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Friday, July 25, 2014

Happy 3 ChaMike in Bohol | CHAP

Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

As  I mentioned from my previous posts Bohol was not really new to me since I visited it four years ago but a trip to the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park was my first. Officially opened last year after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit Bohol on October 2013, CHAP became tourists' alternate destination for viewing the Chocolate Hills when the original view deck was damaged.

Entrance of CHAP

After paying a fee of P60 for the entrance we saw ourselves on a walkway above a pond full of fishes.

A new and private owned tourism site

On the left side was a restaurant named Cusina ni Tisay which offers buffet lunch for P300.

Cusina ni Tisay

At the front we were greeted by a receptionist asking us if we were up for an extreme adventure. They offer a number of activities tourists might be interested to try such as Hiking, Camping, Tree Top Rope Challenge and the most famous Bike Zip.

Paying for the Bike Zip

Being very eager to try the Bike Zip Mike decided to face his fear of heights so we paid P400 each for the ultimate experience. Terms and conditions apply such as :

1. Tickets are transferable
2. Tickets are non-refundable (so no backing out!)
3. Guests should sign a waiver form and are subject to a health evaluation by a registered nurse.

waiver- check!

blood pressure- check!

Going to the view deck we should pass through a hanging bridge

Hanging Bridge

Obligatory Pose


And then we have to climb up the 248 steps… It's not even the challenge yet but I was already tired!


Just a few more...

But the overwhelming view made us forget we were exhausted. The refreshing panorama of the well known Chocolate Hills was breathtaking. As you can see the hills are not brown as what its name promised because of the rainy season. It turns brown during dry season or summer. 

Wonderful waves of hills
green domed hills <3

Although the view from up here was farther than the original view we were accustomed to see, it still had a wonderful backdrop for tourists who would like to take photos with the hills.

Another obligatory shot

Witty sign

So after appreciating the glorious Chocolate Hills it was time to do the extreme challenge (Here we go!!!)

Buckle up

Yes, after climbing the 248 steps we also had to climb this tower too (hayayay!)

a few more steps up!

The Bike Zip is basically riding a bicycle from a stainless steel cable suspended in the sky 100 feet from the ground. 

Bike Zip

I was so giddy at first but when I was actually about to make my first pedal I became scared as hell and was about to back out frightened that I might fall down.

Taking all the courage I could muster

This one, I must say is harder than the regular zipline as you have to pedal in order to move forward and finish the course (unlike the regular one that you leave the moving to gravity) So just imagine me peddling my way to the 275 meters long cable which was just one way! Oh what have I gotten myself into! I was telling myself that I didn't want to bike back anymore. But the sad part was- 'there was no turning back.'

Struggling my way

So when I finally finished the first course, I went back with a stronger mind and an excited heart. The second course was about appreciating the view and enjoying the one of a kind adventure.

Almost there!
I even managed to wave :)

Of course the Babe finished with flying colors!

Proud of this boy!

Look! No hands!

By the way cameras & phones are not allowed even the ones with lace. 

Photo op :)

There is an official photographer who takes your picture and you can buy a print out for P100 each. You can also ask them to save all your photos in your flash drive or if you don't have any you can ask them to send it thru your email address like what we did with no added cost.

Survivors! Yeah! :p

The ride was truly exceptional! I was more happy for Mike because he conquered his fear of heights and even enjoyed the course more than me. Thank you Babe for the doing the extremes just to make me happy! #happy3chamike

Address: Buenos Aires, Carmen, Bohol
Contact: 0932 667 7098
Opening: Daily
Fee: P60 (entrance) P44 (bike zip)

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