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Friday, September 26, 2014

#ChamEsTRENTA Birthday Surprise from Mike Magsaysay | Second Installment at Sofitel Hotel Manila

View from our room's balcony

A few days prior, Mike told me he already planned something 'special' on my birthday. But being the very OC me I kept on asking for details as to where the destination was going to be, what time will he pick me up, what to pack (summer outfits or winter clothes?-- hehehe mabuti nang sure), is there swimming involved and even trivial questions like 'Do I need to bring the BIG SAMSONITE luggage and MY PASSPORT?' -- haha! Feelingera si girl!

Here are the answers I got from Mike: "Bring clothes for overnight. Yes, swimming is possible so bring swimsuit and no, Babe you don't need to bring your Samsonite luggage and your passport… and also don't pack winter clothes, please" 

These are the only clues I got so just to make sure I packed as many clothes as I can that can fit in my cute hand carry luggage. I brought summer hat and sarong too thinking that he will bring me to Anilao Batangas to Scuba Dive. Several destinations crossed my mind as well like an overnight stay in Tagaytay or in The Farm at San Benito. Yun pala dito lang sa Metro Manilafeelingera talaga!

When I first saw the facade from the car I couldn't help myself from shouting in excitement - I was so giddy like that. Wow an overnight stay in Sofitel Hotel Manila! One of the most luxurious 5-star hotels in Manila is just something.

Sofitel Philippine Plaza

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila is a famous hotel in Manila. I've known this hotel since I was just a little girl during the wedding of my Ninang Lelet and Ninong Jonh where I witnessed the grandest wedding reception ever, it was called Westin Philippine Plaza then and up until now I can still vividly remember the tropical inspired swimming pool and the classy reception venue where me and my cousins transformed it to a  playground. I've also dined at the famous Spiral Buffet several times too but it was only now that I was actually going to stay here overnight.


Because Mike did all the booking, I had no idea as to how much the room cost (I will leave it unknown as a respect to Mike. Just visit their website on the link below)

Our Superior Room 
A 42 square meter room of contemporary interiors with fine touches of Filipino flare- capiz shells, coconut inlay and dark wood. The room is spacious and very minimal. I love that the rooms have their own balconies with the relaxing view of the ocean.

Superior Room

Room Features
Private balconies, complimentary WiFi, Coffee/Tea making facility, work desk, in-room safe, cable TV, pay movies and minibar.

Work Desk & Cable TV

Mini Refrigerator

Closet with Safe, Robe, Iron and Slippers

Lanvin toiletries

While we were in our room Mike showed me the gift that he personally made which made me cry for several times (on a separate blog post) and the gift of Mike's parents.

A travel iron!!!

Since the hotel is located in front of Manila, Sofitel Hotel is famous for Manila Bay Sunset so after settling down in our room, we then changed clothes and went straight to SoChill. It is a relaxed type of bar where you can enjoy the food and drinks while witnessing the soulful sunset. We settled at one of the rattan furniture pieces while chilling at the well manicured grass landscape. no food. no drinks. just the two of us. enjoying each moment.- And we're cheesy like that!

So Chill at SoChill

The Babe <3

That time, the sunset was a disappointment. Good thing the guy beside me wasn't ;)

Sunset fail <\3

Swimming Pool
They say that Sofitel is the only hotel in Manila with an exquisite lagoon-shaped pool surrounded with tropical gardens and palm trees. I've visited this hotel for many times already but I never got to try their pool. So since there were very few people swimming, Mike and I cared for a quick dip before dinner. 

Swimming Pool

Before the dip

Sunset Bar
Mike opted to take our dinner just right beside the pool area. Sunset Bar is an outdoor dining venue where the ambiance is more relaxed and laid-back compared to their other indoor restaurants. We ordered two dishes- anchovy pizza and chicken wings. Again, this was Mike's treat so I never got to see how much our total bill was.

Sunset Bar

Anchovy Pizza

Chicken Wings

Le Spa
The cherry on top! I have a confession to make, a few years back during my first production job, I had an opportunity to visit Le Spa but no, I've never tried their services. I just had the opportunity to shoot some scenes we were making. It was so elegant, posh and very expensive only rich people can afford. So after a few years, it never crossed my mind that I will visit it again. Until Mike surprised me (he didn't even know I had that story until we went there)

Le Spa

While waiting for our turn

I was in a complete awe when we were escorted to this spacious and romantic suite. Super kilig to the nth level! 

Jardin de Eden Massage Suite

The Jardin de Eden Massage Suite was the most spacious of all the massage suites. Aside from the two massage beds there is a bathroom, changing room, our own sauna and bubble bath!

Bathroom, Massage Beds and Bubble Bath

To top it all of, placed in the corner was a bottle of champagne, truffles and a birthday greeting <3 I literally cried in kiligness! It was such a sweet gesture- both from the hotel staff and of course Mike.

Champagne and Truffles

We were given an hour and a half to enjoy the champagne and truffles before the actual massage. 

Drinking sesh with the Babe

The one and a half hour Le Spa Signature Massage was just divine! Its rejuvenating and relaxing. Fell fast asleep in the middle of the session which was a good thing. Ang sarap! Super! We had a very good night sleep. A sweet birthday ending <3

Breakfast Buffet at Spiral
The next day, more than me, Mike was so eager to eat breakfast. I'm limiting my food intake kasi but of course it didn't stop me from eating at Spiral's wide array of breakfast selections.


All of a sudden picture taking was not allowed (sounds funny because I took as many shots that I had when I blogged about it last year). Oh well, so this was the only decent photo I had.

Only shot I get to take

The Sofitel Treat was just amazing. It's like a dream- quick and surreal. Mike, I'm not sure if I told you already but thank you so much for all your efforts. I might forget most of the time but writing this post made me realize how much you love me. I thank the Lord that I get to spend the 30th year of my existence with the love of my life. Mike, I've never felt so loved ever! Thank you, Babe! I love you beyond words <3 (sorry, guys medyo cheesy! Pagbigyan, birthday ko naman-hehehehe)

Address: CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City
Contact Numbers: (+632) 551-5555

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