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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Playing with Art.

I treated my nephew, Gael together with Mike and my parents to a fun interactive art museum in Cubao, Art in Island.

Art in Island is a first of its kind museum in the Philippines which uses the art technique called Trome-l'oeil (Trick of the eye) that turns two dimensional paintings into 3D images through the use of optical illusion. I first heard about this type of museum in Korea, the  Trick Eye Museum, hence the reason why Mike and I didn't bother to visit the aforementioned museum in Hongdae South Korea because of the growing popularity of Art in Island in Manila (We visited The Love Museum instead). We knew we will visit this place sooner than later. So after a few weeks from our Korea trip, we went to see this famous island in the city.

Art in Island

How to go here
It can be very easy to find, it is just beside Cubao Expo in Quezon City. 
Address: 175 15th Ave, Brgy Socorro, Cubao Quezon City

Opening Hours
Tuesdays to Sundays (Closed on Mondays)
9:30 am- 9:30 pm
(selling of ticket is until 8pm)

Entrance fees
Adult | P500
Children & Senior Citizen | P400
Children below 3ft | FREE

My P500 ticket
- No shoes allowed inside the museum so you have to deposit it at the shoe counter upon entry. Do wear socks to avoid getting cold feet.

ChaMike's shoes

- Unlike other museums, taking photos are highly encouraged. So you better bring your cameras with you whether it's a phone or digicam, make sure you have a lot of storage space and battery in store.
- Avoid wearing dark colored clothes as you might be hard to see. Notice the effect on Mike.
- Be creative and find the photo point sticker on the floor to get the desired angle. 
- There are no time limit so I suggest to go there early if you want to make the most of it.
- To avoid the crowd better go here on a weekday.
- Never go here alone so that you have someone to pose with you and take photos of you. Although there are available staff to take photos for you, if you are here during weekends looking for one can be a challenge.

Entering a portal

We were surprised that the place was quite huge. Even bigger than in other countries. So be prepared to spend quite a few hours roaming around and taking photos at the 3D art exhibit. The museum has different galleries and each section is very entertaining. We were amazed and overwhelmed of how intricate the paintings and details are. Every artwork was carefully planned and thought of.

Water World
The first gallery is the Water World where you can find all sorts of underwater creatures.

Water World

Gael kissing Ms Pouty-lips fishy


The Little Mermaid

Have fun interacting with different wild animals from the Jungle Gallery.


Sharing my Popsicle stick with this furry friend

Flying with Gael

Drinking together

Jurrasic Park


Famous Paintings Gallery
An entire hallway of famous paintings and artwork recreated to achieve that new 3D take on art.

Famous Painting Gallery

Eeeeps at Edvard Munch's The Scream painting
Part of Van Gogh's Starry Night
Gael hairstyling Venus
Gael recreating Da Vinci's Monalisa

Rubix cube on the loose
The first knight

Center Exhibit
The most eye-catching area of the museum. A circular gallery where huge artworks can be seen on all sides and corners of the walls.

Center Exhibit

Adam and Eve

Ark in Island?

Second Level
If you think you're done with all your poses and artworks, you are very wrong. The second level offers another group of paintings that come to life.

The Vault

Off we goooo!!!

Europe Feels
Just imagine you're in your dream Eurotrip in this exhibit.

Euro feels


Spain's bull session

Roman Holiday's Mouth of Truth (feeling Audrey Hepburn)

Christmas & Religious Symbols
Celebrate white Christmas even if it's not yet the ber months through these wintery section. You can also find religious symbols in this gallery.
All we need is LOVE
3 Kings with the 2 Alipins

Michael Angelo's Creation of Adam and Michael Magsaysay's Basketball
Angel and...

More than Paintings
At the last part of the museum you can find an exhibit that's more than just paintings which enhances the 3D optical illusions.
Flexible steel looking bars

Crawling up the wall


The red chair trick

Giant Gael

Larger than Mike

Mirror effect

Cafeteria and Waiting Area
After having fun at all the galleries we took a break in this area. If you're hungry you can buy something to drink or eat at the second and first floor.

Second floor

Snack choices

First floor near the exit

Marveling through this art exhibit is the best activity for families, friends and loved ones of all ages. It is also a nice place to bring balikbayans and foreign tourists who want a fun-filled interactive activity. 

After roaming around the museum the best option to have lunch, snack or dinner is at Cubao Expo where you can find Bellini's Italian Restaurant.

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