Romantic Dinner and Spa for Two at Bellevue Resort BOHOL

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Happy 3 ChaMike | Bellevue Resort Bohol

Dinner by the beach <3

For our third anniversary I decided to give Mike an experience he'll never forget by celebrating this important event at Bellevue Resort Bohol. And this is not just the ordinary hotel experience, I booked a Romantic Couples Promotion for an unforgettable staycation. WARNING: CHEESY POST OVERLOAD

The Romantic Couples Promotion only costs P20,000 (with tax) which includes the following…

3 Days 2 Nights in a Deluxe Room
The moment I booked the promo I immediately requested for a surprise pasabog in our room, originally I asked for rose petals all over the place but since it was not possible for them to do that they offered an alternative, a chocolate cake that comes with a greeting.

King Sized Bed with a towel shaped like a kissing swan- <3

The staff were very keen to details, I only told them once but they understood my request and did very well with the first surprise.

Chocolate Cake 

Mike was indeed surprised with the decoration and cake. (Surprise #1- Success!)

Mike was indeed surprised! :)

We ate the chocolate cake for merienda and believe me I am not really a fan of chocolate cakes but this one was really delicious, Mike almost finished the whole cake but I stopped him as he might get sick… and fat (hehehe)

Daily Buffet Breakfast
Because we stayed for 2 nights, we had breakfast for 2 days. For more details of their breakfast selection kindly check my previous post 


One Time Romantic Al Fresco Dinner for two and two glasses of house wine
I remember I emailed them about my request of having our dinner on a very romantic setup with candles and immediately Mr Erwin Abueva, the restaurant supervisor confirmed my request.

I honestly was surprised too with what I saw! My heart melted and instantly fell in love with the view <3

the view <3

It was not just a romantic dinner but a dinner by the beach with the loveliest set up.

Torch, candles and tent

Aside from the romantic setup, Erwin also assigned a butler who accommodated us all through out our dinner, he also became our official photographer :) 

about to start a cheesy night

He guided us to walk along the sandy pathway of lighted candles, it felt as if I was in a romantic movie scene (hihi)

walking on the candled pathway

We were welcomed by a charming tent with white drapes at the ceiling, flowers on the table plus more lighted candles all over the area.

A for Effort!

The table was glowing giving it a more romantic vibe. Grabe! This was way beyond my expectations (believe me, my expectations were high na!)

Glowing table <3

The butler asked Mike to sit on the left side of the table, because I had placed  a love letter saying that this was my second surprise(Surprise #2- Success!)

Hope you're surprised!

After the oohs and aahs, the butler offered a white wine, a Mapu Cabernet Sauvignon. It was then followed by a series of courses, the food was especially prepared by their executive chef and were not part of their regular menu.

Our wine for the night :)

Appetizer | Monggo Kare-Kare Salad with Salmon Fillet and Petals
The plating was lovely and the taste was exquisite, it was my first time to eat edible petals! It was so hard to believe a deconstructed Pinoy dish was done by a German chef. Wow. Just wow.

Monggo Kare-kare Salad

Soup | Chicken Soup Tarragon
This one was really yummy as well!

Chicken Soup Tarragon

Bread with olive oil, tomato cream cheese & balsamic vinaigrette
The bread was freshly baked so I couldn't help myself resisting it (not good for my diet according to Mama-hehehe)


And after finishing our appetizers a tall caucasian guy dressed in white with a tied black apron popped up asking us how are we doing, it was Chef Martin the executive chef of Bellevue standing in front of us. We were caught off guard and muttered a 'It was good' answer. We noticed him holding a whole dried coconut and began cracking it up using a large knife. At first I thought it was our drinks but then we already had our wine so we were completely clueless and stared at him the whole time until he finally opened it.

Chef Martin cracking up a coconut shell

He presented the cracked coconut shell on our table and you can just imagine Mike and I's reaction when we saw it. A cooked rice inside a coconut! It was such a big surprise!!! So when we began taking a bite of it, we were completely drawn to its taste. It was sooooo good! The butler said it was Chef Martin's own recipe and the juice from the coconut was the water used to cook the rice. An excellent recipe indeed!

Rice in a coconut shell!!!

Main Entree | Lapu-Lapu with Mango Salsa
Our coconut rice was partnered with another superb dish, the Lapu-lapu was perfectly cooked and the sauce was sweet and flavorful.

Lapu-lapu with Mango Salsa

Dessert | White Chocolate Mousse with Almond Brownies
Ended the night with a dessert offering. While I was relishing each bite, I saw Mike's dessert plate completely clean obviously this was Mike's favorite. 

White Chocolate Mousse with Almond Brownies

It was truly, truly a night to remember. Mike and I were bursting with happiness both in our tummies and hearts. 

Amazing night <3

But wait there's more, before the night ended the butler handed Mike another letter (from me) stating another [and last] surprise… A massage for two <3

Complimentary Massage for Two at Azurea Spa
Mike and I decided to avail the massage on our last night. Mike availed the Swedish Combination Massage and I tried the Aromatherapy Massage by Amu'in both for 60 minutes (Surprise #3- Success!)

Massage Time at Azurea Spa

These were one of the few options for the package but if you want to avail the longer and pricier massage you will be charged a minimum amount. 

Swedish Combination Massage - a traditional oil massage which involves stroking and pressing the soft tissues of your entire body in order to induce a state of total relaxation.

Aromatherapy Massage by Amu'in - Chose the Hulay Scent which is a relaxing and calming blend that combines lavender and ylang- ylang oil to release tension and relieve stress.

Oh it was the perfect way to end our stay in paradise <3

Capping off the night with a good massage

Bellevue Resort gives their guests the 5 star service they truly deserve with the price that is very affordable. I would recommend each and every couple to experience what we've experienced. Ibang klase! I will definitely comeback here. Thank you Bellevue! May God bless the resort and their staff a hundred folds.

For inquiries and reservations, please call (632) 7718181 or email them at

Bellevue Resort Bohol
Address: Barangay Doljo, Panglao Island Bohol, Philippines
Telephone Number: (6338) 422 2222
Email Address:

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