each.

Street Food
You will never get hungry when walking along Myeongdong. Aside from shopping you can also try all the Korean street food that Myeongdong offers.

The famous Jipangi ice cream
The 32cm high ice cream
Potato rolled shrimps
Strawberries on stick
Tofu on stick
The ultimate pasalubong- Market O brownies!

Of course Myeongdong offers a good selection of restaurants. Because this is the area where we stayed 80% of the restaurants we tried are in Myeongdong.


Dog Lovers will truly enjoy these unique themed cafe that can be found in Myeongdong.

Puppy Love

Enjoy a renowned musical spectacle that has been the longest running non verbal show in South Korea.

Cookin Nanta

Myeongdong is unarguably the place you'll visit more than once when you're in Seoul. A shopping mayhem that won't be leaving you empty handed. ChaMike enjoyed walking along this beautiful chaotic streets (Myeongdong is what we missed the most when we got back to Manila). So I highly recommend to book a hotel in this area, you'll never go wrong.

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  1. Hello. May I know where is cheaper in terms of shopping? Myeongdong in Seoul or Gwangbokdong in Busan? Thanks

    1. Was not able to explore Gwangbokdong much. But I love shopping in Myeongdong!!!


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