Purchasing a T-Money Card and Riding the Seoul Subway

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Walk with ChaMike in Seoul South Korea | Seoul Subway.

#hotdudereading in Seoul Subway.

Getting around Seoul is easy. ChaMike's main source of transportation is through the Metro Line or subway. For us, subway trains are more convenient, cost efficient (than taxis) and faster way (than buses). But first you have to consider some pointers.

T-money Card vs Single Journey Ticket
Single Journey Ticket is a card for single route transaction. Once you use it you'll have to purchase another one not unlike the T-money Card. T-money Card or T- card is a prepaid transit card that you can use multiple times until the balance ran out and you can even reload it. ChaMike opted the latter of course.

How to Purchase a T-money Card
- Look for a T-money Card Vending machine, almost all subways have that. 
- Just follow the simple instructions on the screen (don't forget to change the language to English). 
- Tap on your preferred card, we chose the cheaper and generic one which cost 3,000 won (P122) and pay on the money slot. (unlike single journey tickets T-money card cannot be returned)
- Voila! You have your own T-money card.

T-money card box

Don't throw away the contents of the T-money box as it offers discount coupons which you can use. We got a 20% discount at the observatory deck of N Seoul Tower because of that. #ultimatetipidtip

Loading your T-Money Card
-Look for any Ticket Vending Machine and find the slot that read- Ticket Vending and Card Reload. 

Loading the T-money Card

-Leave your card there and when detected the screen will automatically prompt you on the amount you want to load. Press on your preferred amount, we chose 10,000 won (P407) on the first day and eventually loaded up again for 5,000 won (P204) on the fourth day.

Choosing your preferred amount to be loaded

-Pay only in denomination of  1,000, 5,000 or 10,000 won.


- Now you can use your T-money Card where ever you go.

Tap on the turnstile

Using a T-money card is very convenient. You don't have to buy subway ticket every time you use the train. And also the fare is cheaper when you use it as compared to the single journey ticket. T-money card can also be used on public buses and some taxis. Recently it can also be used at public telephones, convenience stores and some vending machines.

ChaMike's T-money card

Riding the Seoul Subway
If you've tried riding subways in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore or Beijing. You'll definitely survive riding the Seoul Subway.

Metro Lines in Seoul

Seoul Subway has numerous lines that service different destinations. Currently consist of lines 1-9 plus Jungang Line, Bundang Line and Gyeongui Line. So most of the time you have to change lines in order to reach your destination. It is always important to first know where you are going, read sign boards and if you think you're getting lost do not hesitate to ask. Subway line operates from 5:30am to 12:00 mn. 

There is a certain jingle every time a train approaches

#hotdudestanding in Seoul Subway

Seoul Subway Station
As I had blogged before Seoul subway is one of the most modern subways I've tried (maybe even better than in Tokyo). It's clean, organized and mostly crowded, you can see numerous shops and restaurants as well.

Keep right please (left side are for people in a hurry)

Vending machines inside Seoul subway

Interesting piece at Gyeongbokgung Subway

There are toilets too. We came across a hi-tech toilet that has electronic door and spacious room which Mike used and eventually learned that the particular toilet is for elderly and disabled people. Ooopss.

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  1. Hi, can we buy and load T-Money card using a credit card? Thanks!

    1. Hello there, I'm not sure if you can use credit card to purchase Tmoney card. We paid in cash every time.

  2. Hello Cham! Ever heard about t-money in accessory (phone charms) phone like Rilakkuma or Mickey Mouse that can be bought from convenience store? Can it be recharged in Card Reload machine just like the usual card would? Thanks :)

    1. Yes I heard about it. I saw several commuters reloading them at the machine so I guess that won't be a problem just make sure that the accessory you're using is reloadable

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