Locks of Love and N Seoul Tower Seoul South Korea

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

ChaMike declares eternal love at N Seoul Tower.

After the DMZ tour, it was time to set the mood for love at N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower or Namsan Tower is a communication and observation tower that sits atop Namsam Mountain. It marks the highest point in Seoul which offers a stunning panoramic view of Seoul making it one of the most popular tourist attractions in South Korea.

N Seoul Tower

How to go to N Seoul Tower
The best and ideal way is to go up via Cable Car
To reach the boarding place, walk for about 10-15 minutes following the street of the right side of the Pacific Hotel, after coming out of exit 3 Myeongdong Station (line 4) 

Cable Car Operating hours
10:00 am- 11:00 pm 

Cable Car fee
Return ticket | 8,500 won (P345)
One way | 6,000 won (P240)

Children & Senior Citizens
Return ticket | 5,500 won (P220)
One way | 3,500 won (P140)

**Discounted rates also applies for group

We took the Seoul City Bus which I don't recommend. Yes, it will take you to N Seoul Tower but the bus stops at every tourist spot in the area which is not advisable if you are pressed for time. It also is very expensive (we paid 12,000 won (P480) each for a whole day ride)

ChaMike did two activities here. One is the Locks of Love at the Roof Terrace and Sunset Watching at the Observatory

Locks of Love at the Roof Terrace
Before going up the observatory you will first encounter a wooden terrace filled with thousands and thousands of locks. Similar to Paris' love locks at Pont des Arts where amorous couples can declare their undying love to each other by attaching love locks at the fence hoping that their love will last forever. At least here in South Korea people are still allowed to do so, as compared to France where they prohibited it ever since part of the fence of the famous bridge collapsed.

Roof Terrace

The Locks of Love has became a popular tourist destination especially for lovers who consider this a romantic date place. It was my second time to go here, my first time was without Mike so I told myself to definitely include this on my list ones Mike and I visit Seoul.
Thousands and thousands of locks
Do's and Dont's

The terrace gives you a great view of the city, there is no entrance fee going here but if you want to buy their special locks there is of course a corresponding fee. You can also provide for your own lock in case you wanted something more unique.

The view from the terrace
One of those really old locks
There are even tree-like structures filled with love locks
One of those love chairs
This rustic Love Chair is famous at the terrace

Black & White Ensemble
Shades | Gsunnies at @georginasasha on Instagram
Black and White dress | H&M
White stockings | Forever 21
Black shoes | Forever 21
White beret | Myeongdong street stall
White knapsack | Myeongdong street stall
We bought this red heart shaped padlock for 8,000 won (P320) sharpie included at a shop near the terrace.

ChaMike locks of love for 8,000 won (P320)

We then started labeling it.

Ladies first
The very serious boyfriend
Even the key is heart-shaped, btw we decided not to throw this away
ChaMike's lock

Decided to put our ChaMike love locks at the area near the lamp post.

It was me once again who was very much excited for this

Love locked!

After putting our locks at the terrace we went up the observatory to catch the sunset. The observatory offers a 360 panoramic view of the city. 


Admission fee is 9,000 won (P360) but because we have a 10% discount from our T-Money Card we only paid for 8,000++ won (P320++). Oh yes! we love discounts- read Purchasing a T-Money Card and Riding the Seoul Subway

Opening Hours
Monday- Friday, Sunday
10:00 am- 11:00 pm

10:00 am- 12:00 mn 
Ticket booth
Our 20% discount coupon
Our discounted ticket
On our way to the entrance

At the elevator entrance

elevator ceiling- a quick animation

When we finally arrived at the Observatory we noticed the great resemblance from Japan's Mori Tower. Though here in N Seoul Tower they have stickers of different countries with the distance in kilometers from Seoul.


You can buy souvenir items here

I read that the best time to go here is during sunset so you can witness the dramatic view of Seoul's cityscape. It is also very romantic during sunset.

Waiting for the sun to set
The cityscape <3
Other part of the city

Seoul sunset <3

If you're from the Philippines, don't miss to take a photo with the Manila label, we noticed that this area is the most photographed area a testament that there are many Pinoys traveling in Seoul.

Thanks to a fellow Pinoy who offered to take our photo

ChaMike and Seoul sunset <3

It is also advisable to eat at N Grill Revolving Restaurant which is also at the top of the tower, it offers a romantic and intimate dinner date with your partner but Mike and I decided to skip that part since we had other plans. If you have the time visit the Sky Restroom, an artistic designed restroom which also gives a romantic view of the city.

While waiting for our Seoul City Bus

Beautiful Tower amidst the trees <3
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