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Monday, December 15, 2014

Walk with Cham in Nanluoguxiang 


After a gruesome walk from Tiananmen Square to Forbidden City to Jingshan Park it was time to treat ourselves for some retail therapy. Nanluoguxiang is the place to be.

Nanluoguxiang is a must-see well-preserved ancient town in Beijing. Old towns with traditional Chinese architectures are called hutong. Nanluoguxiang is one of the most well-known hutongs in Beijing because of its trendy shops, cafes and restaurants. Despite the modern shops this old lane is considered to be one of the best well-preserved historical areas that has a history of over 800 years.

How to go here
Nanluoguxiang is located just a few kilometers north of Forbidden City and Jingshan Park. So after our Jingshan Park stroll we rode a bus  (I forgot the number- you can ask the guard at Jingshan) for a fare fee of 1 CNY (P8) and after a few minutes we were dropped off at Shichahai then we walked for several minutes until we found a bright and busy alley. 

You can also take a cab from Jingshan or if you are not coming from the park, you can go there via Subway and exit at Nanluoguxiang.

Vigan feels

It was already night when we arrived, perfect as we saw the illuminated row of shops and bustling crowd. The gray brick path and stores kinda reminded me of Vigan.

Wangfujing & Nanluoguxiang
Compared to Wangfujing, Nanluoguxiang has a more upscale and modern vibe. The shops cater to young market. Hip and quirky. While Wangfujing is more traditional and raw. The two offers different experience and finds so I recommend to try both.

Modern, hip and quirky

Nanluoguxiang has over 50 shops and 20 restaurants scattered around alleys.  I really had no plans of buying myself anything from the stores, my eyes were already satisfied by mere window shopping. 

The quaint street has so many hip shops offerings like trendy shirts, winter accessories, hand crafted items and so many chic and cute finds. 

Nanluoguxiang shops

Handcrafted items and trendy finds

After the stroll I found myself purchasing winter accessories such as a leather brown gloves worth 45 CNY (P325) and a purple bonnet 15 CNY (P109). We also bought canvass bags for only 10 CNY (P73) as gifts.

Even the cotton candy looks trendy

You can also find here cafes, food stalls and restaurants. We had dinner at one of the Chinese restaurants where there was an English menu. The food was great (the only great authentic Chinese restaurant we tried during our whole stay)

Cold Steamed Chicken 16 CNY (P188)

Wings 6 CNY per stick (P44)

Pork with sauce and veggies 32 CNY (P230)

Stir Fried Garlic Veggies 18 CNY (P130)

Yang Chow 18 CNY (P130)
It was indeed a filling and excellent Chinese dinner! I recommend to try dining at Nanluoguxiang. Too bad wasn't able to take a photo of the facade though.

Nanluoguxiang is a quaint spot that has a mix of both modern and ancient Chinese atmosphere with good and unique finds plus awesome dining. Try spending more time here and explore the inner alleys for awesome discoveries.

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