Things to do in TOKYO JAPAN

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Walk with ChaMike in Japan | Tokyo 

Busy Shibuya

After the peaceful, historical & zen tour at Kyoto we went to the fast-paced, modern & spontaneous city of Tokyo. Tokyo is the capital of Japan and said to be the most populous area in the world. 

Here are the things we did in Tokyo for the next and last five days of our ChaMike Japan tour.

Visit the Asakusa and go to Sensoji Temple
Watch both locals and tourists pray at the very popular Buddhist temple.

Sensoji Temple

Witness a Sumo Wrestling Fight or Hunt for a Sumo Wrestler in Ryogoku
Ryogoku is a sumo wrestling hub where sumo tournaments where held. 

Encounter with a Sumo Wrestler

Buy Electronics and Anime items at Akihabara 
Akihabara is a place known for many electronic, anime, manga shops. This is heaven for techie and anime lovers.


Look for Cosplayers and shop for Tokyo Street Style at Harajuku
Visit Takeshita Dori, a street known for its trendy shop & fashion boutiques where you can also see extreme Japanese teenage fashion and cosplayers.

Takeshita Dori Harajuku

Witness the crazy fun futuristic show at the Robot Restaurant
A night of extreme entertainment, a combination of sexy Japanese women and remote controlled robots.
Robot Restaurant

Visit Mori Tower and Tokyo Tower
Go up the Mori Tower to have a beautiful glimpse of the Tokyo city landscape.

Mori Tower's Tokyo City View

Walk along the chaotic Shibuya Crossing
Cross the most popular pedestrian intersection in Japan. Shibuya is known for its busy & colorful district, Hachiko's statue can also be seen here.
Shibuya Crossing

Visit Parks & Shrines
Despite how modern Tokyo is, there are still numerous  & notable parks and shrines that are scattered around the city.

Meiji Shrine

Shop at Ginza
The most well-known shopping district in all of Tokyo.

Uniqlo at Ginza

Drink Sake at Yurakucho
Be brave and try the strong alcoholic beverage in Japan, Sake.


Buy Souvenir
There are tons of unique finds that you can find only in Japan.

Japanese Mini Doll

You cannot NOT try Japanese dishes.

Wagyu Beef Japanese Style

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