Wall of Love Ssamziegil Insadong Seoul South Korea

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

ChaMike writes undying love at the Wall of Love Ssamziegil Insadong.

After playing dress up as Korean locals in Bukchon Hanok Village Mike and I walked our way to Insadong. I've been to Insadong before but like in Gyeongbokgung Palace I never had the time to appreciate the place. I was also curious with the Wall of Love that is quite famous for couples here.

Insadong is an art and antique district that focuses on Korean crafts, galleries, traditional restaurants, tea houses and cafes. You can also spot different souvenir items, knickknacks and trinkets you can take home. 
How to go to Insadong 
Anguk Station (Seoul Subway Line 3) exit #6. Because we were just in Bukchon, ChaMike walked from exit 2 to exit 6 and then followed the crowd going to a bustling street that is Insadong.
Mike at the street of Insadong
And yes we saw different stalls of arts & crafts collections. If you want to experience traditional Korean culture and art, Insadong is the place to visit.

Korean artworks
Arts and crafts souvenir items
Brushes of different sizes
Personalized stamps
Yes, we're in Seoul :)
Korean trinkets
Action Figures
There are also a number snack stalls that are distinctly Korean. Mike saw a Macaron Ice Cream stall and curiously bought one just to try it out and he loved it. For me it was just okay but worth a try - wala kasing ganito sa Pinas.

Macaron Strawberry Ice Cream for 3,500 won (P140)
Cutie photobomber alert!
As we where walking we stumbled upon a series of stores selling selfie sticks. But these selfie sticks are not your ordinary stick, this one has a clicker. So you do not have to set the timer or bring your headphones to use it. Because ours had none, Mike and I bought 1 for 10,000 won (P400) and we used it instantly.

Using our monopod with clicker
These two mascots appeared out of nowhere- notice the photographer at the back
We also bought here Korean labeled shot glass for 5,000 (P200) - ChaMike's constant souvenir item.

Our my main goal here in Insadong is not the cafes, restaurants, arts and crafts but to visit Ssamziegil (yes, I also do not know how it is pronounced!- hehehe). Ssamziegil is a commercial complex of 4 floors that sells handicrafts items, souvenirs & cafes. Here the products are more modern and young which caters to the younger crowd- like us (ahem ahem)

the 4 story building
This is what they call Emotipot (Emotion in a Pot) - Only in Korea I guess
It is also a place for couples who love personalized items. At the ground floor we saw a caricature stall, the price ranges from 12,000 won (P480) to 28,000 won (P1,120) per person.
Caricature stall
More personalized couples items were sold at the building like this personalized desk clock where you can put a photo of you and your partner (cheesy ba kamo?) Price ranges depending on the size. Now I regret that I did not buy one! boo. I should have bought one and put the best Seoul-mate photo of ChaMike. Oh well. There are also other couples items that we saw like a personalized couples ring where you can put messages in the ring and wooden sculptured photo for souvenir.
Personalized desk clock
But for an ultimate- major kakesohan, Ssamziegil has what they call Wall of Love where you and your partner can confess your undying love through a love message tag and post it on the wall in a little alley at the roof top of the building.
Wall of Love
Excited Cham :)
And of course I talked Mike into doing it. Mike wasn't as excited as I am (completely understandable - hahaha) so I was the one who bought the message tag for 5,000 won (P200).
Love Message tag for 5,000 won, there are other pricier tags worth 8,000 won
Writing down my message
Mike writing down his message with his 'excited' face- hehehe
Here's our tag :)
back part- if Mike's my strength, I am his weakness (kainis noh?)
Thinking of where to put it
We found a spot!
Tadah! Message tag on :)
Our message tag is in the middle of the long alley (left side if coming from the entrance) in case I come back
After posting the ChaMike message tag we decided to leave Insadong and off we went back to Myeongdong to go to a Dog Cafe (this time it was Mike's request)

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