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Friday, December 12, 2014

Walk with Cham in Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven

Another tourist attraction we visited on our last day was the Temple of Heaven. It was the last ancient building we went to. After our trip to Summer Palace we had a quick lunch then headed our way to this notable landmark. 

Temple of Heaven was the the place where emperors from the Ming & Qing Dynasties annually prayed during the Heaven Worship Ceremony for good harvest. Considered the most holy of Beijing's Imperial Temples, the Temple of Heaven has been listed as one of the World Cultural Relics by UNESCOBefore, commoners were not allowed to enter the sacred park but now anyone can visit and appreciate it. 

Opening Hours
8:00 am - 6:00 pm

How to go to Temple of Heaven
We took Subway Line 5 got off at Tiantan Dongmen Station and walked out of Exit A then proceeded to the East Gate of the Park. 

Upon walking, we stumbled upon these local street foods that were new to us. Mama bought a berry stick for 10 CNY (P72) and a mixed nuts which I forgot how much. Both were really good!

Mama buying berry stick

Mixed Nuts

Entrance Fee
November - March
Combination Ticket is 30 CNY (P217)
(includes entrance fee, Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest, Circular Mound Altar & Echo Wall)

April- October
Combination Ticket is 35 CNY (P254)
(includes entrance fee, Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest, Circular Mound Altar & Echo Wall)

My 30 CNY ticket

Beautiful Landscape of Temple of Heaven
The Temple of Heaven has a vast area of 2,700,000 square meters, even larger than the Forbidden City. Here, the park is quite extensive, you can see bountiful trees, plants and flowers. The landscape in the park is exceptional which has over 60,000 varieties of plants. They're picturesque and looks Europe-ish - perfect for picture taking :)

lovely backdrop

Mama and Papa's turn

For our last day, I wore the following:
Red Coat from Tomato
Scarf from HerBench
Bag from Myeong Dong South Korea (P400)
Brown Boots from Payless given by Mike Magsaysay
Gloves from Nanluogxiang Beijing (45 CNY - P325)

#OOTD Temple of Heaven Beijing
Watching Senior Aged Locals
Residents near the park enjoy many leisure activities here. When we visited we saw a good number of senior aged locals having fun. May it be playing chess, singing & doing tai chi. We even saw a group playing Pinoy local sport sipa (I don't know what it is called in their language)

Group of Oldies :)

Playing Chinese Checkers

While on the opposite area we saw two oldies as well. But I'm not quite sure if these two were locals or tourists. You'll be the judge. :p

Seventy-Two Long Corridors
Looks like the long corridor in Summer Palace, this is the pathway going to the Altar of Prayer for the Good Harvest.

Seventy- Two Long Corridor

Neal and Papa taking a quick rest

The Altar of Prayer for Good Harvest
The Altar of Prayer for Good Harvest is the most important structure in the Temple of Heaven. It is a big circular palace with round roof and three layers of eaves. It was the place where the emperors held worship ceremonies to pray for good weather & abundant harvests.

The Altar of Prayer for Good Harvest

One of the 3 main hall

View from the side

The structure was beautiful! Even more beautiful when we started posing. :p

Another nice backdrop

Because of the pre-winter/post autumn season the structure was [again] hazy. I believe it would be more striking during brighter days.

Hindi naman pahuhuli

I just realized while writing this, that the position where we were standing was not the center of the structure (based on the blue mark on top of the temple) thus the reason why tourists takes more photos on the left side of the building and also the reason why we had the stairs all to ourselves. hehehe.

Painting the town RED

On a closer look the Temple of Heaven is more vibrant. The colors can be seen clearly and are attractive.

More vibrant shot

Didn't realized I was taking photos at the side of the structure


What it looked inside

The park has other attractions like the Circular Mound Altar, Imperial Vault of Heaven and Palace of Abstinence which we didn't go to because of time constraints. We wandered for about an hour in this park but if you'd like to explore more of the area allot more time than that.

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