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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The very busy 2015

The Publisher's Wedding- Kuya, Erich, Georgina, Papa, Mama and me

The start of 2015 has been very busy for me and my family. So busy that I couldn't even catch up on my blogging! Events after events followed by another series of events which literally made me so [happily] exhausted. In a span of less than one month here were the series of my January 2015 calendar:

1. New year celebration- reunion with relatives in Subic

2. Mama's hospital episode- Appendicitis daw then we discovered her appendix had already been removed decades ago! Do. not. even. ask.  

3. The Publisher's Wedding- Gin and Erich's (my sister & brother-in-law) renewal of vows (sort of their second wedding- Philippine Edition) which I became their last minute wedding coordinator a day before the ACTUAL WEDDING. 

4. New show- the day after the wedding I was asked to report back to work for a new show which is set to air soon (ugh) 

5. Happy Sweet Sixty Luvy- The super rushed 60th birthday surprise party for my Mama (events planning & styling- the works) and finally…

6. The much awaited Bali trip- Birthday present for Mama with the whole fambam (Mama, Papa, Kuya, Gin, Erich, Cham and Mike plus 2 of Gin's closest friends) 

Whew. Writing it down made me frantic again!

But then again it was also a relief that this time I was busy not because of work but because of spending time with the people I love. <3 

And before I embark on a new set of 2015 travel posts I want to claim that 2015 is a better, brighter, BUSIER (in a good way), richer (hehe) and more improved Cham! I started writing down the places I want to see this year (but haven't booked any of it yet because of my erratic work schedule) but yes! I am praying for new milestones and more walking adventures this year! Let's all claim this to the Lord Almighty, because we all deserve the best that this life can offer! Right? #youonlyliveonce #onelifetolive


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