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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Walk with Cham at Jingshan Park

View of Forbidden City from Jingshan Park

After exploring the enormous Forbidden City we headed north and entered Jingshan Park. It is said that a hill in this park gives a beautiful bird's eye view of the whole Forbidden City.

Jingshan Park is now open for public but was an imperial landscape garden before with an area of 230,000 square meters. It is famous for the artificial hill called Wanchun-ting perched on top of the middle peak.

On top is the Wanchun Pavilion 

Opening Hours
January, February, March, November & December
6:30 am- 9:00 pm 

April- October
6:00 am- 10:00 pm

How to go to Jingshang Park
I would suggest to go here after your visit to Tiananmen Park and Forbidden City. After we walked our way to the exit of Forbidden City we crossed the pedestrian lane northward and there it was. Take note that upon entering there are small restaurants where you can have lunch/snack/dinner (not sure on the quality though)

Entrance Fee
2 CNY (P15)

My 2 CNY ticket

Going up the Wanchun Pavilion
Seeing the Pavilion from the ground, I was a bit worried for my Mama and Papa. It seemed hard for them but a little motivation from us drove them to go up. So did they make it? Read on...

Going up

Warning sign

Here's April counting down the steps. It has a total of 260 steps :) 

April counting the steps

After the stop-overs, huffs and puffs me, April and Neal finally made it in one-piece! Soooo how about Mama and Papa?

Papa made it!
Last but definitely not the least- Mama!!! YAY!!!

At the Wanchun Pavilion
Walking up the Wanchun Pavilion was all worth it when we saw the view! Though the view was kinda hazy as the air was foggy (looked more like a smog) nevertheless it still was a site to behold. I guess the perfect time to go here is during summer where you can have a clearer view of the palace.

view of the Forbidden City

The man-made hill at the very center was strategically located there for Feng Shui purposes to protect the Forbidden City from destruction and death. The hill was made of soil excavated from the moat that surrounds the Forbidden City. Chinese indeed are very clever!

Taken at the first level of the hill

Standing at the very Center of Beijing City

Another spectacular view was standing atop where the Big Buddha is located. I took a couple of shots...

Another view
Fog? Smoke? Smog.
Standing here really proves the bigness of the Forbidden City

If you are wondering what the Pavilion looked like inside. I took a shot but later on realized that picture taking was not allowed (Ooops, Sorry! No harm done).

Buddha at Wanchun Pavilion

Imperial Costume Pictorial
Another activity on the hill was an Imperial costume pictorial and of course Mama and Papa were always game so we gladly obliged. For three individuals in a photo we paid 45 CNY (P 326). 

Aren't they cute???
I look fat! Or am I really?
The Emperor, the Empress and the Empressita
Emperor and Empress
insert Mike here

Of course couple, April and Neal too.

April and Neal

Another highlight was a friendly… Swindler

Good thing I took a shot of him. Beware, he almost scammed us

So after the 'friendly' Chinese approached us, we decided it was time to go- baka may dumating nanaman na iba. Going down was a breeze by the way. :)

All smiles here!

We explored Jingshan Park further by walking at the north exit to go to another destination. Lush trees and vegetation surrounded the park. We enjoyed strolling and we never got tired. While walking we even saw the exact location where the last Ming emperor, Chongzhen hanged himself from a tree (so much for Feng Shui's protection from death)

Girlfriends :*

Allot an hour trip at Jingshan Park, the main attraction here is the view of the Forbidden City, after that you can leave and go to your next destination.

** Thanks April and Neal for lending some of your photos

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