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Seoul Searching in South Korea | IP Boutique Hotel Itaewon Seoul

Superior Room IP Boutique Hotel

I love boutique hotels! If only I have the luxury of booking any hotel without thinking of the budget, I will always choose to book in boutique hotels. The ambience has a hip feel with high end facilities that's totally charming.

I've been eyeing IP Boutique Hotel for weeks since I saw it on the internet, I fell for its unique, lively but intimate interiors but unfortunately their rate was way beyond my budget. So I decided that it would be practical to book a cheaper hotel as my second option. But after few weeks of procrastinating when I finally decided to book the cheaper hotel, it was already full so I tried for more cheap options but surprisingly every single cheap hotel in Itaewon was fully booked. So it left me with no choice but to stay in IP Boutique Hotel (good thing Agoda offers discounted rates)

Facade of IP Boutique Hotel

IP Boutique Hotel is located in Itaewon, a tourist area in Seoul. IP is short for Imperial Palace which is a well-known hotel chain all over the world but its difference from other Imperial Palace hotels is that it has flair, wild colors and edgy interiors. 

Colorful facade of chairs, tables and... a bear!

Wooden knight statue

Classy Reception

Posh Elevator Doors

Jar Collection 

Classy Swing

Avant-garde Sofa

I stayed in a superior twin room located at the 8th floor. It has comfy beds with complete amenities.

Twin Room

Room's Window

LCD TV with cable, iPod dock, refrigerator, mini bar, tea & coffee making facility, complimentary water bottles, telephone, safety deposit box, roomy closet.

Study Desk

Coffee and Tea making facility

Ref with mini bar

Safety deposit box

Closet with bathrobe

I love how modern and spacious their bathroom is. They have bathtub + remote controlled toilet bidet! Yipee!!!

shower and bathtub

Bathroom Amenities
Shampoo, shower gel, lotion, blower, shower cap, comb, cotton buds, comb

Bathroom amenities

The only downside of the bathroom is it has frosted glass and see-through wall that might give an uncomfortable feeling if you are staying there with a friend.

The cost of a Superior Room is W 220,000.00 (Php 9,475.00) per night with complimentary breakfast. But through Agoda I only paid for P5,000 + tax that totaled to Php 7,206.00 per night but without breakfast. 

Buffet Breakfast
Even if breakfast was not included, I gave it a try. Buffet breakfast cost at at around P833. Buffet Breakfast is located at the ground floor, the restaurant gives a bright and happy ambience with French detailed wares.

Good morning Seoul!

The placemat changes everyday, it's sort of a sneak peek of a newspaper headline with a notable history that happened on today's date, plus included also is the weather in different areas in Seoul (uniquely good idea!)

Today's news

Here are the choices- salad, fruits, selection of bread, cereals...

salad, fruits, bread, cereal

Rice, vegetable porridge, egg, nori flakes...

porridge, egg, rice and nori

Bacon, sausage, potato wedge, french toast

bacon, sausage, potato wedges, french toast

The breakfast selection is few and the menu doesn't change so if you want an everyday new experience, their breakfast buffet might not satisfy you.

Other Offerings
From all the other hotels I've been to IP Boutique Hotel was the only hotel that offers cellphone rental which cost  W 5,000 (Php 216) per day plus usage fee.

Address: 737-32, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Phone Number: +82 2-3702-8000

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