Petite France South Korea

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

ChaMike strolls at Petite France.

A new attraction near Nami Island is Petite France. It is a small french cultural village set in a Korean countryside that has museums, restaurants, cafes, workshops and a guesthouse. Its main concept was to create an atmosphere that consists of flowers, stars and The Little Prince. Others call it The Little Prince Theme Park.

I have been long dreaming of going to Paris, France so being here made me somehow feel I was actually in my dream destination. Although of course the real thing is much better.  

Petite France South Korea
How to go to Petite France
From Seoul

From Nami Island via Shuttled Bus
After our stroll in Nami Island we then went to Petite France. Without knowing the scheduled stop of the shuttle bus we hoped that there was a bus outside (same stop where the shuttle bus dropped us off at Nami). Indeed we were truly blessed (or so we thought) as there was a bus waiting for us. However it was so jam packed we were left with no choice but to stand. Yes! It was not as easy as we thought. Standing in an overly crowded bus for 25 minutes with the zig zag route was the worst experience ever especially with Mike as he was standing without proper support but a small handle he held for the whole route. You can just imagine his poor hands after that ride. :( That's what we get for not wanting to spend on cabs- hehehe.

So I suggest that you know the scheduled stop so you can be one of the earliest to save a seat and won't be left standing. Or you can easily get a taxi but keep in mind that the rate is expensive.

Taxi fare: 15,000 won (P610) one way - 30,000 won (1,220) back and forth
Shuttle bus fare: 6,000 won (P240) a hop on hop off bus good for the whole day and can be used at any stops including Nami Island.

Opening Hours
9:00 am- 9:00 pm- Open all year round

Entrance Fee 
Adult | 8,000 won (P327)
Teenagers | P6000 won (P245)
Children | P5000 won (P204)

In an instant, ChaMike was transported to a quaint french town. Being a lover of anything french I was tickled pink as I saw the colorful cluster of 16 french style building in cold atmosphere. 

This park is also known to be a location of famous Korean TV dramas like Beethoven Virus, Secret Garden and TV program Running Man.

My Love from the Stars Poster. Mike recognized the girl from the hit movie My Sassy Girl

And because picture taking is the only activity that you can actually do here we strolled for a quick 45 minutes so we could head back to the bus stop to get a seat this time. Although there were shows and other activities but none interests ChaMike. I also heard that eating here is not recommended (Good thing we ate our lunch at Nami Island)
Oh! Eiffel Tower you shrunk!
Parisian dream <3
You can see the image of the little prince at almost every corner of this park
The magnificent view outside
One of the french buildings
How adorable is this spot!
 baby Korean Snow White and the seven dwarfs
It was actually me who enjoyed strolling at the park.

Je t'aime

This beautful brick stairs <3

Puppet show

Antique shop

Mike takes a selfie with Mr Clown
Little Prince and my Prince Charming
French house's plate collection
Antiques on display
More antiques on display
Puppets- kinda scary though
the view from the top <3 Where's Mike?!

Enjoyed the quick walk at Petite France. I told myself if ever there was no chance of me visiting my dream destination at least I have with me my Petite France experience.

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