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Walk with ChaMike in Japan | Nara Park

Nara Park

Nara City became a former capital of Japan year 700. It has numerous temples, shrines and ruins  which remain as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is also home to hundreds of roaming deer. 

For ChaMike's second day in Kyoto, our first agenda was to visit Kyoto's nearby city. Nara can be reached from Kyoto Station to JR Nara Station via the Miyakoji Rapid Trains. I mentioned in my other post that riding trains in Japan can be very tricky. So when we thought that we were in the right train. Guess what? We were very wrong. Mike and I took the local train so we had to change trains for three times! That was because we didn't double check what particular train we should ride- lesson learned.

Waiting for our second train 

So after a number of transfers we were finally at our destination-at last! Because we were behind schedule Mike and I decided to skip the temples and concentrated on finding the hundreds of deer Nara is known for. We got ourselves a sightseeing map at the information center inside the station. And so after a few walks we stumbled upon a group of deer at the Pagoda of the Kofukuji Temple. 

3-Story Pagoda

Between Mike and I, Mike was more excited to see them, so excited that he had a hard time sleeping the night before because of eagerness. That was why he immediately bought deer crackers for Y150 (P66) per pack and started feeding them.

Deer Cracker for Y150 (P66)

Deer are considered to be messengers of the gods, they eventually became the symbol of the city. Our friend said that if you bow to them, they bow back. Unfortunately, we were informed after we left. must. go. back.

Mike feeding the deer

Obviously, Mike is really enjoying this.

Deer Whisperer?

As for me...

Oh Deer!

And because we were not yet satisfied with the deer at the Pagoda, we walked furthermore. 

Went inside this torii gate

And then we found a family of deer.

More Deer!

Expect that some deer might be very aggressive, Mike and I experienced a deer biting our clothes begging for food.

A family of deer

But it didn't bother Mike at all...

Deer friend
1 deer
3 deer

4 deer
6 deer! Deer oh Deer!!!


After the biting incident, I was scared as hell!
But most of them are tamed and gentle
Finally! A decent picture! (believe me there were lots of scared Cham photos-hahaha!)

When we were about to go back, we saw this wonderful view. 

Cherry Blossom Tree + Deer + Bench + Lake = Perfect combination

Add Mike = Gorgeous view <3

Add me = Stunning! haha!

And then they started asking for food.

few more crackers left

Going to Nara to feed the deer is something worth trying even more if you love animals, like Mike.  Hopefully when we come back we get to visit some of the notable shrines of Nara.

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