Love Museum Hongdae Seoul South Korea

Sunday, May 10, 2015

ChaMike's fun & sexy experience at Love Museum.

I've been hearing about the popular Trickeye Museum that has become a famous tourist attraction in Seoul. Because of the growing fame of the said museum I asked Mike if he's interested to visit it even if we have that optical illusion type of museum in Manila. We later decided to skip it when we learned about the Love Museum.

Love Museum is a unique museum in Seoul that takes trickeye pictures of sexual images. Its main theme is love and sex so customers aged 19 and above are only allowed to enter. It is located above the already famous Trickeye Museum

Entrance of the Love Museum

How to go to Trick Eye Museum
Hongdae University Station (Airport Railroad Line) Exit 9
Go straight from the exit and turn left at the Sinseon Seolleongtang restaurant
Turn right between Holika Holika store and Tony Moly 

Opening Hours
9:00 am - 9:00 pm 
Open all year round 

Entrance Fees
8,000 won (P320)
but you can get discount coupons here we only paid 6,000 won (P240) 

Look for the Trickeye Museum sign and the mannequin at the top of the roof
After paying for our tickets we were given unique paper glasses in case we wanted to hide our faces when taking photos.

at the cashier, we were given 2 glasses
The museum is divided into six galleries: Fun & Sexy, Femme Fatale, Chunhwa, Erotic Garden, Dream House & Sex Life. Here are some of the photos we took. The photos I've posted are sharable and more wholesome, we have to keep to ourselves photos that are too explicit. hehehe.

At the entrance we were greeted by this sexy girl...
...and Superman
Keith Haring Double Retrospect


Avengers: Age of Utong

Peeping Mike

Medieval Nude

Nude Ancient Korean

Adam and Eve

Erotic Garden

Erotic Bathroom

Just peeing

Just peeking


Ariel - not so little mermaid anymore


Love board



Baby Mike!

Naked Chefs

Sexy game

Squash the dicks

Here is a photo that's a bit bold but really funny not to post

ChaMike obviously had fun at the Love Museum and I'm sure other couples will enjoy this place too.

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  1. Hello Cham, thank you for visiting Love Museum and hope you had great time with us. We've recently opened our blog ( for English speaker and we would like to share some of your photo in our blog. If it's ok with you, please let us know. Thank you! :)

    1. Hi there Trick Eye Museum! Of course :)

    2. Thank you! It will be featured in our blog on 1st week of June. So please do check our blog at the end of the 1st week of June :)

  2. I have visited the Trick Eye Museum twice, and I kind of hate myself for missing on this one! then again, I guess I was too young before to actually enjoy this. Haha. Awesome photos, btw!

    1. Hi Janey, thank you for the comment! BTW I love your blog esp your South Korea posts :)

  3. Hi! When you went here, is it just the two of you? :) Did you ask other tourists to take your picture? :P

    1. Yes, we asked other visitors to take our photos :)


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