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Friday, May 23, 2014

Walk with ChaMike in Japan | Robot Restaurant

Robot Restaurant

A parade of Japanese bikini-clad dancers, laser lights displays & remote controlled robots are what you will witness at the uniquely famous Robot Restaurant.

Everyone knows that when it comes to technology Japan is the leader in electronic mayhem. In Robot Restaurant it proved that nothing can compare Japan's outrageous ideas and extraordinary facilities that uses robots as a medium to entertainment.  Robot Restaurant, more of a 'show' rather than a restaurant that is open daily with four shows that stages per day.  Conviced by its high rated reviews on tripadvisor, I encouraged Mike to go there. 

Robot Restaurant facade

We took a train via Yamanote line, stopped at Shinjuku Station and walked our way to Kabukicho district.

We were greeted by an extravagant display of colorful lights and two giant fembots. By the time we arrived tourists were starting to line up although we were shocked at how expensive the entrance fee was- Y6,000 (P2,570) per person and per show, we immediately joined the bandwagon queue.


At the line, we were asked if we had a reservation (unfortunately we had none) because they prioritize guests and offer bento boxed food for those who only reserved for that day. It was such a great regret that we didn't make a reservation so it is really important to reserve prior.

Robocop band performing at the queue

Luckily we arrived early so we were accommodated at the 6:40pm show.

Ticket Vendo

After paying we were asked to put our belongings at a locker room nearby, they insisted on putting all our stuff there because the room was really crowded and tiny. The use of their lockers is free of charge.

Locker room

We were then asked to stay at the lounge while they're still preparing for the show.

Lounge Area

The lounge area is colorful, glittery and flamboyant as expected. We were amused by a dinosaur robot that interacts when you touch and move.

Interactive Dinosaur at the Lounge Area

After announcing that the show was about to start we were then transferred to the basement and sat at the corresponding seat number written on the ticket.

Mike with his ticket on stage

Our seats

Snacks and beverages are also for sale before the show started. 

Beer for sale

Robot Restaurant snacks for Y500

Potato Chips and Popcorns

ChaMike while waiting

Here are some of the photos I took during the show. Take note that picture taking is allowed without using the flash however filming of the performance is not allowed (though I found some guests who filmed it so I guessed it wouldn't hurt if I did too)

Japanese girlies in their bikini-clad costume

Robot Costumed Band

Japanese singer

Pole Dancer

Another Pole Dancer

Boxing match- Robot vs an audience

Tarantula Robot

Shark Robot

Futuristic Motorcycles

Futuristic Motorcyle

Battalions of girls and fembots

Robocop inspired robot

Segway inspired Robot

This has got to be my favorite part!- Remote controlled humongous robots

Dancing Remote Controlled Robot- totally amazing!!!

In the middle of the show, the audience was allowed to take a quick photo op with their remote controlled robots and we saw from up close that these were not mascots but were real robots being controlled by humans (wasn't able to take a shot of those controls though)

a Photo Op with the Remote Controlled Robot

For sure Mike and the guys inside the room they were excited about the girls. So for the boys, in Robot Restaurant you will never get bored.



More girls

Even more girls

It was truly a spectacular 1 hour show of everything colorful, sparkly, glittery, flashy, wild, outrageous, futuristic and techie. Robot Restaurant defined how Tokyo really is in terms of night life, advancement, uniqueness and having over-the-top fun. 

Address: 171 Kabukicho, Shinjuku Tokyo Japan
Reservation Number: 03-3200-5500
Entrance Fee: Y6,000 (P2,570)

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