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Thursday, April 30, 2015

ChaMike enjoys a Musical Date at Cookin Nanta.

I first discovered about Cookin Nanta when my friend and Director, Ted Boborol watched it last year. Because picture taking is not allowed he had no pictures of the actual play so I had no idea what this Cookin Nanta was. I just based it on his review that it is 'The most fun and interactive musical I've ever seen'. So ChaMike just had to watch it.

Cookin Nanta is a non verbal/ musical performance that started the year 1997 and has been the longest running musical show in South Korea. And because of the growing buzz, acclaimed performances and numerous awards it became so big that it is being played around the world even in Broadway and New York being the first ever performance in Asia. 
ChaMike watched it in Myeongdong. It was just easy to look for as it is strategically located the same street, a couple of buildings from our hotel.

How to go to Cookin Nanta Myeongdong
Via Subway 
Eulji-ro 1 ga station (Seoul Subway line 2) exit #5 & 6
Myeongdong station (Seoul Subway line 4) exit #6 

The theater is located at the third floor of the building with Skin Food cosmetics store on the first floor. It is a 5 minute walk from both stations. Take note that they do not have any parking space so better to use the public transportation.

Opening Hours
5:00 pm & 8:00 pm 

2:00 pm, 5:00 pm & 8:00 pm 

Entrance Fees
Premium | 70,000 won (P2,860)
VIP | 60,000 won (P2,400)
S | 50,000 won (P2,000)
A | 40,000 won (P1,600)

Running Time
100 minutes
the way going to Cookin Nanta

Photo op area right outside the theater

Decided to take a photo while waiting for the show to start
Since it has been playing for so long they have several actors who play per day. It's the Brown Team who played during our schedule.

Brown team

Theater actors

I already read in reviews that buying your ticket online is the most advisable thing to do because it is cheaper and you can reserve your desired seat ahead of time plus you can save the hassle of getting a ticket before it runs out. There are instances that the theater can be full. But because I was not sure if we can catch the 8pm show (last show) after our trip to Nami Island and Petite France we didn't buy online and just hoped that there were two more seats available. Voila! We got two seats at the very back that cost 50,000 won

My 50,000 won ticket

The play is about a group of chefs who are tasked to cook for a wedding reception with the team pressed for time. The scenario got even crazier when the manager assigned his nephew, a newbie cook to be part of the team. 

At the very back part of the theater
The play lasted for 2 hours but we never felt any dull moment. A perfect combination of martial arts, acrobatics, culinary, musical, comedy and romance. You'll see flying plates all over, actors chopping in unison with their real knives and comedic interaction with the audience. The interactive gimmick played a very important part on the success of this show. Mike enjoyed it so much that he'd want to bring his family to Korea to watch it.

Photo op with the brown team

After the play everyone is welcome to have their photos taken with the stars of the show. 

ChaMike with the stars

Souvenirs for sale

a very happy Mike after the play
It was a perfect night cap in Seoul! Good thing we pushed through with the plan of watching it and I highly suggest to buy your tickets online for a better viewing experience.

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