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Monday, December 29, 2014

I Do Thanksgiving and Christmas Party at Locavore

A looong overdue resto post. I am not really an expert in writing food reviews, I just love to eat [hence my big thighs]. I enjoy eating GOOD FOOD so no matter how hard I try to diet I just can't help it. Even more when the reality show, I Do had its Christmas party in the newly opened restaurant, LOCAVORE.

Locavore is already familiar to me as the chefs and other kitchen staff were very close to my heart. Chef Mikel Zaguirre & Chef Rian Sandagon were our former Food Producers during the MasterChef Pinoy Edition run. Their team was one of the most passionate teams I've ever worked with and I still remember despite the stress working during the show they still managed to prepare quite amazing and excellent gourmet dishes to the staff. So together with their partners their long time dream of creating a restaurant they can be truly proud of is finally a reality.

ChaMike with Chef Kel, Chef Rian and Locavore staff

Locavore Kitchen and Drinks is a Filipino restaurant which means 'one who eats foods grown locally whenever possible'. Dishes in Locavore is made mainly of organic ingredients grown in the Philippines. Even some of their beers are organically made in our country. Being a Paleo enthusiast [ahem] I love the idea of eating organic-local dishes. Good thing Locavore is open for reservations and gatherings so it was just perfect for our Thanksgiving/Christmas lunch party.

Locavore is located at 10 Brixton Street Kapitolyo Pasig. Just a few blocks away from Ace Hotel and Suites.

Exterior and parking area

The interior has a modern Pinoy industrial feel.  


Kitchen is widely open so you can see what's happening behind the scenes.


They also have a bar for those who enjoy drinking.

Bar, Kitchen and Dining area

The restaurant also has an alfresco dining. Chef Kel told me the outer part is still a work in progress as they plan to put a grilling area as well.

Al fresco area

Pinoy Sawsawan

Chef Kel was the one who chose the menu for our party and I have to say every single dish tasted really GOOD. As in.

Ensaladang Pakwan | P290
Pakwan / Kesong Puti / Arugula / Olive / Pati`s Calamansi-Vinaigrette

The all organic veggies is a refreshing way to start the feast.

Ensaladang Pakwan (P290)

Sizzling Sinigang | P530
Beef Short Ribs / Sauteed French Beans / Sampaloc Gravy / Garlic Confit

The deconstructed Sinigang was truly out of this world! It's ridiculously good!

Sizzling Sinigang (P530)

Mac's Boneless Fried Chicken | P240
House Special Glazed Boneless Fried Chicken

Named after one of their assistants and a food runner in MasterChef. Mac's Fried Chicken is tasty and juicy. Do not fail to order this.

Mac's Boneless Fried Chicken (P240)

Lechon & Oyster Sisig | P400
Like all their offerings we tried, this particular sisig is absolutely delish! Yum!

Lechon and Oyster Sisig (P400)

Boneless Pork Belly | P500
Ala Cebu Lechon / Pinakurat / Bagoong Dipping Sauce / Picked Red Onion & Cucumber

Another superb dish. Don't forget to spice it up with the Pinakurat and Bagoong sawsawan to add more flavor.

Boneless Pork Belly (P500)

Sugpo Con Mayonesa | P600
Jumbo Black Tiger Prawns / Aligue / Garlic / Butter / Japanese Mayonnaise 

I love seafood! So this dish is also one of my faves.
Sugpo con Mayonesa (P600)

Ended the feast with three Pinoy favorite desserts

Leche Flan | P200
House Specialty

Leche Flan (P200)

Turon | P200
Puff Pastry / Banana / Rhum / Candied Langka / Salted Egg Dulce de Gatas

Bicho Bicho | P160
Whipped Cream / Coco Jam / Tablea Sauce / Banana
Turon (P200) and Bicho Bichi (P160)

Everything was truly exceptional. Napakasarap! Oh Gosh! My stomach's grumbling for real while writing this down. Too bad I'm on a detox diet right now. Torture!

Locavore is perfect for chill night outs with friends and colleague as they offer a number of alcohol selections. They also have promos like buy 1 take 1 on all San Miguel Light and San Miguel Pale bottles from Sundays to Thursday from 9pm-1am. The 7 shots in 7 seconds was also a unique Locavore treat. Dare yourself to drink 7 shots in 7 seconds and its yours for free or else pay P1,500.

Costumers- I Do Hosts, Couples & Staff
Locavore was able to accommodate all of us and was closed to public so the place was exclusively for I Do.

Mommy Jane, Tippy, Ate Judai, Coach Pia, Emil and Ralph

I Do Grand Couple Jimmy and Kring with Kaiser and Jza Jza

Me, Doc Julian, James, Hancel, Carlo, Kara, Direk Nico, Alex, Karen and Chris

Adz, Ia, Mike, Tunying, Khristian, Ysay, Beck

April, Jesse, Khristian (again), Ate Mercy, Ms Mercee and Alex (again)

Heart, Marpua, Keina, Direk Jon, Kaye, Tanya, Hannah and Weck

Rona, Tofer, Gee, Kirk, LJ, Angela, Levie, Barbs and JR

I Do Couples Jimmy and Kring, Carlo and Kara, Chris and Karen, Emil, Kaiser and Jza

Performance level

Doc Julian

Coach Pia

Ms Juday

Ms. Juday's paraffle

Ms. Juday with Loggers and Copilots
Ms Juday with writers and directors

Ms Juday with Production Staff

Ms Juday with I Do Couples

We absolutely enjoyed dining in Locavore. I would have to commend all the staff of Locavore for doing an excellent job. Not just me but the whole I Do staff were very satisfied with the offerings and services. The only downside about Locavore is that its far from where I live. Branch out! Branch out! Hehehe.

Address: 10 Brixton Street Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Telephone Number: (02) 632 960 
Opening: Sundays- Saturdays 11:30 am- 2:30 am 
Website: locavore.ph

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