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Monday, August 25, 2014

Kids at Heart at Movie Stars Cafe

ChaMike at the Movie Stars Cafe

It was one of those days when Mike and I dined somewhere we've always wanted to eat. Movie Stars Cafe has always been on our ChaMike list of restaurants to try so when we went to Mall of Asia for a Travel Expo we made sure to reserve two seats at this very interesting and unique cafe.

Movie Stars Cafe is a one-of-a-kind movie themed restaurant showcasing musical performances, real-life and displays of super heroes and villains plus props from different movies and autographs which surrounds the restaurant. 


The cafe is located along Seaside Boulevard beside Hooters. Parking is just in front of the restaurant so it won't be a problem. Since it was a weekend the place was packed, we only got reservations for the 10pm slot. 

Playing with their mascot while waiting for our seats
Mike! Save me from King Kong!

When we finally entered, I immediately felt the lively ambience, the lighting was brilliant and the staff were courteous. The cafe was founded by a Japanese businessman which was the reason why it reminded me of Robot Restaurant in Tokyo.

 Photos of Hollywood actors and their signatures, although not sure if those were authentic

There is a stage in the middle with a ramp where performances take place.

The stage

Display of Famous Movie Characters
I enjoyed taking pictures of the different displays of super heroes and villains. It looked real!

Ironman, Batman, Alien
Terminator, Storm Trooper, Catwoman and Shrek

Real Life Movie Characters
Aside from the displays, real and alive famous movie superheroes and villains roam around. All of them were very accommodating and full of energy. Here were some photos with them.

with Spiderman

Jason of Friday the 13th

Dino Buffet
For their food offerings, you can choose if you want an ala carte meal or a buffet experience. The Dino Buffet varies depending on the time: 

Dinner Buffet: 6:00 pm- 10:00 pm
                        Weekdays - P699 
                        Weekends- P799
                        add P99 for an all you can drink

Midnight Buffet: 10:00 pm- onwards
                            P599 | all you can drink

We were in time for the Midnight Buffet and since we haven't eaten dinner, we availed of the Dino Buffet as this would be more cost efficient rather than ordering from their menu. 


The Dino Buffet is located at the back part of the restaurant where a long buffet table is placed in front of an open kitchen. Although the choices were light dishes (merienda-type), it was ample and can fill our stomachs very well.

Chicken Pastel, Roast Beef, Bicol Express, Fish Fillet, Potato Wedges, Pork Tonkatsu

Hard Boiled Eggs, Sisig, Nachos, Carbonara

Included in their choices were fried rice, pork barbecue, fried chicken and mussels topped with cheese.

My first plate (it followed by a couple more-hehe )

The food was good, the Midnight Buffet is way cheaper than the Dinner Buffet (plus it offers unlimited drinks too) so I would suggest that you go here at 10pm so you pay a little less than the Dinner Buffet but if dining at 10pm is too late for you then it's better to order from their menu.

Where we are seated

People go here mainly because of their show. Movie Stars Cafe has a scheduled program per day. Here was the line up when we went there

Program for the night

It started with a Japanese song & dance number from cosplayers, Alodia Sisters.

Alodia Sisters

Then followed by a musical performance from the movie Spiderman. An excerpt from the first movie where Spiderman fought Green Goblin, it ended with Spiderman and Mary Jane's famous kiss.

Spiderman, Green Goblin & Mary Jane

The third show was my favorite childhood Disney animation, Beauty & the Beast. It was also the highlight of the evening. What I like most about the show is that the musical was performed live, Belle, Gaston and the other cast sang the famous songs from the movie. Also, you will see how elaborate the mascots were. Sadly, we were not able to take photos with them. Watching the musical, suddenly reminded me of the cartoons wherein I liked the Beast more than the transformed prince- hehehe.

Beauty & The Beast

Another musical performances followed, Michael Jackson's Thriller and the 1980's musical Footloose. It was definitely a crazy and fun night!


The good thing about Movie Stars Cafe is that they do not ask for entrance fees or minimum charge per person which won't intimidate their customers . Everyone's welcome- family, friends, workmates, movie goers, kids and kids at heart. It is actually perfect for celebrations like birthdays, reunions, get togethers of people who want to live up to their wild imagination where dreams become a reality.

Address: By the Bay, Seaside Boulevard, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City
Contact Details: (02) 550-1234 | 09082009999 | 09052779999
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