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Walk with ChaMike in Japan | Akihabara

Akihabara is a district in Tokyo that is the home of electronic shops, manga and anime goods in Tokyo.

For our final stop with my highschool friend/tour guide, Twin we went to Akihabara. Between Mike and me, Mike was more excited to go here. For someone who grew up playing video games and watching anime, Akihabara was heaven for him.

ChaMike in Akihabara

We visited some of the notable shops in Akihabara...

Yodabashi Akiba
A one-stop electronic shop that has eight floors. Each floor is divided into different categories.


1st floor: Cellphones, Tablets and Cellphone Accessories | 2nd floor: Desktop Computers, Laptops, PC Accessories & PC Hardwares | 3rd floor: Cameras, Camera Accessories, | 4th Floor: TV, DVD players, Speakers | 5th Floor: Home Appliances 

I bought a memory stick for my Camera here.

1st Floor

3rd Floor

4th Floor

6th Floor: Video Games, Toys. 
The floor where Mike instantly transformed into a kid as if roaming around in an enormous playground. It was so evident in his face how happy he was while exploring each section.

Mike enjoying the toy vending machine

We saw all sorts of toys, video games, action figures even musical instruments.

Manga Comic Books

Jigsaw Puzzle Rack

Miniature Animal Figurines

PS4 Games

Family Computer! Seriously???

Because I was extremely tired, Twin and I rested for awhile then we let Mike do his thing and when he came back I saw his excited face lit up as if he found a hidden treasure (well, almost!) so he dragged us to a hidden section of the area and then I saw this...

Japanese porn section

A hidden treasure for Japanese porn and hentai addicts! Of course Mike wouldn't pass this chance of buying something from this place so he bought a DVD as a gift for his friend.

M's: Pop Life Sex Department Store
A 6-floor building selling all sorts of sex toys & goods. We just passed by this area not knowing what it really was until we entered.

M's Pop Life Sex Department Store

Woah! Couldn't believe that a place so bright and normal is surprisingly a sex goods store. I can describe it as cute more than sexy.

One of the floors in a sex good shop

Even this life size sex doll looks cute.

Sex doll

Don Quijote
A discount store chain that sells all kinds of items, from groceries, electronics, fashion goods and cosplay items.

Don Quijote

Don Quijote is the place where we bought most of our Japanese snacks such us Green Tea flavored Kitkat and Meiji Chocolates. Mike also bought here the Fuji Instax he gave me (apparently, it's cheaper here than Yodobashi)

Inside Don Quijote

Cosplay section

Another one of the many electronic shops in Akihabara. Mike bought here a cellphone power charger.

Labi Akihabara

Other Shops and Establishments
Gamers sell a wide range of anime and manga goods


Sega is a one of the many video arcades around the area.

Sega Building

AKB48 Cafe and Shop is a themed restaurant based on the popular singing group 4KB48.

AKB48 Cafe & Shop

Gundam Cafe is another themed restaurant based on the hit robot anime series, Gundam.

Gundam Cafe
Tokyo Anime  Center stages anime related exhibitions and souvenirs.

Tokyo Anime Center

While walking along the streets in Akihabara we saw the most peculiar thing. A Japanese local taking his pet duck for a walk.
A duck for a pet! Only in Japan

It was a fun-filled day for the kid-at-heart Mike, I was equally happy because I spent the day with Twin, that after 10 years of not seeing each other I got to bond with her even for just a day. Our tour in Asakusa, Ryogoku and Akihabara would not be as fulfilling, enjoyable and educational if it wasn't for her. Twin, thank you so much for being our tour guide, translator, navigator and financier for the day! I'm glad that nothing really changed from the last time we saw each other. I miss you already <3

With my Twin

By the way, we capped off the day by having a delicious Yakiniku dinner treat from Twin (on a separate post). Thanks again, Twin! See you soon! <3

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