I Walk with a Sony 50mm Lens

Monday, May 18, 2015

It is finally here! The Sony 50mm f1.8 Lens for Sony Nex Camera. Hallelujah! I've been reading about this particular lens in a lot of blogs and late last year I asked for it at the Sony Station in Trinoma, apparently it was out of stock. boo. I reserved for it hoping that it will be available after a few weeks. But days, weeks, months and many walking adventures had passed still the 50mm lens wasn't showing up. I even raided other Sony Station branches but finding it was an epic fail. 

Then just last month after our trip to Seoul, while Mike and I were malling in Trinoma Mike passed by Sony to ask for the new Playstation. With no high hopes I inquired for the nth time if they had the 50mm lens, expecting the staff would say no, oddly he went inside the stock room and told me to wait. My heart started beating fast while I was standing there. After a few seconds I saw the staff holding a box of what seemed to be a lens box. 'Could it be?' I was in disbelief at first and even asked the sales person a couple of times if this was the lens for my Nex camera and he said 'Yes, Ma'am our one and only stock' Huraaah!!! After almost 5 months of waiting in vain it finally arrived! They even said that it just arrived that day and there were a couple of customers inquiring for it in the previous days. Immediately, I handed them my credit card and my Sony camera (yes, it's with me!) so that I can try it pronto.

Soooo. What's the big fuss about this lens? Here are my number of reasons why buying this lens is a must.

It's cheaper than other lens
I bought mine for P16,000. I think it would be cheaper if you buy in other countries. It is a good value for money based to its excellent features.

Feeling a legit blogger
Do you ever wonder why top bloggers (mostly fashion bloggers) consistently take beautiful photos whenever they post their #OOTDS? Focused subject and blurred background. Yes. It's because of the lens they use. The quality seems like they use a bulky DSLR but most of them just use a small hybrid camera like what I have (read I Walk with a Sony NEX- 5R Hybrid Camera) the trick is to have an interchangeable lens - wink wink 

The somewhat- fashion blogger pose

Lightweight. Great for traveling
Because I travel a lot, it's best that I bring a handy camera with a lightweight lens like the 50 mm lens. This particular lens is proportioned to my camera so carrying it with me is easy breezy.

It's versatile
Because the 50mm lens field of vision is close to the human eye, you can take photos of almost any subjects- portraits, macros and landscapes.


Nicer Bokeh
Bokeh is the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image. Bokeh can give beauty to any photograph and using this lens can create that effect on your photos.

Bokeh <3

With all these rad features I am entirely excited to use it on my next travel. A beach destination perhaps? Hihi. I'm still experimenting though, hopefully I'll be able to maximize its full potential soon. Nonetheless I still bring along my kit lens in case there is a need for group photos or wide shots.

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