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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happy 3 Chamike in Bohol | Countryside Tour

Chocolate Hills, Tarsier, Loboc River Cruise & Butterfly Sanctuary

It is not my first time to try the countryside tour in Bohol but that didn't stop me from doing it again as I want to revisit those places for two reasons: 1. I enjoyed the first time so much that I want to experience doing it with Mike and 2. I want to check the aftermath brought by last year's earthquake. 

The moment we landed on Tagbilaran Airport we were greeted by Kuya Joseph and assisted us to our car service. He was very perky and has lots of kwentos making the tour enjoyable & informativeBelow are the list of places we went to...

Blood Compact Shrine
A monument can be found along the road of Bo-ol district Tagbilaran City. It is a historical sculpture made by Napoleon Abueva, a national artist and a Boholano. This is the first Friendship Treaty between two different races, a Spanish Voyager, Miguel Lopez de Legaspi and Chief Boholano, Datu SikatunaThe 1565 peace pact was performed through a native custom by making a small cut on their left arm and poured two or three drops of blood into a goblet of wine, which they equally drank from the cup. The Sandugo is an assurance of the friendly relations between the Spaniards and Filipinos.

ChaMike with Blood Compact Shrine

The site was very accessible to tourists, which also has a magnificent view of Bohol Sea.

Address: Bo-ol District, Tagbiliran City
Opening: No Closing Day
Fee: Free

Baclayon Church
Also called the Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. Considered one of the oldest Jesuit churches in the Philippines built in 1596, which was established by Spanish missionaries Father Juan de Torres and Father Gabriel Sanchez. 

As expected, a devastated church was what welcomed us when we got there. After 400 years of existence, the earthquake last year ruined the said to be a timeless beauty. 

Repairing the Baclayon Church

This is what it looked like four years ago.

Baclayon Church during my visit four years ago

The good thing about it is they are reconstructing it to bring back the church's glory days. 

Address: Baclayon, Bohol
Opening: Mondays - Saturdays
                  8:30 am- 11:45 am, 11:30 pm- 4:45 pm
                  9:30 am- 11:45 am, 1:30 pm- 4:45 pm
Fee: Free

Biggest Python at Xzootic Animal Park
So I heard that Prony, the biggest Python in captivity already passed away just last year. Thankfully I was able to see it the last time I was here. Below is the photo of Prony four years ago.

Prony 4 years ago

But wait, there's more… They replaced Prony with a younger and enormous python named Melia. Although Melia is not as big as Prony, they say that in time when she gets older she will be even bigger than Prony- so I think we should come back when that time comes, right Mike? Hehehe

ChaMike with Melia

And because we were early, we witnessed how and what they eat for breakfast. Here's Norio, a yellow burmese python having a live chicken for brekky.

Norio having brekky

Address: Agape, Laoay
Opening: Daily
Fee: P30

Bilar Manmade Forest
A short stop going to Chocolate Hills is a two kilometer dense forest of mahogany trees. The manmade forest is still as 'Twilighty' as it looked like 4 years ago.

Bilar Manmade Forest

Bella & Edward? <3
Address: Bilar, Bohol (about 40 km from Tagbilaran City)
Opening: Daily
Fee: Free

We came across a new tourist attraction along Batuan. A guest house uniquely shaped like a shipping vessel which is owned by Capt Dumapias, a local who was once poor but later became a successful mariner. It started to become popular when it was featured on a TV magazine show called Rated K. The rooms resembles what a shipping vessel looks like- a captain's cabin, chief mate's cabin, kitchen & mess hall plus there is a souvenir shop tourists might be interested to check.


Address: Poblacion Norte, Batuan, Bohol, Philippines
Contact: (038) 533-9214; (+63) 9074689900; (+63) 9056887469
Opening: 8:00 am- 6:00 pm
Fee: P20

Chocolate Hills Adventure Park (CHAP)
Chocolate Hills are Bohol's most famous tourist attraction, it was called so because during summer the grass-covered hills dry up and turn into chocolate brown making the dome shaped hills look like a group of chocolate in a picturesque terrain. I've seen these view four years ago but I didn't mind seeing it again although during the earthquake the old view deck was majorly affected so they opened a new one called Chocolate Hills Adventure Park, this [again] was also new to me. CHAP is built for those who want to see the iconic landmark plus more amenities including bicycle zipline which ChaMike tried. Freaky! (in a separate post


As of this writing the old view deck is now restored and operational, so you have two choices (or you can do both). If you are curious of what the old view deck offers here's a photo of me four years ago.

The old view deck is closer to the chocolate hills though

If you are curious if the Chocolate Hills were badly affected by the earthquake as what we heard, that's partly untrue because we only saw one damaged hill and the rest were as magnificent as what it looked like before.

Damaged hill

Address: Buenos Aires, Carmen, Bohol
Contact: 0932 667 7098
Opening: Daily
Fee: P60 (entrance)

The Butterfly Garden
Another tourist spot in Bohol is the Butterfly Garden. Believe it or not, I enjoyed this tour not because I am fond of butterflies but of how the staff worked especially the one who conducted our tour. He was witty, funny and very informative…

difference between a butterfly and a moth (male: top ; female: bottom)
male and female butterfly (gay)
fresh from the pupa
colorful butterfly
<3 too
play dead
tamed and friendly
ChaMike butterflies
I'm flying!

Their ice candies are also famous among tourists so I tried one, my choice- Avocado flavor. Yummy!

Avocado flavored ice candy

Address:  Poblacion, Bilar Bohol, Philippines
Contact: +63 38 535 9400
Opening: Daily | 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.
Fee: P40

Tarsier Conservation Area
Tarsier is Bohol's mascot because in the Philippines, Tarsiers can only be found in Bohol. Even when you search around the world Tarsiers can only be located in several Southeast Asian countries such as Sulawesi, Sumatra & Borneo. So visiting the conservation area is highly recommended. The area is a six hectare woodland and a new home for captive tarsiers. 

Tarsier Conservation Area

Before, this was not the place I went to but because the Bohol government is maximizing all its efforts to preserve the almost extinct animals they decided to gather all tarsiers displayed in different private areas in Bohol. It was quite a good move for them as the tarsiers are very sensitive. Tourists and locals used to force feed, take pictures with flash, pet & poke the gentle animals causing them to go blind and even commit suicide. Yes they do, they bang their heads until they die if they become 'stressed'. 

Ticket/Postcard P60

The area is big with lush tropical vegetation but has limited areas and allowable distance to tourist so my photos didn't do justice at all [by the way no flash & petting allowed]. Here are few of the pictures I took of the tarsiers around the area. 

Tarsiers are nocturnal which explains the sleeping one

Shy and asleep

half awake!
I think he's quite angry his sleep was disturb --eeeps!

Finally! Hello there Mr Cutie Patootie Tarsier :)

We were a bit disappointed that we didn't get to have a closer photo of them but its completely understandable. I was just expecting a clearer view and even a photo with them just what I had before, look.

I can get closer to them

They're awake

A picture with the Tarsier

But at least they're doing it to preserve the dear animals. At the end of the conservation area, a souvenir shop can be seen selling all sorts of tarsier goodies like keychains, ref magnets, stuffed toys, mugs headband, bags etc.

Souvenir Shop

Address: Loay Interior Rd, Loboc, Philippines
Contact: 0915402355
Opening: Daily
Fee: P60

Loboc Church
Before going to the Loboc River, we passed by the Loboc Church or Church of San Pedro which was also ruined during the earthquake.

Loboc Church

Here's  a photo of the Loboc Church four years ago. 

Loboc Church four years ago

Address: Loboc, Bohol
Fee: Free 

Loboc River Cruise
We ended the day tour by having a hefty buffet lunch at the famous Loboc River via a Floating Restaurant.

Loboc River Cruise

A floating restaurant are two outrigger boats joined together to make up a covered platform which can accommodate 50 guests.

Floating Restaurant

We didn't have breakfast so Mike and I were already famished. They serve Filipino cuisine dishes which I love.


For appetizers they have Pako Salad, Cucumber Salad, Talong Salad and Fish Crackers.


For the main dish they have Crabs, Grilled Fish, Barbecue, Fried Chicken, Kalabasa and Sitaw, Pansit and Monggo.


For dessert they have Minatamis na Saging, Coconut Tapioca, Cuchinta and assorted fruits.


Although the food was just ordinary, the experience is a must try. A Boholano serenaded us during the whole course of the cruise. And before reaching the end of the river we stopped at a cottage of a Rondalla group and they performed Rondalla music to the guest. 

Rondalla Group

I love the mixture of the touch of the fresh air breeze, the streaming sound of the unpolluted river and the smell of the tropics making the ride unforgettable.


Address: Loboc, Bohol
Opening: Daily | Lunch & Dinner
Fee: P450

The Countryside Tour is an experience every tourists should try. Especially now that Bohol has finally recovered from the earthquake's aftermath and I should say that Bohol is even lovelier now than before as almost all spots were improved [kudos to the people behind it] and also because this time I was with Mike :)

Book a tour same as ours at Bohol Tour for P1,400 per person exclusive of entrance fees and rides:

Email Add:
Telephone Numbers: 0917-905-1130 & 0947-428-3885

Joseph with his trusted car dropped us off at Bellevue Resort

The fee is dependent on how many you are in a group, just ask Joseph and he will give you the best rates :)

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