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Saturday, April 25, 2015

ChaMike falls in love at Nami Island.

One of the reasons why I wanted to visit Seoul was because of Nami Island. I am not really a fan of the whole Koreanovela craze but the picturesque lane of beautiful tall trees (winter, autumn or not) was just so irresistible to miss.

Indeed Nami Island was breathtaking! I cannot imagine myself going here without Mike. This island was so romantic that we even felt as if we were in the Korean drama, Winter Sonata.

Seoul-mates in Nami Island

Namiseom Island is quite far from Seoul but can be accessible via Shuttle Bus, Bus and Train. And because I just discovered the day itself that we can go there via shuttle bus and was afraid that we might miss the scheduled route we stuck with our original plan and went via train - I told you ChaMike loves riding trains (Read Purchasing A T-Money Card and Riding the Seoul Subway)

How to go to Nami Island:
Our way via Train
Fare: 1,800 won if T-money, 1,900 won if cash

No matter what station you start you should end at Gapyeong Station of Gyeongchun Line

In our case we started from Euljiro 3-ga Station (Line 2) then we transferred to Wangshimni Station (Line 2 to Jungang Line), then to Sangbong Station (Jungang Line to Gyeongchun Line) and you'll finally arrive at Gapyeong Station (Gyeongchun Line) 

Just a reminder, you have to leave early so that you allot an allowance of getting slightly lost or confused with the directions, allocate 1 and a half to two hours of travel time (in our case we traveled for 2 hours.)

For an alternate and faster way kindly check this blog

Van or Shuttle Bus
Just right outside Gapyeong Station there is a shuttle bus and taxi terminal. You can take either of the two. 

Taxi fare: 4,000 won (P160) one way - 8,000 (P320) won back and forth
Shuttle bus fare: 6,000 won (P240) a hop on hop off bus good for the whole day and can be used at any stops including Petite France

My first option was of course the shuttle bus because it's cheaper, but riding it can be tricky as it has a scheduled time of departure which is an hour interval. Good thing when we got out of the station a bus was outside as if waiting for us two. What is luck?

Opening Hours:
7:30 am- 9:30 pm- Open all year round
Entrance Fees:
Foreign Nationals | 8,000 won (P327)  -entrance fee 5,000 won + round trip ferry 3,000 won

Welcome sign the moment we got out of the bus

The main concept of this island is that you are traveling to a whole new country hence the immigration gimmick at the ticket booth (no need to show your passport though)

Our visa = tickets
After buying our tickets from Gapyeong wharf we rode a ferry to reach the island.

The ferry ride

After a quick 5-6 minute ride we were transported to the enchanting island.

Approaching ferry

Nami Island became famous for one of the most successful Korean dramas, Winter Sonata. We have yet to watch it but ChaMike instantly fell for Nami as soon as we stepped on the island's soil.

Obligatory couple snowman shot
Half moon island

Nami Island got its name from General Nami. Here in this island is where the grave of the well-known general is located. He was famous for leading a great victory against the rebels during King Sejo's reign of the Joseon Dynasty.

Philippines represent!

Trees in Nami
The island's main attraction is definitely the rows of beautiful lined trees of different kinds- Korean pine trees, metasequoia trees, ginko trees and cherry blossom trees. Having all these beautiful trees in one island makes it perfect for all kinds of seasons - winter, spring, summer and fall. It's most popular during autumn and winter.

Korean Pine Tree Lane
I can just imagine during autumn when this beautiful walking path turns into color yellow. The autumn foliage in this ginko trees is a famous site on this island. But of course the withered effect didn't disappoint as well.

Withered Ginko Trees
one of the very few instances where there was no people around

Another famous walking path is the lane of metasequioa trees that is beautiful during winter and autumn. This is also the spot where a famous scene from the movie Winter Sonata was shot.

Withered Metasequoia Trees
worm's eyeview
Mike's gwapo shot
Bike with Mike
For a more romantic stroll, try biking in tandem. ChaMike got its fondness of riding bicycles last year in Kyoto (Read: Biking around Kyoto Japan). So of course this was our main agenda when we visited Nami and this time we tried the tandem bike.
Bike rental
Rental Fee: 
Single Bike
30 minutes | 3,000 won (P120)
1 hour | 5,000 won (P200)

Couples Bike
30 minutes | 6,000 won (P245)
1 hour | 10,000 won (P405)

Family Bike
30 minutes | 10,000 won (P405)
Bike with ChaMike!
Great way to go around the island
It was definitely a fun couple activity
Of course we had to have a solo moment with the bike
Mike's turn
Segway- other mode of transportation

Chasing Squirrels
It was a surprise discovering that Nami Island has squirrels. Our first time to actually see one! hehehe. Mike being an animal lover chased and took as many shots as he could. Here are some decent ones.

Oooh! Lookie a squirrel!
oh mr squirrel isn't afraid of humans!
About to climb a pine tree

Perfect timing! Little squirrel staring at the camera!

Other attractions

Winter Sonata Statue
Another obligatory pose
Breastfeeding statue
Soju First Kiss Bridge
My Nami OOTD:
Shades | Gsunnies at @georginasasha on Instagram
Yellow sweater | H&M
Black pants | Jag
Brown boots | Payless
Scarf | Tiangge
Brown sling bag | Myeongdong street stall

The island houses a number of restaurants as well. We had an authentic Korean barbecue lunch at one of the restaurants here before going to our next stop- Petite France.
Dimsum snack
Restaurant Lane
Food Zone
Our Korean barbecue lunch
After that filling lunch it was time to say goodbye to the lovely Nami Island and off we went to another tourist spot, Petite France.

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  1. Hey Cham, was wondering who took the photos of you and Mike together? I was wondering because I'll be going to seoul with my bf just the 2 of us :)

    1. Hi there! We asked fellow tourists :) Good if there were pinoys around. It's a bit hard waiting for someone who were willing to take our photos so what we did when we went to Singapore was to bring a tripod with us :) for updates you can follow me :)

      Add me up
      Instagram | @walkwithcham
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  2. Hi Cham! Where did you purchase your bus tickets? :)

  3. Hi Cham, it's a very useful blog for me who going to travel to Korea with my gf soon...However, one of the question is how u guys manage to take those couple photo? Ask for help from other visitors too?

    1. Hi Lai!

      Yes, we ask help from visitors and we carry a tripod. This particular trip, we don't have a tripod so we talk to strangers and ask them nicely :)

  4. Hi Cham,
    We are wondering what month you travel there?
    And can u give us suggestion, what time is the right time to travel there during autumn?
    Thank you

    1. It was during spring, early April :) I would love to visit it during autumn though!


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