High Speed Train from Xi'an to Bejing China

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Walk with Cham inside the high-speed train from Xi'an to Beijing

High Speed Trains

Going back to Beijing from Xi'an, we opted to ride the high speed train to be able to experience both sleeper and high-speed.

How to purchase Xi'an to Beijing China train tickets
It is really important to secure your tickets prior to the day of departure especially if your destination is a tourist spot. At first we were thinking of buying our tickets a day before departure (when we arrived Beijing) but later on we decided to secure it even before we flew to China. So after doing my research I opted to purchase our Beijing-Xi'an and Xi'an- Beijing tickets online via travelchinaguide.com. Here are the steps:
1. On the upper right corner of the website you will see a train and plane icon. Just click on the destination of choice and date.
2. You will see a display of all scheduled train departure (high-speed and sleeper)
3. Choose your preferred train number, time and class type then press BOOK. We chose train number G666/ Second class seat for 515.50 ++ CNY (P 4,000++) will explain later why.
4. You have the option to pick the ticket by yourself or deliver at your hotel/personal address (delivery will entail corresponding fee of $5). We chose to pick the tickets ourselves as we were worried it won't get to our hotel in time. 
5. Fill out other information 
6. Pay (can be thru paypal or credit card) we chose the latter.
7. An email will prompt you of your Tracking Number then just follow other instructions
8. Another email will prompt you regarding your Ticket Pick up Number (you should print it and bring it with you when you pick up your ticket)
There was this instance when I was so stressed booking then when I purchased the ticket I realized I overlooked and booked a different date! I immediately called the hotline and travel agent posted on the email and luckily they attended to my request and fix the mishap instantly. Whew!

Picking up your ticket
You can pick up your ticket at any Railway Stations (take note that they have 3 railway stations in Beijing- Beijing Railway StationWest Railway Station and South Railway Station). You can pick it up a few hours before departure so we picked up the Xi'an - Beijing ticket at West Railway Station before our departure to Xi'an. We looked for the Ticketing Window counter then we handed the Ticket Pickup Number and our passports. For the Xi'an-Beijing ticket we paid a fee of 5 CNY (P37) each ticket.

Ticket Window

Reading your ticket
To understand your high-speed train ticket kindly see picture below.

High Speed Train Ticket

North Railway Station | Xi'an to Beijing via High speed Train
All Xi'an-Beijing route departs at North Railway Station (Xi'an) and arrives at West Railway Station (Beijing). So learn from our mistakes and do not get confused. After our amazing trip to the Terracotta Museum we went back to Xi'an Railway Station, got our luggages then took an overpriced cab to go to North Railway Station. Take note that there are FREE shuttle services going to and from the Terracotta Museum, there are also FREE left luggages at the Terracotta Museum so you don't have to pay for one in the railway station.

North Railway Station

Railway station that looks like an airport

Check in
The North Railway Station is one of the best railway stations I've been to (well haven't really been to many) But this one looks like an airport. Even better than NAIA I, II and III! It's huge, new and modern not unlike the other stations in Beijng and Central Xi'an. Numerous shops and restaurants are scattered at the station.

More relaxed

Asking for the boarding gate was easy as there was a concierge at the center who also offered free bottled water for each passenger. Amazing customer service! Thumbs up! 


Free bottled water

Because [again] we were early but we didn't want the same run lola run experience we had in Beijing, we all kept in mind the time while we had our lunch. So we where at the boarding gate 30 minutes before departure.

Now boarding

Because we knew what our carriage number was, looking for our seat was also easy. Good thing boarding the high speed train was more relaxed than our experience in the sleeper train.

with the very sleek high-speed train

G666 High Speed Train
Despite the 666 number there are several reasons why I still chose G666 High Speed Train:
1. It leaves at 4:00 pm and arrive at 9:30 pm for us to be able to rest early (5 hours and 30 minutes travel time)
2. It has only has eight stops (fewer compared to others)

Though now I would say that it would be better if had chosen the G674 high speed train which leaves at 5:18 pm and will arrive at 11:02 pm (later departure and arrival but you can maximize your tour around the Terracotta Museum) given the mishap I've done with the left luggage in Xi'an Railway Station I wish I had more time in Xi'an but without that incident G666 is still the better option for me.

Second Class Seat
Seated at the very front of carriage 1. Good thing the seats are wide and comfy, you also have the option to recline it.

all aboard :)

You can leave your luggages at the top or...

Leave the luggage on top

You can place it in front of you. Because we had big leg room my mini hand carry luggage is just in front of me.
or infront

Second Class Carriage

First Class Carriage
Here is the look of their first class carriage.

First Class Carriage

Each carriage has a toilet, lavatory, hot/cold water.

Toilet, partition of carriage, hot/cold water, lavatory

G666 has a bar carriage where you can dine restaurant type. 

D'Mufs dining inside the train

Or for a cheaper option you can buy light snacks at the food trolley

cheaper dinner

My dinner

So after 5 hours and 30 minutes we were back in Beijing. What-a-day. Dead tired.

back in Beijing

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  1. Hi Cham! :) im planning to go to Beijing and xian next year with my parents.

    Do you recommend hiring a tourist guide or can we just explore China by ourselves? :) and how long do you think should we spend our Beijing and Xian tour? Do you think 6 days is enough?

    thanks so much! Your recommendation will be greatly appreciated :)

    1. Hi Sabrina,

      I don't really like tour guides so I didn't get one in Beijing. Although we availed one in Xi'an so we could maximize our time there. 6 days is enough, kindly check my other post - 4 days itinerary in Beijing and Xi'an China


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