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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Walk with Cham in Bali Indonesia

Bali… one of the ultimate tropical destinations in Asia. A blend of notable beaches, lush rice paddies, iconic Hindu temples and hungry [scary] monkeys. Visited this place during my sister and her husband's honeymoon/ Mama's 60th birthday celebration on a rainy season. This was the first out-of-the-country trip after three years that we were complete as a family! So if you only have three days to spare, here are the list of things we did in Bali that you might want to do.

Observe Hindus at Besakih Temple
The largest temple in Bali is the farthest of all the iconic spots from our villa, we travelled for three hours just to see Bali's Mother Temple. 

Take a dip in their holy water at Tirta Empul
Dipping in this holy spring will wash your sickness away according to their belief. Since we did not have extra clothes, we just touched the flowing holy water instead.

Visit Goa Gajah
Also called the 'Elephant Cave' which is a significant historical value for the locals and tourists alike. Mike and I had a very quick stop over here while we were in Ubud.

Tanah Lot
Said to be the island's most iconic temple. Visited this temple on our third day (which was supposed to be on our first day) and then I just realized now that the one we visited was NOT the actual Tanah Lot. Epic Fail. But fortunately this one didn't disappoint.

Palm reading at Ketut Liyer's Place
Even if Ketut Liyer has somehow lost his charm to read one's future, visiting him is still worth a try especially if you are a big fan (like me) of the book Eat Pray Love. Plus get to experience their newly opened hotel and spa- asenso na si Ketut!

Take a photo of the Tegallalang Rice Terraces
Appreciate the rice fields same as in La Presa (Philippines)- hehehe. Ubud is famous for the rice paddies with the best vantage point.

Free Coffee Tasting
Coffee tasting can be seen anywhere in Bali. Try it. It's for free anyways.

Catch the Sunset at Uluwatu Temple
Uluwatu Temple is amongst Bali's most important temples and its more beautiful during sunset. There is a famous kecak fire dance which you can appreciate during sunset as well.

Surf at Bali Beaches
Bali established itself as the surfing capital of Asia so might as well try it yourself even if you haven't surfed at all. My sister, brother and I tried our luck, though it was not our first time, we were a bit rusty but we enjoyed the experience anyway.

Feed the Monkeys at Ubud Monkey Forest
Mike's favorite Bali landmark. If you're an animal lover like Mike you'll enjoy this one-of-a-kind stroll at Ubud Monkey Forest where battalions of monkeys can be seen everywhere. If you are brave enough you can feed them too and expect them to jump on you. Yikes!

Buy Souvenir at Ubud Art Market
Right after visiting the Monkey Forest it's time to treat yourself to some retail therapy where you can find everything Balinese - clothes, bags, decorations, hand-crafted goods and many more.

Bali cuisine was indeed a surprise for us. Never fail ordering Babi Guling! Bali's version of Lechon Baboy in the Philippines. They're the yummiest!

Ibu Oka's Babi Guling

Experience Balinese Massage
Didn't let this trip pass by without getting a massage. Their famous Balinese Massage was just exceptional! Perfect way to end our Bali trip. Nighty night <3

Honestly, Bali was not as spectacular as I expected maybe because we went there during the peak of the rainy season and our villa was too far from the tourist spots. But because I spent it with the people I love the most, it was enough reason for me to love Bali. 

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