Dinner Buffet at Marriot Cafe Manila

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Valentines Day at Marriot Cafe Manila.

Marriot Cafe's Red Room.

A satisfying romantic dinner treat by Mike at Marriot Cafe ala Christian Grey.

It all started with an invitation. Mike told me he'll pick me up at 6pm because he had something planned at 8pm. If you have been reading my blog I guess you already know that Mike loves to surprise me especially during special occasions. Of course he didn't let Valentines day pass without a gimmick more so that it fell on a weekend. 

Laters, Baby

The moment I stepped in his car he held a two-page bond paper, I curiously browsed it thinking that it was kind of a voucher. But no. When I read it I started to laugh. It was a CONTRACT! A parody copy of what Christian Grey gave to Anastasia Steele of the hit romantic movie/novel 'Fifty Shades of Grey'. It definitely was the wittiest thing ever. I had no words except 'Enlighten me then...'

Contract between the Dominant and Submissive

So he started driving. When he passed EDSA and drove along Manila area I was predicting dates like dinner cruise or fireworks display in MOA. When we arrived at Resorts World I then thought naman na he'll bring me to The Voice of the Philippines live show. hehehe. Even when we parked at Marriot Hotel I still had no clue until I stepped on the floor of the hotel. My heart melted...

Not on the rooftop with helicopter but instead ground floor of Marriot Hotel

Love in Fifty Shades is a Valentines special by Marriot Manila that is available only on February 13, 14 and 15. It was a timely event since Fifty Shades of Grey opened to theaters that week and we recently watched the movie 3 days ago (the reason why Mike was so eager to watch it on its opening day!) I was not really a fan of the movie but Mike's surprise treat was way better than that! It was really romantic <3


Of course we had reservations. So when the clock strike 8pm we were escorted to our seats.

The Buffet
I then started to check the selection of food. It was not as big as the other buffet restaurants I've been to.

Cold Cuts 
Japanese Maki
Salad Bar
Ingredients for Chinese noodles
Chinese Roasted Meats
Red Snapper
Indian Cuisine
Filipino Cuisine- Liempo, Fried Chicken
Filipino Cuisine- Halaan, Lengua Estofado
Roast Beef
American Cuisine
My seafood plate for cooking
Yummy desserts
Choco fountain, fruits and sweets

In the middle of the date a waiter started serving 2 glasses of champagne which was part of the special treat.


Red Room
Another one-of-a-kind special treat was the Red Room, in the movie the red room was Mr Grey's Playroom where all his 'toys' were stored but in this case the Red Room was a room filled with the most tempting pastries and chocolates- Cake, cupcakes, lollicakes, macarons, chocolates and candies. Indulging not in a sensual way but in a very fattening romantic way.

Palm twitching room of sweet treats!
Fifty Shades Lollicake- this was really good!
Hello there Mr Grey! Ooops, Mr Magsaysay pala
The Red Room and Ana > <
Dominant and Submissive at the Red Room

I tried my very best to taste all of Marriot's Cafe's offerings. They were all quite good (except the Teppanyaki which I failed to finish) but enjoyed everything especially my seafood plate.

And before we left Mike handed me a single long stemmed rose to cap off the evening. It was actually part of the treat :)

My Christian Grey minus the masochist character
We got to bring home some luscious treats

It was a satisfying indulgence. A romantic one night affair of luscious treats that Mike and Marriot Cafe prepared. I was indeed enlightened. and full. <3

Address: Manila Marriot Hotel, No 10 Newport Boulevard City Complex, Pasay City, Philippines

Reservations: (632) 988-9990 loc 8086 

Operational Hours: 
Breakfast | Daily 6:30 am- 10:30 am
Lunch | Daily 12:00 nn- 2:30 pm
Dinner | Daily 6:00 pm- 10:30 pm
Brunch | Sunday 11:30 am - 3:00 pm

Regular Rates:
Breakfast Buffet | P1,450 nett (Monday- Saturday)
Lunch Buffet | P1,750 nett (Monday- Saturday)
Dinner Buffet | P1,950 nett (Monday-Thu, Sunday) | P2,400 (Friday and Saturday)
Brunch Buffet | P2,400 nett (Sunday)

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