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Walk with ChaMike in Japan | Shibuya


Shibuya is one of the most popular districts in Tokyo known for the numerous shops. great restaurants, Hichiko statue and the choatic Shibuya Crossing.

Shibuya was Mike & I's most anticipated district to explore so after our visit to Mori Tower & Tokyo Tower we allotted the whole afternoon until evening in Shibuya. We took the Oedo line from Roppongi, stopped at Aoyamo-itchone and switched trains; taking the Hanzomon line all the way to Shibuya and the very first thing we did was to take a glimpse of Hachiko's statue

Hachiko is an Akita dog, which is probably the most famous (non-fictional) dog in the world because of its legendary faithfulness to his master. Hachiko patiently waited for his master at the train station for nine years after his master's death. Hachiko became a national symbol of loyalty in Japan

Mike being a dog lover was very eager to see Hachiko's monument just outside the Hachiko exit Shibuya Terminal. He took so many shots of it and here are some of them.
ChaMike with Hachiko

Mike loves Hachiko <3
Train infront of Hachiko

Shibuya Crossing
The most  famous intersection in Tokyo. Shibuya crossing even appeared at some Hollywood films including Lost in Translation.  
Shibuya Crossing

According to research you can appreciate the view of the crossing at the second story window of Starbucks in Tsutaya Building but when we went there it was so jam-packed we couldn't even move plus there were signs of no picture taking allowed. So instead we went up the Tokyu Department Store right across the Tsutaya Building to take a shot of the Shibuya crossing from its vantage point. 

view from Tokyu Department Store

Observing the pedestrians is an experience in itself. The intersection is large full of advertisements, lights and LEDs and once the green lights turns on you will see commuters of teens, students, yuppies, couples, families both locals and tourists walking their way to the other side.
a closer look

Of course Mike and I went back and forth to experience THE Shibuya Crossing. Sorry we were a bunch of first timers-hehehe
Mike at Shibuya Crossing

Walk with Cham at the Shibuya Crossing

Shopping Centers  
Shibuya is the center for youth and fashion culture which is the main reason why there is always a big crowd in the area. We visited some of the most well-known shops in Shibuya..

Tokyu Department Store is just right outside the Hachiko exit, we went there to get a shot of the Shibuya Crossing and then we saw FREE WiFi signs so we asked the concierge about it and said that they offer free Wifi to tourists by just presenting a passport. So we had instant WiFi on selceted shopping areas hadled by the Tokyu Group
Tokyu Department Store

Shibuya 109 belongs to the Tokyu Group. A 10-floor store dedicated to ladies fashion with more than 100 boutiques inside.
Shibuya 109
Inside Shibuya 109

If there's a shop for women of course there is a shop for men. 109 Men's belongs to the Tokyu group as well that showcases different stores for men.
109 Men's
Inside 109 Men's

Tokyu Hands was the third building we visited from the Tokyu Group. It is a creative life store that sells do-it-yourself, stationery, interiors, arts and crafts and the likes.
Tokyu Hands
Plastic Food
Inside Tokyu Hands

Shibuya is also known for the restaurants that are scattered everywhere, we tried eating dinner at Tokyo Tonkatsu Base Made by Ippudo (on a separate blog).
Made by Ippudo

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