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Sunday, April 19, 2015

ChaMike wears traditional costume at Bukchon Hanok Village.

After appreciating Gyeongbokgung Palace, ChaMike went to Bukchon Hanok Village to check the traditional houses that Bukchon is famous for, we were also hoping that we could find a traditional costume rental and luckily we did (yay!)

Bukchon Hanok Village is a village with the largest group of privately owned traditional Korean wooden homes or what they call hanok in Seoul.

How to go to Bukchon Hanok Village
Anguk Station (Seoul Subway Line 3) just one station away from Gyeongbokgung Station exit #1 or #2 then walk north for 5-7 minutes. We were a bit confused as to which direction to take, so we asked several locals until we found a small street on the right.
Hanok Village
There was a whole neighborhood of hanok houses and instantly we knew we were in Bukchon. After walking up the street we saw the Namsan Tower from afar, a great contrast from the old and new Seoul.
Bukchon and N Seoul Tower
Up to this date the houses here are privately owned and most of it are residential houses so we should respect their area by observing silence, no knocking on their doors and no littering.
Sssshhhh! Silence please :)
Hanbok Costume Rental
While walking along Bukchon-ro 12 gil I accidentally saw a sign that read 'Wear Traditional Clothing Hanbok Experience' and immediately told Mike. I've been researching for this even before I went to Seoul but I couldn't find any site with a detailed description as to where it is exactly so I was just so happy that I found it. 

Hanbok Rental Fee
7,000 won (P286) per person

Take note that this is not a studio so they do not have a camera or a studio backdrop so you have to take photos from your own camera. 

Hanbok Costume Rental
I like it better here than other costume rental studios in Insadong or Myeongdong because 1. it is just a costume rental so it's relatively cheaper (about 55,000 won per person when you rent at a studio) 2. instead of a fake ancient backdrop the backdrop here is in a real hanok house.

Our studio- an authentic Hanok house

Cham's Hanbok Pictorial
The costume change took about 5 minutes and then off I went posing in different parts of the house.

Do I look like a Korean local?
Posing inside the house-  buti nalang I curled my hair to compliment my costume

Good thing a male staff was willing to help us on how to properly pose as an ancient Korean local, he was also very good on taking photos as he took some shots of us.

The staff was the one who told me how to pose
I look tall. ahaha.
My good morning pose :) - shot by Mike
Jewel in the Palace
Mike's Hanbok Pictorial
I love that Mike was also 'game' in doing this with me. hehehe. 
Mike wearing his costume
My prince <3
Mike working out? hahaha
Mike doing household chores. lololol
Serious Mike
I took this shot and I love it!
ChaMike's Hanbok Pictorial
The staff was willing to take photos of us, Kuya was really nice and good. A lot of my friends thought we were doing a pre-nup shoot. aliw. hahaha. 

The next Koreanovela
The serious pose :|
The happy pose :D- look at my nails (ring finger in Korean flag)

Squinting pose >_<

Dressing up was so so fun especially if you do it with your partner. I love that we had the whole area all to ourselves and there was no time limit so we took as many shots as we wanted. If you want to have a hanbok costume experience I recommend you to go here, just look for the sign at Bukchon-ro 12 gil.

After a quick trip to Bukchon we went to Insadong which is just a walking distance from here.

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  1. hi..what is the best time of the day to go there?:-)

  2. Hye Cham,

    Looks awesome. Love your photos and the Hanbok you're wearing. The outdoor studio looks lovely.

    How far did it take you to walk from Gyeongbokgung Palace to Bukchon Hanok Village?


    1. Hello there, we didn't walk, we took a train :)

  3. Thanks to your post. I went here last Sunday after reading your blog post. I envy your photos though. Haha. It rained when I went there and I had to force the lady to take photos of me since I was alone. :D

  4. The rental place, What time do they open? hehe and 1 more Do you have the name of the shop?

    1. I think during day time. It has a name but in Hanuk :( just look for the sign :)

  5. The rental place, What time do they open? hehe and 1 more Do you have the name of the shop?

    1. I think during day time. I don't have the name of the shop. Just check the photo above, it's in hangul

  6. hi nice photos do you happen to know their opening hours? Thanks!

  7. Hello! Thanks for the tip about renting from somewhere that isnt a studio! I have a question, how long is the rental? Thanks!

    1. They don't have a specific time. But we spent around an hour there :)

  8. Hello! do they provide hair accessories?


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