Cham's Top 5 Walking Essentials

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Ever wonder what my top 5 walking essentials are whenever I travel? Here's a quick list of what I ALWAYS bring every time I fly...

1. Sturdy Luggage
A year ago Mike gave me a four-wheeled Samsonite luggage which I am very thankful for until now. Four wheels make the luggage lighter to carry along and it's colored purple so it's so easy to spot at the carousel. So for serious travelers it is a must to invest in a good strong luggage.

My Samsonite luggage and Mike's Muji luggage

2. Trusty Camera
I've been using my hybrid camera for over two years and I carry it every time I travel. It is relatively small compared to the usual DLSR cameras but has all the specs of a DLSR. You can also change its lens depending on your preference. Now I'm thinking of buying a new lens for my upcoming trip to Seoul!

Sony Nex-5R

3. Comfy Walking Shoes
Shoes are super duper essential when traveling! I remember when I went to Taipei with my friends I brought with me a high-heeled boots (what was I thinking?!) and yes you can just imagine my face! At around 3pm I was already starting to give up but I just couldn't because I didn't want to miss all the amazing places to see. It was the most difficult feeling! So if you WALK A LOT when traveling, never ever wear uncomfortable shoes- never give up comfort for fashion!

Winter in Beijing with my Adidas rubber shoes; Spring in Kyoto with my black suede boots;
Summer in Rio de Janeiro with my Havaianas and Fall in Xi'an with my brown leather boots

4. Sunnies
Love love love wearing different shades when I travel! I usually have 3-5 pairs in my luggage to mix and match my outfits. My favorites are Gucci, Rayban and my sister's Gsunnies. Check out her shop at - 

Love Struck Sunnies, Kahoy Sunnies, Cut-off Cat eyes all from Georgina Sasha
and Aviator Shades from Rayban

5. Watch
Being a control freak, it is a must for me to be always ON TIME most especially if the country you're going to is very disciplined when it comes to time. A watch can also serve as an accessory to complete and compliment your entire jet-setter-fashionista look. I have a few pieces that I carry with me every time I fly, mostly classic styles- gold, black, white and silver.

with my gold Seiko watch at Rio de Janeiro

And for my upcoming trips I am thinking of adding some more to my humble collection so while checking for online finds I stumbled upon Zalora and found a big number of women's watches for sale- from really affordable ones to the signature brands. 

So here are my walking essentials. What about you? Comment below or email me so you can share your travel must haves. Xoxo

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  1. Do you think a good dress helps you in walking the most after a pair of comfortable walking shoes?

  2. My girlfrid often tries breaking in shoes in a dress, and it can be quite cumbersome sometimes. She manages to pull it off, nonetheless. She's very perseverent.

  3. Good post. You talk about nice things.This is best on this situation. But you must know about plantar fasciitis. Some shoes or boots protect us from plantar fasciitis. so be careful about. Thanks because of this post. I am waiting for your next post

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  5. A few specialists say that broadly educating shoes ought to be supplanted in any event once every year. I need to concede that I have not supplanted my traverse two years! My birthday was toward the start of the month, keeping in mind I didn't expect anything, my hubby bought me another pair of shoes.

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  6. I couldn't agree more about your travel essentials list! In my case, I need to have my metatarsalgia shoes, too!


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