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Monday, May 26, 2014

Walk with ChaMike in Japan | Ginza & Yurakucho

Uniqlo in Ginza

Ginza is the most famous upscale shopping & dining district where you can see almost all leading brands.

Yurakucho District on the other hand has a down-scale approach compared to Ginza which is just a few walks away.

Our main goal in Japan was more of sightseeing, discovering hidden gems & experiencing its culture & tradition. Shopping was the least of our priority but going to Ginza was an experience we couldn't miss.

We walked around Ginza and saw many interesting shops

Ginza Wako
The clock tower of the Ginza Wako building is the symbol of the district where jewelry and other luxury items are sold.

Ginza Wako

Sony Building
This place showcases the latest Sony products such as TV, DVD players, speakers, laptops and the likes. Tito Jet, Mike's dad, even said that this was where he found the first Sony HD Television in the early 90's.  We saw numerous Sony Buildings around Ginza and this one stood out from the rest.
Sony Building

The flagship store of Uniqlo is located at Ginza where it boasts 12 floors of clothes for men, women and kids, undergarments & accessories making it the largest Uniqlo branch in the world.  


UT Store

UT Store

A new retail store discovery we found just beside Uniqlo. Tita Jackie, Mike's mom said that this is a sister company of Uniqlo and the difference between the two - GU is much cheaper. 


Visited the place and got really kilig with how cheap their items were! I bought clothes for myself and for pasalubong. They sell not just clothes but also shoes, bags and accessories. The quality of the items are good, the designs are nice yet the prices are very affordable, I just d-i-e-d!

Y658 for a sweater. That's P283 only!

After the visit to GU I regretted not buying other items I saw as I was really conscious of my budget. How I really wish I can go back here so I can rummage through their items and just buy buy and buy!

Gushed at GU!

Hakuhinkan Toy Land
A 4 story building of one of the biggest toy shops in all of Japan that sells Japanese toys for kids and kids at heart. Of course Mike had to visit this place.

Hakuhinkan Toy Park

Cute Cellphone cases

3 way chopsticks

Star Wars Chopsticks

Ultraman floor


Licca Dolls, Japanese version of Barbie doll

Racing Park at the top floor

A lifestyle retail store similar to Tokyu Hands where you can find do-it-yourself items, stationeries, interior and exterior garden accessories, kawaii accessories, travel accessories, cosmetics and likes. 


Paper Robots

Just beside Loft you will see Muji. In Yurakucho lies the three-story Muji flagship store where you can find home goods, stationeries, office supplies, clothes, toiletries and random stuff. Truly, Muji is one of my favorite places to buy pens, I particularly love their erasable pens which I bought some for pasalubong (gift for friends & families) and for myself.


This particular Muji Store has a restaurant called Meal Muji where they sell fresh pastry products.

Meal Muji

Yurakucho Restaurants
Yurakucho has interesting restaurants located under the train tracks where Yakitori, Izakaya and beers are mostly sold.

Yurakucho Restaurant Strip

Mike & I had tried the Sake, Japanese rice wine together with some of Japan's yakitori (on a separate post)

ChaMike had a fun time in Ginza and Yurakucho. If you ever plan of going here prepare your wallet and plan your budget because for sure you will S-P-E-N-D!

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